March 13, 2012

Trivia Tuesday: March Madness

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March Madness NCAA College Basketball Tournament!

It's time for the big dance! No, I'm not talking about Prom or the Sadie Hawkins Dance. I'm talking about the annual March Madness college basketball tournament. This tournament decides which college basketball team will be crowned the National Champion. I'm so excited to watch my favorite teams and root for the underdogs. But, since it's Trivia Tuesday, I thought I'd make a special March Madness Trivia Quiz just for you. Below are all questions about the March Madness tournament! On your mark. Get set. Start solving!

  1. The lowest seeded team to ever win the National Championship was the Villanova Wildcats. What seed were they?
    A) 7     
    B) 8     
    C) 9
  2. Has a 16 seed ever won a game in the March Madness tournament?
    A) Yes     
    B) No
  3. What coach has won the most National Championships?
    A) Bob Knight     
    B) Mike Krzyzewski     
    C) John Wooden
  4. What coach has the most wins in the March Madness tournament?
    A) Mike Krzyzewski     
    B) Dean Smith     
    C) Roy Williams
  5. What school has won the most National Championships?
    A) UCLA     
    B) Duke     
    C) North Carolina
  6. What team has made the most Final Four appearances?
    A) Kansas     
    B) Kentucky     
    C) North Carolina
  7. What team has qualified for the March Madness tournament more than any other?
    A) Kentucky     
    B) UCLA     
    C) Louisville
  8. Austin Carr set the record for most points in a single March Madness game. How many points did he score?
    A) 59     
    B) 61     
    C) 63
  9. What do teams traditionally do after winning the March Madness tournament?
    A) Shoot free throws     
    B) Cut down the nets     
    C) Shoot half-court shots

Post your answers in the Comments below and click here for the answers!

image from kids.scholastic.comBrian, STACKS Writer (a.k.a. BlackBird268)

  1. fashionparty16

    i no nothing about basketball but i am going for nc i luv ya go to the final 4 at least

  2. Starrninjarawr

    1. B) 8
    2. B) No
    3. C) John Wooden
    4. B) Dean Smith
    5. A) UCLA
    6. C) North Carolina
    7. A) Kentucky
    8. B) 61
    9. B) Cut down the nets

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