October 15, 2011

Magic School Bus 25th Anniversary

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MagicSchoolBus Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Magic School Bus at Scholastic makes me think a lot about how much Ms. Frizzle and the bus influenced me growing up. In school, my favorite teachers always reminded me of Ms. Frizzle. OK — sometimes it was because of their really crazy hair — but usually it was the way they got me excited about learning, or even special field trips they would plan just for my class (the BEST kinds of field trips).

Even hearing a bus honk now takes me back to 5th grade science when we would watch the show or read the book in class and then talk about what the Friz and her class found inside of Ralphie, why our school bus couldn’t take us to outer space, or the importance of preserving ecosystems. The Magic School Bus made science so much easier to learn because it made everything so fun.

Seeing or reading The Magic School Bus makes me remember about my favorite classes and teachers. What does The Magic School Bus make YOU think of? Leave a Comment with your favorite Magic School Bus memories.

— Caitlin, Scholastic Media Staffer


    WOW!Im in fourth we still watch those. I cant say they are bad because they are entertaining sometimes. Is till go online and search them.

  2. Hannah

    my second grade teacher would put on wig and act like Ms,Frizzle when we did socail studies! We had a blast!

  3. 39clues247

    MSB always reminds me of second grade, one of the best grades of my life. That’s when I started reading and writing Magic School bus.

  4. percy and harry fan

    I LOVED this show! I learned so much, and it’s be awesome to have a teacher like Ms. Frizzle!
    I still watch it at 13 years old..

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