October 25, 2011

Magic School Bus 25th Anniversary Celebration

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MagicSchoolBusWahoo! We’ve been talking about The Magic School Bus a lot recently, not only because we’re some of Ms. Frizzle’s biggest fans (favorite book series, anyone?), but also because Scholastic is celebrating 25 years of adventures with The Magic School Bus!

In fact, MSB_25th_Anniversarylast week we even took a very special field trip in New York City with a group of second-graders to celebrate the 25th Anniversary. During the field trip, these scientific explorers met Ms. Frizzle, heard what it was like to start working on The Magic School Bus 25 years ago from author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen AND learned about what kind of creatures live on the ocean floor.

When the field trip ended, the real Magic School Bus sailed away, down the Hudson River! Don’t believe me? Good thing we have pictures!MagicSchoolBus on Barge2

Seeing the Magic School Bus sailing down the Hudson River was definitely a memorable experience. What are some of your favorite Magic School Bus memories?

— Caitlin, Scholastic Media Staffer

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