June 15, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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MadagascarMadagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Maurice, and, yes, the penguins are back in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted! The animals have all escaped from the zoo, and Scholastic Kids Press Reporter Dani Bergman Chudnow got to escape school for a "press day" with all the actors who voice the characters in the movie. She met the actors in a hotel in New York City and videotaped her interviews with them. SO LUCKY!!!


My favorite part of the video is when she asks all the actors, "If you had to run away and join the circus, what would be your act?" Their answers are hilarious!

Read the Kids Press article and watch the video.

  1. Tanner

    I love that movie. I really like Marty’s song. I went to see that with my sister and my two cousins. We sat there in the top row laughing. I’m going to buy it when the movie comes out. I really like it.

  2. beatriz

    This movie is so funny!I Watch it 2 days ago.All the actors act so funny,but there always have to be a asd part.Which was when the tiger got his skin burned up(that is so sad:(

  3. whirlwindtwinkling2

    It was a really good movie especially the ending.Anyone who has not seen it has got to see it.:)

  4. BlueDolphin1991

    I like when Marty sings da da da dada circus da da dada afro circus afro circus afro polka dot polka dot polka dot afro.

  5. purplevollyball73

    one of the best movies ever i think its the best movie of madagasgar 3 out of the sieries

  6. pinkaqua201

    i really loved this movie. My favorite part was when the had the circus full of color it made me fell happpy and joyful inside i would really like to see it again

  7. Boogie toogu


  8. dolphinscarlet11

    I love the movie it was so awesome and funny.But there was a lady and liked Alex’s paw print and that was so disgusting.But the other circus that they made was so cool.I <3 it

  9. Glamorousathletic10

    This movie is kind of funny and interesting.It is full of wacky conversations.I think it will be a big hit for young children.

  10. claire

    I saw the movie,it is so awesome!It is hilarious!Marty is awesome:)I could watch it over and over again and it would never get old trust me you’ll love it to;)

  11. crestcomposing8

    Can’t wait to use my FREE movie pass to go see this! can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dah dah dah dah dah circus, afro, circus, afro, circus, afro, circus, afro, circus, afro!!! lol

  12. Christiana

    I saw the commercial and it’s funny I didn’t even watch the movie and I still thought I am going to see that movie.

  13. Cluebrownie4

    I saw this movie when it first came out. I really like this movie. My favorite character is Marty. I wish I had an opportunity to interview the actors. That would be so cool!

  14. cakeangry1

    ive seen so many comercial and cant wait to see the whole thing i bet it will be awsome plz add me as friend

  15. ARTART2107

    hey megan Im dying to see it to!!!! “duh duh duh dude or dudet”. NO WAY !!! did you see it yet

  16. imaee

    listen i think the movie was really good i think its the umber 1 but it will be o the top ten movies for kids even my brother liked it

  17. Michaela

    Just By The Looks Of The Commercials It Seems Like A Great Movie… Can’t Wait To See It… :D

  18. arrivingmad4

    If you watch the movie you will notice at the end 1 of the penguins are missing!? Lol
    So wierd or Mabe the actor got sick

  19. baseballreading9

    nice post! All of my friends have seen it, bit not me! Want to see it SO BAD!!!!! :)

  20. Shiori

    I love the circus the afro song is very annoying after you hear it many times more than once.

  21. Bandart196

    Your movie is the hottest shows and i like the song that is ra da da circues animal i like to move it move it it is so funny when the little guy i forgot is name was really awsome l luzed it

  22. slypeacemaker3

    I love the circus afro song, but my brother dose not like it.I wish he liked it so I can sing it!

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