March 11, 2010

Look Out, It’s a Book Flashback!

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Look Out, It's a Book Flashback! Ink Splot 26 Blog entry If you’re someone who reads a lot—like, a LOT—then it’s probably possible that you’ll read hundreds, if not thousands, of books by the time you’re an adult. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget most of the titles and authors that you’ve read, even if vague notions of the story itself still stick with you.

Veronicatheshowoff That’s what happened to me the other day when I found a copy of a familiar book sitting on my bookshelf at work: Veronica the Show-Off by Nancy K. Robinson. I was pretty sure I had read it growing up, but I was also convinced that I wouldn’t remember much about it. Only, it turns out I remembered almost all of it—specific scenes, catchphrases, characters, and even the ending. I couldn’t believe how I knew so much about this old book, even though I thought I had completely forgotten about it. It was a total Book Flashback Moment, or BFM for short!

Sixthgradecanreallykillyou Sixthgradesleepover So I got to thinking about other BFMs I’ve had. Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books, Barthe DeClements’ Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You, and Eve Bunting’s Sixth Grade Sleepover. Each of them is a book I must have read dozens of times, but somewhere in between sixth grade and adulthood, I flat-out forgot they existed.

I once knew a girl who wrote down the name and author of every single book she ever read, just for fun — sort of like her own compilation of mini-book reports. And after my Veronica the Show-Off BFM, I’m wondering, how do you all keep track of the books you read? Do you any of you write them down so you’ll never forget them?

And if you don’t keep track (like me!), are you prepared to have your own BFMs in the future?

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

  1. OrangeMonkey1099

    Hay fallbookgirl i was woundering where you got that book log thing cause i really need one!

  2. OrangeMonkey1099

    Same Thing happened to me! Except For Harry Potter! I’m a serious Harry Potter Fan! I’ve read the Deathly Hallows twice! And The whole series in order once! Toldja i’m a serious HP Fan!

  3. horsedogwolf

    @irene18: only the staff can post on the ink splot, the rest of us have to answer in comments. sad, but so, so true.

  4. Fiorentina

    This has happened to me a lot, and I bet it will happen again and again. I read “A Wrinkle in Time” yesterday, and I already knew everything! It got pretty boring.

  5. irene18

    I don’t know how to post on the inksplot blog like your BFM story. PLEASE HELP IMEDEATLY!

  6. fallbookgirl

    I have a book record on my computer that has ever book I own. I put down what I have read, what I have not, and how many book I still have to read in my collection. I hope to buy all the books I can remeber the tiltes to. Right now I have 533 books.

  7. Victoria

    I have a Shelfari, except I got bored of it. My New Year’s Resolution was to keep track of how many books I read for maybe a record but I didn’t get to it yet. Not to brag, but I think I’ve read at least 100 books from 3rd grade- now. Anyway I sort of had the opposite thing, like when I reread Harry Potter and Percy Jackson I noticed a ton of new details I didn’t notice before.

  8. Caitlin

    I’ve read Percy Jackson befor its about a boy whos the son of Poseidon God of the sea. It’s very funny

  9. Roxxy

    I think that Percy is a weird, brave, character, who apparently likes Annebeth. He is sure a nice friend because in the 3rd book he tries to save Annebeth!! shout out to the biggest Percy/Grover fan

  10. Marytonga

    Actually, this has happened to me. I read Encyclopedia Brown once, then forgot I had read it, and read it again. I suddenly remembered I had read it, and knew who did it. So, yeah, this is gonna happen to me for sure.

  11. Crystal

    I keep track of all the books that I’ve read, am reading, or plan to read through my Shelfari. It makes it easy to see what I want to read and compile reading lists, as well as write reviews and even give your favorite books favorite signs, wishlist signs, and up to five stars. It’s totally awesome.
    My book flashbacks… hmm… the Ramona series… The Trumpet of the Swan… Because of Winn Dixie… and a whole bunch of other books that my brother is reading right now. I didn’t realize how much I remembered until he was giggling and talking about certain parts, and I was like, “Hey, I know that! That was pretty funny…”

  12. rickriordanfan

    That is so cool. The same thing has happened to me! I was reading Lunch Money by Andrew Clements and I forgot that I’d already read it and loved it! I remembered every little bit. I thought it copied another book until I remembered that I read it a few years ago. Thanks for the post! I’ll be sure the look at those 6th grade books. They sound good.

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