June 9, 2010

STACKS Live Chat: Summer Reading

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_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hi hi hi!
_dally-d-awsome_: hi people
_Nellieforeva_: hey ya’ll this is my first chat
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hi
_Nellieforeva_: i can’t believe this is happening
_dally-d-awsome_: hi
_Lucian__: Hey mods! How are you guys?-My school just ended today!-Pretty cool, right?
_dally-d-awsome_: my first to
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: okay, im am a really slow typer
_rocker01_: THE CHAT IS ON
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome to your first STACKS chat, Nellieforeva!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @nellie Yeah, me too!
_Nellieforeva_: thanks
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @lucian my school gets ou on Thursday
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: it’s great that you guys are here
_Lucian__: @Neelieforeva: It’s your first chat? There fun!
_Nellieforeva_: what do we do?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hooray for the last day of school!
_dally-d-awsome_: my friend isnt here to help:o
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @nellie you have my welcomes
_dally-d-awsome_: i dont kno wat to talk bout
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: HI!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @rock awesome
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: Aw, thanks for asking how we are. I’m great! Looking forward to this chat! __Lucian__: @Rocker01: That stinks for you!
_Nellieforeva_: i ended school i think two weeks ago, something like that
_Jayce909_: I got out pf school 2 weeks ago
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @daily well help you
_Lady Catherine7_: Has anyone read the hunger games yet?
_dally-d-awsome_: i still have like 3 weeks of school
__Lucian__: @Stacks_Admin: Lol, welcome, I can’t wait for the chat too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @ nellie Thats is so unfair
_Nellieforeva_: @stuffedmudkiptoy, thanks
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hunger Games is for 12 and up, but I love it!
_Jayce909_: Hello everyone _dally-d-awsome
_workout1_: hi how was school today
_Nellieforeva_: i love the hunger games too
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: How old are you guys/gals?
_Lady Catherine7_: i love the hunger games cant wait for the movie!
_rocker01_: @Lucian NO IT DOES NOT CUZ I HAVE NO HOMEWORK 4 THE LAST 3 DAYS _KananiLuvs2Surf_: anyone like BSC books?
_workout1_: 11
_dally-d-awsome_: eeep i dont kno wat to do… :l
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: i am excited for the third hunger games book in august
_dally-d-awsome_: im 12
_Nellieforeva_: @stuffedmudkip toy 12
_Nellieforeva_: i love the bsc books
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i have one and a half days left of scool and we have to write an essay that we havent even stated
_Jayce909_: Has anyone read the 39 clues books. they are awsome
_Lady Catherine7_: Oh i know for Mockingjay! _workout1_: what grade are you in? _rocker01_: WHO LIKES THE ALICE BOOKS
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: opps started
_dally-d-awsome_: i dont like 39 clues
_Nellieforeva_: i just got the agent handbook for the 39 clues today
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @_Nellieforeva_me too!
__Lucian__: @Jayce909: Heck ya, haven’t you seen teh leaders of the branches on the boards?-I have all 37 clues. =D So do a ton of other people, lol. =P
_Nellieforeva_: what are the alice books, @rocker01
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @jayce my brother loves the 39 clue books
_dally-d-awsome_: woow
_Lily_22_: HI
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: im in fifth grade
_rocker01_: i <3 the 39 clues
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hi @lily
__Lucian__: My school day was awesome! All I did was sign year books, tkae pictures, and play on people’s iphones or ipod touches! -I’m 12, almost 13! WOO HOO!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: Btw, we edited your message a little so your birthdate wasn’t in there. We don’t let people give away that info on THE STACKS, for safety reasons. But age or grade is okay. __Lucian__: @Stacks_Admin: Oh, oops, forgot, thanks guys!
_dally-d-awsome_: woohooo
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I love twilight
_dally-d-awsome_: yay shes here
_workout1_: i am in fith grade too
_Nellieforeva_: @workout1 what do you mean they rock
_Lily_22_: lol
_dally-d-awsome_: i <3 twilight saga
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: well that chat hasn’t OFFICIALLY started
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: hi!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Twilight is for ages 12 and up
_Lady Catherine7_: @lily you have the same sign as me!
_dally-d-awsome_: worlds best series
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: I’m in fifth grade
_Nellieforeva_: yeah i know @lily22 me too
_Lily_22_: oh ok
_workout1_: what rocks?
_Nellieforeva_: when does the chat officially start
_Lily_22_: so will it start at 6 to 7
__Lucian__: @Workout01: Respect the books!-And your problem is? ((NO OFFENSE INTENDED)) __Lucian__: Twlight is lame! I saw New Moon only so I could see Cameron Bright in it!-He has pretty eyes. =P
_Nellieforeva_: oh yeah i’ve read twilight and new moon
_Lady Catherine7_: Who has read 12 finally
_Jayce909_: hello
_rocker01_: im in third grade but i got an advanced lexile ((981))
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @kani me too high five
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja im eleven but i really wanted to read it so i bought it and i love it! _workout1_: i read twilight even thought i am 11 years old!!!
_Nellieforeva_: i kind of think the same think lucian
_Jayce909_: What books do you all like. i like the 39 clues
_Lady Catherine7_: ive read twilight no offense to anyone but i thought it was poorly written _KananiLuvs2Surf_: @_Jayce909_hi
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I dont like Edward or Jacob they are ugly but i like the books
_GNOletsgo1_: What’s up?
_Nellieforeva_: i think so @lily 22
_workout1_: i love books how could you say that lucian!!!!
_GNOletsgo1_: PERCY JACKSON is awesome
_Jayce909_: Me to
_princessalv_: This is my first chat!
__Lucian__: I am gonna be an 8th grader next school year! Woo! -What, Jacob is cute! Not the cutest. I’ve seen cute, lol.
_rocker01_: my cousin reads twilight she has every book in that series
_Jayce909_: oh, hi
_10stars_: Hello, First chat
_princessalv_: Hi!
_Lady Catherine7_: this is my first chat to it pretty fun
_Stacks_Admin_: @10stars: Welcome to your first STACKS chat! Glad you could join us today! _penguin2009_: Hi
_workout1_: percy jackson is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lady Catherine: Same to you!
_TayTaySwift15_: this is my first chat
_Jayce909_: My first chat
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @lady c i agree but the topic is good. i once had to find some kind of word skill thing and i was reading new moon my teacher said thAT I HAD FOUND A RUN ON SENTANCE _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @penguin Hi!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: this is my first chat
_workout1_: my first chat
_10stars_: @workout1, totally
_evilbunny333_: hi people
_TayTaySwift15_: this is my first chat
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: welcome frist-time chatters!
__Lucian__: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: Lol, first? =) AY! Haha.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my first chat was the book to movie one
_Jayce909_: Say”ay” if you read the 39 clues
_Stacks_Admin_: And also welcome to newbies TayTaySwift, Jayce99, workout1!
_Jayce909_: Thank you Stacks Admi
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian thanks!
_GNOletsgo1_: I read really fast, like I go to the library every few days.
_Lady Catherine7_: ay
__Lucian__: Anyone ever read a Great and Terrible Beauty sereis? I’m pretty sure it’s YA
_rocker01_: has anyone read the demigod files
_10stars_: I’m new too!
_Nellieforeva_: @ workout1: the 39 clues.
_workout1_: isen’t this like twitter monitors?
_10stars_: @GNOletsgo1, so do I
_princessalv_: i’m new~
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: has anyone noticed that people who send u friend request have similar usernames to u
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: I’m new to this website
_GNOletsgo1_: @rocker01 yeah I read the
Demigod Files
_rocker01_: @Jayce909 ay
_princessalv_: I’m new!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @gno i am soooooooooooooooo slow
_nyswimmer_: @Jayce909″ay”
_evilbunny333_: well are you waiting to live chat
_workout1_: me i have read the demingod files
_Jayce909_: I dont think?
__Lucian__: @Sonja: I’m gonna call you Sonja for short. =) And your welcome, haha. _stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love the stacker staffers they are awesome and cool! for real _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: AWW Thanks! You are all AWESOME!
_Stacks_Admin_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Aw, thanks! I should tell you that when you said that Edward and Jacob are ugly, we all burst out laughing! It was HI-larious.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i’m new!
_princessalv_: I’m running out of good books
_nyswimmer_: @Jayce909 “ay”
_penguin2009_: I just go the Red Pyramid I haven’t started it yet though
_rocker01_: @GNOletsgo1 u have
_princessalv_: Hey guys. What’s up?
_evilbunny333_: is anyone talking
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: OK 6pm! The chat is officially started!
__Lucian__: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Ah, no. -Except for this one person made there avatar look exactly like mine when it looked like they made it. And their username was Lucian_ instead of _Lucian_. It was freaky!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @princess is that possible?
_workout1_: (;
_.Katia._: I have never been on a chat before
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i do!!!!!
_workout1_: ;D
_10stars_: i do
_rocker01_: i do
_.Katia._: i luv to
_evilbunny333_: well do you talk
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i do and no i will not marry u
_workout1_: i do
_penguin2009_: I DO!
_Nellieforeva_: it’s 6:02 the chat has started
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We are going to talk about the books you all plan to read this summer. _evilbunny333_: me either
_Jayce909_: WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. the chat has started
_.Katia._: I am excited for Mockingjay By: Suzanne Collins!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: And it’s totally fine if we don’t all like the same books. Just remember to be respectful of other people’s opinions
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i plan too read all of the candy apple books
_workout1_: eward and jacob are ugly
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i had to return ECLIPSE to the library and i really want to read it
_nyswimmer_: I plan to finish reading the series of unfortunate events books by Lemony Snicket. _10stars_: I am currently reading ( or the more correct term, rereading) the Harry Potter series _Jayce909_: I cant wait for the 10th book in the 39 Clues series to start.
_.Katia._: I don’t like Twilight
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i also plane to read breaking dawn, midnight sun, and the bree tanner book _KananiLuvs2Surf_: @_nyswimmer_:cool!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Does anyone have any REQUIRED summer reading books?
_10stars_: Of course not Sonja
_.Katia._: We don’t do summer homework at my school
_penguin2009_: Why is that once something is REQUIRED it is less fun :(
__Lucian__: I plan to read the LAST and FINAL book of The 39 Clues when it comes out! _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja we ge summer reading sugestions
_Jayce909_: What does that meen
__Lucian__: @Sonja: Nope! Lucky me!
_princessalv_: nevermind
_fallbookgirl_: @Katia I hate Twilight too.
_princessalv_: nether does mine
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am on pg 268 of eclipse
_rocker01_: im reading every book on my reading list and when i go 2 4th grade ill take reading counts quizzes
_cheercutie317_: I love Percy Jackson books!
_GNOletsgo1_: I plan to read whatever. I’ll probably read over 50. And i’m getting Mockingjay for my b-day!
_.Katia._: @penguin2009 : I no!!!
_fallbookgirl_: @peguin2009 because we are forced to do it even if it is reading.
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey, guys. I can’t tell if some of you are experiencing difficulty with the chat. If you’re having trouble viewing the chat or submitting your messages, try refreshing the page. _stuffedmudkiptoy_: has anyone read rules? if u havent u should read it over the summer
_Jayce909_: I dont like twilihgt either
_cheercutie317_: Twilight is horrible! I agree
_Nellieforeva_: @lucian, i think i’ve seen you on the 39 clues boards
_.Katia._: @Fallbookgirl: I am like the only one i know who doesn’t!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Some schools give you a list and say you have to read certain books over the summer
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @soja thats crazy
_fallbookgirl_: I can not wait to read A Wizard of Mars.
_Jayce909_: who is rady for Toy Story 3 to come out
_rocker01_: @sonija my school does that
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: in 5th grade(the grade i’m going to go in this august)requires us to read books in the summer.bummer!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i remember fabchick!
_10stars_: that is horrible. I agree with penguin2009, reading isn’t fun if it’s required
_fallbookgirl_: @Jayce909 I am ready for Toy Story 3.
__Lucian__: @Nellieforeva: that’s where almost all my posts come from
_cheercutie317_: I have to read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
_nyswimmer_: @Jayce909 me
_greenkoala39_: @jayce909 hasn’t it already come out?
_fabchick_: hi, stuffedmudkiptoy! I remember you too!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: all the boring books mostly
_fallbookgirl_: My school make me read a book and then do a graphic organizer.
__Lucian__: Yes! I got M.cahill11 to come to the chat! YES!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @rocker is it public or private
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cheer at least thats a really good book
__Lucian__: Has anyone ever read Briar Rose by: Jane Yolen? I think it’s YA, but I suggest you guys read it for the summer.
_greenkoala39_: @.Katia. me too, even though I haven’t read Catching Fire
_fallbookgirl_: @cheercutie317 you should read Lois Lowry’s other book The Giver it is really good. _rocker01_: i cant wait until the fall cuz ill get a new lexile
_cheercutie317_: Who is your fav author?
_.Katia._: Has anyone read books by Suzanne Collins?
_Stacks_Admin_: Btw, some schools categorize The Giver as YA.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Sometimes your teachers or librarian give you fun books to read, don’t they? __Lucian__: @Sonja: No, not my teachers. The books my L.A teacher assigns us I find them boring _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian that’s so sad!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i once had to read Leon and the spitting imag, it was so gross. it was a boy book that my teacher picked out all the boys liked it not the girls:(
_pinksummer2313_: hey!
_pinksummer2313_: Hey!
_10stars_: true, My school librarian gave us bookmarks with the titles and authors of books. Can’t wait to try them.
_cheercutie317_: no
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: has anyone read ‘super sweet 13′from the candy apple books?it’s a good book _.Katia._: 2 greenkoala39: You should!! I luv her books!
_fallbookgirl_: @cheercutie317 my favorite authors is Suzanne Collins and Louisa May Alcott. _greenkoala39_: @cheercutie317: J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan
_10stars_: @katia, yea of course. I love the gregor the overlander series
_Jayce909_: I dont like how the SCHOLASTIC SUMMER READING PROGRAM let us enter more than 300 minutes. the other day it was raining and i read 360 miutes. that was a bummer.
_penguin2009_: hey pinksummer2313
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: L Frank Baum forever! read his books!
_Nellieforeva_: Has anyone here read the Kiki strike series, it rooooocks.
_cheercutie317_: I love Rick riordan too
_pinksummer2313_: @katia Ya the hungergames is really good!
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Flipped? Got it as a recommendation from the last chat.
_.Katia._: @fallbookgirl: I luv all of Suzanne Collins books
_greenkoala39_: @Katia: I have to get it first. I loved the Hunger Games,
_Jayce909_: I mean DOESNT LET US
__Lucian__: @Sonja:
It is, but I LOOOOVE it! I like Becca and Stan-I think that’s his name-together. _pinksummer2313_: hey penguin2009!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @workout1: The refresh button is in your browser toolbar. It’s usually next to the back/forward buttons, or next to the “stop” button.
_rocker01_: who takes reading counts quizzes say whoo if u do
_Jayce909_: whoo
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @nellie my freind read them
_.Katia._: @10stars: that is what i read first, i luved those too, i mean the Gregor books
__Lucian__: Hm.. what are some other good books? I shall be back! I’m going to check out my bookshelf!-So it will just be a few moments!
_workout1_: thank you
_Stacks_Admin_: @workout1: It usually looks like an arrow. Almost like the recycling symbol! _penguin2009_: @workout1: or you can hold down your Ctrl and F5 keys
_cheercutie317_: Have any of you read number the Stars. Is it good?
_pinksummer2313_: so who has read the hunger games?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Number the Stars!
_.Katia._: @greenkoala39: i think Catching Fire is just a little better
_cheercutie317_: Cool
_workout1_: thank you
_rocker01_: what are the hunger games
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I always recommend this book but… READ FARWORLD BY J. SCOT SAVAGE please
_fallbookgirl_: @Lucian Ella Enchanted is a great book and so is 11 Birthdays.
_Jayce909_: who likes the book THE JUVIE THREE
_greenkoala39_: Has anyone read the Red Pyramid yet? @pinksummer2313: I have, and it is one of my favorite books.
_.Katia._: @cheercutie317: I didn’t really like number the stars…
_Stacks_Admin_: Btw, The Juvie Three is a YA book.
_Jayce909_: what does that mean stacks admin
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i’m going to look through our bookshelf!mom works for a bookstore,so she has TONS of books!
_greenkoala39_: @fallbookgirl: I loved Ella Enchanted
_.Katia._: @rocker01: THE BEST BOOKS EVER! By Suzanne Collins
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: OOH I just started the Red Pyramid this morning!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It is so good I want to be read it right now
_fabchick_: I jsut got out Red Pyramid from the library yesterday!
_fabchick_: I can’t wait to read it!
_pinksummer2313_: the hunger games is this really good series by suzanne collins you should check them out!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love the song of the sparrow
_Stacks_Admin_: Song of the Sparrow is also a YA book.
_workout1_: lucky i want to read that book
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja is the Red Pyramid any good?
_cheercutie317_: I just got Percy Jackson #3. Love it again
_rocker01_: @fallbookgirl have you seen the movie 4 ella enchanted
_10stars_: @falloutgirl, i’ve read them both, they are soooooooooooooo good.
__Lucian__: @fallbookgirl, haha, I was just about to write that: Fairest is a good book, so is Ever and all those other books by Gail Carson Levine. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a REALLY good authro, she writes YA, btw. Any of you read any of her books?
_greenkoala39_: I got the Red Pyramid signed by Rick Riordan
_fabchick_: @greenkoala: OOOOH, lucky!
_.Katia._: @kananlucs2surf: you are so lucky!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Red Pyramid is so much longer than i thought it would be 515 pages! _pinksummer2313_: Who like the percy jakson books?
_Jayce909_: no,what doea YA mean
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @admin i know… they let fifth graders read YA books
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @_Stacks_Admin:what does YA mean again?
_Stacks_Admin_: YA means “Young Adult.” That’s just a shortcut for saying it’s a book aimed at teenagers.
__Lucian__: @GreenJoala39: WHAT?! HOW?!LOL! My sister told me the names of some of the gods _cheercutie317_: What is the worst book you have read
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @cheercutie good question
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @jayce young adult
_fallbookgirl_: Has anyone read Firegirl? Bought it a while ago, but going to read it now. _Dewdrop208_: omygosh! I remebered to come! but unfortunelty, i can’t long.
_.Katia._: @Greenkoala39: I just finished that book a while ago! that is so cool!]
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: oh,ok
_Jayce909_: Cool
__Lucian__: Oops, didn’t finish my message, but I was laughing my head off at the Egyptian god names.
_fallbookgirl_: @Lucian what are some of her books?
_Jayce909_: I read the Juvie three 2 times
_nyswimmer_: Who like Series of Unfortunate events?
_pinksummer2313_: @stacks admin do these messages count as posts?
_pinksummer2313_: wow! i luv them!
_cheercutie317_: I have heard of it my friend has it FALLBOOKGIRL
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @_nyswimmer_ME!!!
_fallbookgirl_: @Jayce909 I think I have heard of Juvie. Is it any good?
_.Katia._: these chats are hard to follow!
_Stacks_Admin_: @workout1: Try this instead: If you’re on a PC, press the F5 button to refresh. If you’re on a Mac, press Command+R or Apple+R.
_greenkoala39_: @nyswimmer: I didn’t really understand the Series of Unfortunate events after the 9th book
_Dewdrop208_: @nyswimmer, the Series of unfortunate events are too sad for me.
_cheercutie317_: I love this live chat
_Dewdrop208_: The Maybird series are an exiciting fantasy series!
_rocker01_: kingdom keepers 3 i thought was only 120 pages but its over 300 pages like the harry potters
_penguin2009_: @Katia: after awhile you get kind of used to it
_pinksummer2313_: opinions on Harry Potter?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I am still trying to think of the worst book I ever read. . . I don’t know _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cheer i read this book called justice for Emily it was really badly written i couldnt even finish it
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: If I don’t like a book I usually don’t finish it
_cheercutie317_: My teacher calls that abandoning
_Jayce909_: Who wants to be come a moviestar. I want to become a movie star because some books become movies and it would be awsome to act out caractrs from books and experience it.
_rocker01_: @nyswimmer ive read book one of the series
_.Katia._: @dewdrop208: I read Maybird in 5th grade
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @swimmer i sortof read the first one in a car but then we got lost on the highway and i flipped out and closed the book forever
_pinksummer2313_: o hi dewdrop208 i know you from the allie finkle board!
_greenkoala39_: @pinksummer2313: BEST SERIES EVER, along wtih percy jackson _10stars_: @dewdrop208, my friend LOVES those series
_cheercutie317_: They look to hard , pinksummer2313
_fallbookgirl_: The worst book every could be a dictionary if you read it cover to cover. _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @fallbookgirl HAHA
__Lucian__: @fallbookgirl: Is it like Stargirl? -Oh a good book is The Fiddle of Fire, it’s written by a 17 or 18 year old I think.. It’s good. -Um some of her books are… Midnight Predator, In the Forest of the Night, Shattered Mirror and the Hawksong series-though that’s not the actual name of the series. _KananiLuvs2Surf_: anyone here ever read dragon rider?i did,but i had to return it to the school when i was halfway finsihed.:(
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @kanani I love Dragon Rider
_Stacks_Admin_: Btw, Fiddle of Fire is a YA book.
_workout1_: i read may bird in grade 2!
_10stars_: @pinsummer2313, love them
_pinksummer2313_: who likes harry potter?
_workout1_: i do!
_.Katia._: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: the worst book i ever read was the Star of Kazan
_Jayce909_: I dont finish books if i dont like it either
_.Katia._: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: I always finish a book because it bothers me if i don’t!
__Lucian__: @fallbookgirl: LOL! Too true. =)
_10stars_: I acutually read the dictionary to the letter E in third grade. wasn’t that bad.
_fallbookgirl_: @workout1 how did you like may bird/ I thought it was good.
_workout1_: i loved it fallbookgirl!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: sometimes i want to read bo
oks but my brother has read them and i feel bad reading them. HELP ME!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @ sonja:really?!?!omg!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @katia Oh I liked Star of Kazan!!
_cheercutie317_: My friend loves Dragon rider
_rocker01_: the worst book ive EVER read was a percy jackson book and the puppet king _greenkoala39_: One of the worst books that I ever read was Homecoming. I found it dull.
_.Katia._: @10stars: I have read a dictionary before, last summer!
_puppies72_: hi
_fallbookgirl_: @Katia it bothers me if I do not finish a book either.
_Stacks_Admin_: Btw, Homecoming is YA too.
_puppies72_: hello
_pinksummer2313_: has anyone read island of the blue dophins? i couldn’t finish it because it was kinda boring! :-)
_puppies72_: who likes Young Adult books?
_puppies72_: i DO
_pinksummer2313_: i do!
_10stars_: @stuffedmudkiptoy, why do you feel bad?
_cheercutie317_: Percy jackson!?!?
_.Katia._: @Sonja_stacks-staffer: I thought the beginnig was a little slow
_pinksummer2313_: @puppies72 hi!
_greenkoala39_: @10stars: wow. there are a lot of confusing definitons in the dictionary. _fallbookgirl_: @10stars sorry the dictionary was that boring.
_puppies72_: HI IM NEW
_Bookreaderz_: did anyone read the cabinet of wonders
__Lucian__: Does anyone read manga? It’s a type of book.
_workout1_: i do
_puppies72_: HI
__Lucian__: @puppies72: I DO! Especially the cheesy ones. Not the gross ones though that are “cheesy”
_fallbookgirl_: @puppoes72 I love YA books.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: M y brother wanted me to recomend all things r l stine so here goes nothing read r l stine books
_penguin2009_: @pinksummer2313: it’s totally worth reading to the end!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @katia but it gets good later. you have to be a little patient
_nyswimmer_: Redwall and The door within series,are the worst series I have ever read.On both series I started the first book created, but never found them interesting.
_Jayce909_: I like readig because i am useualy stressed. Reading takes my midd off the world. I go to housto for summers and i almost packed over 10 books
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I Loved Cabinet of Wonders. i can’t wait for the sequel
_.Katia._: @puppies72: Im new too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @10stars i would feel bad (im weird) to read them and i would feel weird f he read the books i liked
_cheercutie317_: no _Lucian_
_greenkoala39_: @cheercutie317: major fan! I really love the series, and cannot wait until The Lost Hero comes out.
_puppies72_: WHERE IS THE SHOW
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i once read a book(i forgot what it’s called) about too girls who bet each other that they would be president of student council.kinda dull,but some of the words i had to look up because i think it was published in 1987
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Im weird just to warn you guys
_10stars_: @stuffedmudkiptoy, I beg to differ. Well, to be honest, it was one of those beginging dictionary. the ones with pictures on everypage for at leat one definition.
_puppies72_: ISNT IT AN WEBINARE
_penguin2009_: @puppies72: hi
_pinksummer2313_: @penguin2009 maybe i’ll give it another try!
_puppies72_: I LVE dRAMMA bOOks
_fallbookgirl_: @Jayce909 I read to escape reality sometimes.
_rocker01_: @cheercutie317 if u are talking to me i hated the percy book i read cuz i couldnt get into it _nyswimmer_: Who is in the Ekat branch in the 39 clues?
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @ sonja:i love cabinet of wonders!
_pinksummer2313_: This is my first chat! I’m so excited! Is this your first chat?
__Lucian__: Cheercutie317: Ah… no what?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @10stars sorry….
_cheercutie317_: Oh ok
_puppies72_: hi penguin2009
_greenkoala39_: What team are you on for the summer reading challenge?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja can you give me a summary it sounds intersetng _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkiptoy which book? i lost track of the convo!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja cabinet of wonders
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja i know u blink in this chat and u miss something
__Lucian__: YES! M.cahill11 is here! WOO HOO!
_fallbookgirl_: @rocker01 you should give Percy Jackson another chance. It is really good. _penguin2009_: @pinksummer2313: I think i’ve been to every chat! (obviously i am a fan :) ) _greenkoala39_: @pinksummer2313: yes, this is my first.
_fabchick_: @greenkoala: I’m on Friends & Fun!
_cheercutie317_: I’m on #3
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: does someone moderate staffer messages
_Stacks_Admin_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: No, our messages get posted right away. Because we run this joint! Ha ha. :-)
_Jayce909_: thank you for understanding
_fallbookgirl_. I am an Ekat in the 39 clues.
_Nellieforeva_: i’m listening to the radio while i chat
_10stars_: I’m on fantasy and anventure
_Bookreaderz_: Did anyone reAD THE Cabinet of wonders
_pinksummer2313_: @greenkoala39 im on fantasy and adventure team!
_rocker01_: this is my 2nd chat
_fabchick_: But I haven’t logged my minutes yet. Have you guys logged your minutes?
_Jayce909_: Im on fantasy and adventure
_greenkoala39_: I’m on Fantasy and Adventure, but what color is it?
_workout1_: the pery jackson books rock but the movie stinks!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: a friend of mine is addicted to percy jackson.i’m serious!he even looks kinda like him!
_can’t_stop_reading88_: @greenkoala im on fantasy & adventure
_pinksummer2313_: @10stars I am too! Cool!
_fallbookgirl_: Anybody read Time Quake the third book in the Gideon Trilogy.
_Bookreaderz_: Whoowho likes fantasy books
_penguin2009_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: do you ever read the transcripts later, i sometimes do and feel stupid for laughing out loud
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @workout1 i agree
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i Looooooovvvveee cabinet of wonders!!!
_nyswimmer_: What is the cabinet of wonders about?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: cabinet of wonders is hard to explain. it’s about a girl whose father is an inventor for the king but the king gets really mad at him and steals his eyes. it’s weird but not as gross as it sounds
_Bookreaderz_: @_nyswimmer it is about a girl who travel to find her dad’s eyes
_shortbluebird_: hi just joined
__Lucian__: @Nellieforeve: Me too! Except it’s Pandora radio, so it’s not exactly THE radio. =) _rocker01_: @Nellieforeva so am i. im listening 2 radio disney
_change108_: love diary of a wimpy kid
_pinksummer2313_: cool percy jackson rocks
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @booksread
_cheercutie317_: @Kananiluvs2surf thats funny
_pinksummer2313_: does anyone know why i’m bald?
_shortbluebird_: why pinksummer
_Stacks_Admin_: @pinksummer: Did you pick hair in the Avatar Maker? After this chat is over, you’ll probably want to update your hair choice.
_pinksummer2313_: Percy Jackson or or Harry Potter???
_Jayce909_: Why r u bald
_fallbookgirl_: @workout01 I hate the Percy Jackson movie too. The makers of the movie ruined it completely.
_penguin2009_: @pinksummer2313: yeah i was wondering about your look, pinksummer… _penguin2009_: maybe pinksummer is channeling Baldy Voldy
_Stacks_Admin_: Btw, all the staffers have green hair right now for Profile Spirit. It’s something everyone can do as a STACKS community. Just sign up for our STACKS Blast email newsletter and we’ll give you the schedule every month.
_Stacks_Admin_: To sign up for the STACKS Blast newsletter, go here after the chat: http://www.scholastic.com/kids/stacks/newsletters/stacks_blast/
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @stacks why green
_pinksummer2313_: @penguin2009 lol baldy voldy!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffed just because!
_can’t_stop_reading88_: @fallbookgirl no im still on the 2nd book!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: hi shortbluebird!
_greenkoala39_: @workout1: don’t get started on the Percy
Jackson movie. It was just…well…slightly lacking of every detail in the book…
_can’t_stop_reading88_: @pinsummer Harry Potter!
_cheercutie317_: Percy jackson
_M.cahill11_: All of the books I really want to read come out at the END of the summer. I mean there’s Into the Gauntlet, Mockingjay, the next book in the Missing series…
_nyswimmer_: @ Sonja Stacks Staffer What is your favorite book?
_change108_: does anyone read nancy drew books i do
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: my sister said she just read this really dull book….i should ask her what book! _Bookreaderz_: OMG the red prymaid Did anyone read it
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: my favorite line in Red Pyramid so far is. . .
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I guess it started in London, the night our dad blew up the British Museum _rocker01_: why bald @pinksummer2313
_pinksummer2313_: its for like this thing someone started for cancer awareness. Everyone go bald to show you care!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my ***(to not give away identy) had cancer but is cured now
_rocker01_: k @pinksummer2313 ill go bald
_10stars_: @fabchick, totally, I haven’t not been logging them in recently, since I can’t view the page on my comuter and I plan to enter them in another computer. So For*(not encluding the not logged in minutes, I have 2,200 minutes.
_cavyheart_: Hola!
_shortbluebird_: has anyone read dripping fang?
_greenkoala39_: @pinksummer: if we had to choose…oh, that’s hard…the hardest descision ever… _fallbookgirl_: @can’t stop reading88 which book are yoy talking about?
_shortbluebird_: @kanani hi
_Nellieforeva_: @green koala yeah but we saw the directors take and attempt at minimize the book to the time frame
_cavyheart_: @M.cahill11: I’m really psyched for the Mockingjay too. I can’t believe there’s such a long wait for it, still!
_greenkoala39_: @Mcahill11: Is Found the first book in the Missing Series? I may be confused _Bookreaderz_: omg
__Lucian__: okay did I miss anything? I had to re-log into the chat, did any of my messages come up or anything?
__Lucian__: Lucians are the bestest! Haha.
_pinksummer2313_: @greenkoala39 i know they both are really good!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: my sister said sh@shortbluebird:i think i’ve seen you on a message board _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @ok
_fallbookgirl_: @cavyhear I can not wait until Mockingjay comes out.
_cavyheart_: @fallbookgirl: Me too. I’ve been freaking out over it, and there’s still another half a year to go!
_M.cahill11_: @cavyhart: It has been a long wait, but it’ll be amazing!
__Lucian__: @Sonja: YOU’RE DAD BLEW UP THE BRITISH MUSEUM?!-Oh, wait! I get it now… nevermind.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja ok
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian LOL!
_penguin2009_: brb everyone
_Bookreaderz_: Isn’t the magician a good book @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer
_Nellieforeva_: @bookreaderz the magician rocks
_greenkoala39_: If you had to choose between the red pyramid and the lightning thief, which is better, if you have read them both
_change108_: my summer reading books are lost and found, don’t know much about the solar system, and how do we elect our leaders
_75frenchvanilla_: Hello! Has anyone here read A Mango-Shaped Space
_Bookreaderz_: that’s sad @_stuffedmudkiptoy_
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @greekoala that’s hard
_fallbookgirl_: @pinksummer that is really cool.
_pinksummer2313_: @fallbookgirl are you saying the bald thing is cool? thanks! a lot of people are doing it now!
_fallbookgirl_: @pinksummer no I mean you did it to support a cure for cancer, but it can mean both. _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I am going to make Bald a theme for Profile Spirit in the next STACKS Blast newsletter!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: eveyone in this chat is so funny
_cavyheart_: @penguin2009: ‘Kay.
_cheercutie317_: Lightning Theif1
__Lucian__: Is everyone elses own name bold in the watching list?
_workout1_: lol everyone!(no efence)
_Nellieforeva_: @sonja do you mean tour one of the characters in the red pyramid
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: Everyone sees their own name in bold.
_Bookreaderz_: THe red pryamid @_greenkoala39_
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read So you want to be a Wizard?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: on saturday and sunday we had tornado warnings lucky 4 us nothing happened _cavyheart_: What’s the Red Pyramid about?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @lucian it happens to everyone
_cheercutie317_: Thanks stuffedmudkiptoy
_pinksummer2313_: @greenkoala ive only read the lightning thief but it was great!
_greenkoala39_: I would pick The Lightning Thief too, until I read The Lost Hero. I am sure it will be great.
_nyswimmer_: Has anyone heard or read the choose your own adventure series. Are they intresting?????????
_Bookreaderz_: Does anyone think that eclipse is a gonna be a good movie
_change108_: i would recommend the thirtennth pearl (nancy drew book) if you like mystery books _Bookreaderz_: respond
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: anyone ever read the sequel to the doll people?
_M.cahill11_: @greenkoala39: Yeah, that’s the series I’m talking about! I couldn’t think of the book names for some reason. That series one of my favorites!
_Nellieforeva_: has anyone here read inside the shadow city
_fallbookgirl_: @cavyheart well only close to three months. Can not wait!
__Lucian__: @Stacks_Admind: Okay, thanks for telling me.Anyone like the Jackson 5?
_workout1_: lucian i do!!!
_.Katia._: im back!
_cavyheart_: @nyswimmer: I haven’t actually read any of them, but they look cool.
__Lucian__: AH!!! I messed up on your name Stacks_Admin! Sorry!
_rocker01_: whos ur fave writter mine is Lewis Carroll everyone type WHOOO if u love his books _cheercutie317_: Should I read the 319 clues series/
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @booksr i dont know i havent finished eclipse….yet
_greenkoala39_: @change108: I love the nancy drew books!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: CAvyheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i remember u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u ur so funny
_cavyheart_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: ‘Ello! I remember you too!! :)
_workout1_: cavyheart you took my hello!(ello)
_Nellieforeva_: @ lucian luv the whole lightning thief series
__Lucian__: @Sonja: I’ve tried signing up for the newsletter, but it doesn’t work! *tear* _Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: I’m sorry to hear you haven’t gotten our newsletters! Try checking your junkmail folder. You should get the STACKS Blast the first week of every month.
_change108_: does anyone want to see romona and beezus in theaters
_Bookreaderz_: Has anyone red THe Alchemyst by Michael Scott?
_75frenchvanilla_: @Bookreaderz: I think the vampire vs. werewolves scenes will be cool
_M.cahill11_: @Lucian: I think it’s bold because it’s your own name, my name is bold too. _Nellieforeva_: @cheercutie: um… YEAH!!!
_nyswimmer_: Where will the transcript of this chat be located??????????
__Lucian__: @Workout01: You like Jackson 5? Me too! -Hopefully that was what you were talking about -*air five*
__Lucian__: @M.cahill11: Woo hoo! Air five!
_workout1_: has any one ever read among the dolls
_cheercutie317_: I ment 39 clues
_Bookreaderz_: yeah
_cavyheart_: @rocker01: I have a lot of faves, but my number one’s CS Lewis. I LOOOOVE the Chronicles of Narnia!
_greenkoala39_: @cheercutie: YES!!!!!!!! One of my favorite series!
__Lucian__: @Stacks: I’ve checked my junkmail, but my email is dumb! =(
_rocker01_: @change108 YEAHHH
_cavyheart_: @change108: Yeah. It looks really good.
_fallbookgirl_: @rocker if you like lewis carrol read the looking glass wars though it says Alice in Wonderland is all a lie though
_Bookreaderz_: OMG
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @french maybe but u never no
_cheercutie317_: no
_Bookreaderz_: LOL
_Nellieforeva_: @book readers me and a few kids in my class have read the alchemyst series _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cavyhear
t me too
_pinksummer2313_: hmmm how long have you all been on the stacks?
_greenkoala39_: Is there a 6th Percy Jackson and the Olympians book coming out?
_Bookreaderz_: The cslewis books are wierd @ _cavyheart_
_cheercutie317_: @greenkoala39 thanks
__Lucian__: @Nellieforeva: Lol, I don’t recall talking about the PJO series, but okay. Haha. _fallbookgirl_: Anyone going to see Flipped in theathers?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: wow it’s 6:35 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_change108_: -Sonja-Stacks-Staffer- can you do a chat with miley cyrus
_Nellieforeva_: @fallbok girl i luuuuv the looking glass wars
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @change108 um, probably not
_.Katia._: @fallbookgirl: I luved Looking Glass Wars!
_nyswimmer_: The 39 clues is one of my favorite series. I started reading them after one false note came out.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @pinksummer:1 day
_cavyheart_: @pinksummer2313: I’ve been on Scholastic since 7th grade, so a little over three years. _rocker01_: @cavyheart u do like c.s lewis so do i
_workout1_: lucian thats what i meant!
_Stacks_Admin_: @cavyheart: Thanks for sticking with us! I definitely remember you from the early days of our message boards!
_cavyheart_: @Stacks_Admin_: Haha, cool! Thanks for remembering me! :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @pink i started about 2 or 3 months afteer the stcks were created
_fallbookgirl_: @greenkoala39 no but a series within camp half-blood.
_Nellieforeva_: @pinksummer: since the end of may about, for me
_Bookreaderz_: To @_greenkoala_ I thought thr red pryamid was the 6th percy jackson series _cheercutie317_: @bookreaderz No thats the Kane chronicals
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: red pyramid has totally different characters and it’s about egyptian gods _Marytonga_: The Kane Chronicles sound REALLY good!!!!!!!!!!
_greenkoala39_: @pinksumer: I was a member since may, but have reading it since january. _cavyheart_: @Bookreaderz: I guess you just have to be into them…. They are pretty weird, but I love them for their weirdness. :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love 2 dance, anyone else
_cavyheart_: @workout1: Oops, sorry! ;)
_.Katia._: @nellieforeva: me too!
_fallbookgirl_: @change108 not everybody likes miliey cyrus. With books the chats are endless. __Lucian__: You know what series I NEED to read the Trackers series by: Patrick Carman-I think that’s what it’s called.
_nyswimmer_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_ Where will the transcript of this chat be located? _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: The transcript will be on the chat blog post
_75frenchvanilla_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Here it’s still 3:35!
_pinkariel8_: Are the 39 clues more for boys or girls?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I could talk about books all day!
_cavyheart_: @rocker01: Yeah. He’s my fave author. :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @pink i may be wrong but i really dont know!!
_Nellieforeva_: @green koala, i don’t think so but a kid in my class said there is probably going to be another series in the same setting since the series ends with another great prophecy
_change108_: can you do one with demi lovato -Sonja-Stacks-Staffer-
_Bookreaderz_: Thanks
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: if any of you friend me,i’ll be happy to friend u back
_fallbookgirl_: I have been a member since last year, but reading since the Flashlight Readers.
__Lucian__: @Workout01: Cool beans! I love ABC and I wany you back!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @change maybe if Miley ever writes a book on schoolastics
_Marytonga_: You know, this is my first chat.
__Lucian__: @Pinkariel8: There for both. =D
_Bookreaderz_: VOting who like the book the lightning thief of the last olympian
_rocker01_: @pinksummer2313 ive been here since late march
_Bookreaderz_: vote
_75frenchvanilla_: pinkariel8; there for everybody
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja me too. Too bad I can not just read all day.
_Marytonga_: I loved Thoth.
_cavyheart_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Me, me! I danced for ten years.
_cavyheart_: @Lucian: I’ve got to check out the Trackers too. It looks AMAZING.
_workout1_: greekoala39 i would love to say yes but sorry to be the bear of the bad news, but no, no more percy jackson books the 5th was the last one:(
_Nellieforeva_: @pinkari18 i think both but thats just my opinion
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @pinkarie18:i tihnk the 39 clues are for both genders
_Marytonga_: @_Lucian_ Glad to see you Emmalyn!
_.Katia._: @Sonja_stacks-staffer: Me too!! all my friends think my sister and i are weird becuz we luv to read so much!
_penguin2009_: @Marytonga: we have the same hair
_Marytonga_: @_pengiun2009_ Ha. Funny.
_Bookreaderz_: vote
_greenkoala39_: @Sonja_stacks_staffer_: I could talk about The Lightning Thief all day.
_cavyheart_: @greenkoala39: Me too. I loved the Lightning Thief.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Hi marytonga
_cheercutie317_: Is there a way i can delete a post
_.Katia._: @Marytonga: me too
__Lucian__: AGh! I hate it when I spell things wrong!
_nyswimmer_: Where is your favorite place to read?
_Nellieforeva_: i know mary tonga i can’t wait for the next one
_rocker01_: @change108 NOT HAPPINING
__Lucian__: @MaryTonga: What’s up?
_greenkoala39_: Who has read The Hound of Rowan, by Henry H. Neff
_Nellieforeva_: @ bookreaderz vote for what
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cavy i have been dancing since i was three so eight years
_shortbluebird_: i have to go bye everybody!
_10stars_: I was really sad when I missed the Harry Potter chat, but I had ballet. Will there be another Harry Potter chat?
_Stacks_Admin_: @10stars: We don’t have another Harry Potter chat planned, but maybe… Are you on the Harry Potter message boards? If it seems like lots of people there start suggesting it, maybe we’ll do another one!
_10stars_: @stacks_admin, yes I am! I love it! please do it over the summer, I would be free then. _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @lucian i agree
_fallbookgirl_: @Lucian me too. How do you friend people from the chat?
_Marytonga_: @_Lucian_ Not much.
__Lucian__: AH! What is everyone agreeing with that I said, I’m confuzzled!
_Nellieforeva_: @myswimmer anywhere quiet or seren unless i’m listening to music while i’m reading _75frenchvanilla_: Has anyone read Coraline? I think I’ll read it this summmer.
_change108_: -stuffedmudkiptoy- she wrote her autobiography
_Bookreaderz_: @_nyswimmer_ on my sofa
__Lucian__: @CavvyHeart: It does look AMAZING! =D
_rocker01_: @nyswimmer i read in my bedroom
_cavyheart_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: That’s so cool. I started when I was three too… I’d still be going, but my company broke apart and I haven’t had time to find a new one since then.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @swimmer:usually someplace quiet and peaceful.and sister-free zone(she takes all of my books)
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: OK, here is a serious question
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja what is the question?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I am going on vacation and I need to plan what books to bring. Besides Red Pyramid, what other suggestions do you have?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I hate spell check sometimes! once i wanted to say yo and it said to! _Bookreaderz_: Has anyone read homefront
_Nellieforeva_: A sonja stacks staffer, inside the shadow city and the empresses tomb
_Marytonga_: Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer. It’s my fave book!
_Stacks_Admin_: Blackbringer is YA, btw.
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja you could read Fever 1792 or The Book of Story Beginnings.
__Lucian__: @Sonja A Great and Terrible Beauty series, The Mysterious Benedict Society Series, Devil’s Artihmetic, Yellow Star… There all good.
_Marytonga_: And anything by Kathryn Lasky I can recommend. Especially the new Maid Marian book! _KananiLuvs2Surf_: @sonja:percy jackson?harry potter?series of unfortunate events? _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja read farworld, rules, the prophecy of the ston
_rocker01_: @sonija i think the narnia books and alice books
_greenkoala39_: It is quiet _Nellieforeva_: i love the series of unfortunate events
_.Katia._: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: have you read the Hunger Games?
_Bookreaderz_: OMG
_cheercutie317_: this live chat is Awesome
__Lucian__: @MaryTonga: Are you planning to do anything over the summer? Like camps? _Marytonga_: @_Lucian_ Well, maybe a writer’s workshop.
_cheercutie317_: This live Chat is awesome
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cheer oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja Leviathan and The MAze Runner are also great, but YA.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @fall my brother read maze runner
_.Katia._: @fallbookgirl: I liked the overall story of The Maze Runner, but it was a little slow still _fallbookgirl_: @stuffedmudkipoty what did he think of it?
_greenkoala39_: Everything stopped
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @sonja:have you ever read eragon?you could also bring dragon rider!wbtw,where r u going?
_change108_: is anyone excited for diary of a wimoy kid 5
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: So many awesome suggestions! Thank you!
_cavyheart_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: I’ve been discovering a lot of the Nicholas Sparks stuff lately (younger kids: they’re YA). They’re all really good.
_fallbookgirl_: @bookreaderz I have heard of Homefront. Is it any good?
_Bookreaderz_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer You should bring homefront,Brisingr,the name of this book is secret,and the celestial globe
_cavyheart_: I’m currently reading 1984… it’s pretty good. I love British Lit.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @lucian im going to a diabetes camp! and dance camp!
_Nellieforeva_: i’be read every single of the series of unfortunate events there is
_cheercutie317_: Bye
_Marytonga_: I just read two funny books, Wizard At Work and A Whole Nother Story.
_workout1_: sonja you should take the house of many ways by diana wynne-jones!
_change108_: does anyone watch glee i do
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: 2change:luv glee
_cavyheart_: @change108: Yes! I’m a total gLeek!
__Lucian__: @Stuffedmudkiptoy: That is cool beans!
_penguin2009_: @change108: i love glee!
_cavyheart_: @cheercutie3117: Bye!!!!!!!
_rocker01_: what gernre of books are yall reading this summer
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: cheese
__Lucian__: @MaryTonga: I want to do a writer’s workshop sooo badly, but I would have to chose that or volleyball. I went with volleyball. I am writing a story, and I write fanfics. They’re not perfect but… =D _cavyheart_: @Lucian: I write, too. :) Have you checked out Write It at all?
__Lucian__: @CavyHeart: Is it on the stacks?
_cavyheart_: @Lucian: They aren’t a part of the STACKS, but they’re on the Scholastic website. There’s a link to them from the STACKS message boards.
__Lucian__: @CavyHeart: Oh, I think I know what you’re talking about.
_Nellieforeva_: Sonja you could try some agathaq christie books
_Marytonga_: Fantasy. I love fantasy!
__Lucian__: @Rocker01: Fantasy, Gothic Romance… A lot of others….
_change108_: mystery -rocker01-
_Bookreaderz_: LOL
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Agatha Christie is YA
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: anyone ever read one of andrew clements book?i think ‘no talking!’ is kinda good _cavyheart_: @Kanani: I used to read a lot of his books… the School Story is one of my faves. _stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cavy i had to read the school story for school
_.Katia._: @rocker01: I like all kinds of genres
_greenkoala39_: @rocker01: Um….fantasy and adventure…
_75frenchvanilla_: @ rocker01: A little bit of everything
_Bookreaderz_: @_marytonga_ I only read a little of the a whole nother story can you tell me what happens
_Marytonga_: @_Bookreaderz_ Did you get to the circus? They were Olivia’s ancestors, pirates from the past, so they went back.
_Bookreaderz_: OMG
_Bookreaderz_: LOL
_Nellieforeva_: @rocker 01 fantasy or adventure mainly but also a little mystery
_cavyheart_: @rocker01: I want to get back into some of the YA realistic fiction stuff… I’ve been focusing more on fantasy for the past half a year or so, and I’m missing my realistic fiction. :P
_Bookreaderz_: THe Celetial Globe rock!!!!
_fallbookgirl_: Is there any good book coming out this fall?
_Nellieforeva_: @fallbookgirl the 10th 39vlues book comes out around fall
_cavyheart_: @fallbookgirl: The Mockingjay!!
_change108_: diary of a wimpy kid 5 i think -fallbookgirl-
_.Katia._: @fallbookgirl: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is coming out August 24, i think, it is the last book in Hunger Games
_greenkoala39_: sorry, @fallbookgirl: The Lost hero!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cheer bye!!!!!!!! do you guys use fanfiction? i did it twice but noone has answered… so post to me
_Bookreaderz_: anyone read silent to the bone
_nyswimmer_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_ What is the next upcoming chat about?????????? _Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @nyswimmer We will post info about the next chat on the Ink Splot26 blog _KananiLuvs2Surf_: @rocker01:anything except sci-fi, and history
__Lucian__: In my own opnion And Then There Were None is BORING!-I liked using sparknotes and wikipedia better. I had to read it for class. =P
_fallbookgirl_: @rocker I am reading comtempary YA and chick lits.
_rocker01_: im writting a book tittled the hidden land the manhole
_Bookreaderz_: Go Green
_Nellieforeva_: @stuffedmudkip toy:sure
_10stars_: i’m doing a dance intensive for 2 weeks, voice every other week, tennis every wedsnday, ballet for 2 days per week for a couple of weeks, and I will be volenteering to teach young ones safety rules. Busy summer. And reading.
_cheercutie317_: Who has been here since the beginning of the chat
_Bookreaderz_: Me
_cavyheart_: @book: Ditto!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @cheercutie317 me
_rocker01_: @cheercutie317 MEEEEEEEEEEE
_cavyheart_: @fallbookgirl: Go chick lit!! ;)
__Lucian__: @Stuffedmudkiptoy, I do fanfiction. But I don’t do it the way this site does it.
_change108_: i’m writing a movie called dreams do come true
_.Katia._: @rocker01: I want to be an author! i write books ALL the time!
_fallbookgirl_: @Kanan I like Andrew Clements. I have read a lot of his books. Have you read School Story?
__Lucian__: @10stars… you’re doing quite a few things.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @cavyheart:thans for letting me know!i like that one too!
_cavyheart_: @10stars: So you’re in voice lessons? Jealous!
_Nellieforeva_: @10 stars: i’m doing tennis every day i can
_cheercutie317_: Cool I’ve been here this whole time too
_.Katia._: @cheercutie317: ME!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i write everyday
_Nellieforeva_: @katia i do to
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: No, but I’m on Write It a ton. *wink, wink*
_nyswimmer_: @cheercutie317 I have,but I have had to refresh the page a few times.
_fallbookgirl_: @Katia The Maze Runner was slow, but are you going to read The Scorch Trials? _Marytonga_: Here’s something weird, the characters from a book called Rune Warriors were very similar to the characters in the How to Train Your Dragon movie.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @marytinga weird?
_rocker01_: @katia so do i
_fallbookgirl_: @greenkoala are you going to read The Lost HEro?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cheer ME! @10stars u r very talented yes?
_cavyheart_: Send: @Katia: Cool! I love writing — I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to publish a novel at the moment.
_.Katia._: I am working on a book right now, i mean this second!
_Nellieforeva_: i have been here the whol time but i had to refresh the page twice
_Nellieforeva_: i haven’t read and then there were non @lucian but i have read the murder of roger ackroyd and the death on the nile
_10stars_: the chats almost over!
_fallbookgirl_: @rocker what is the book about?
_cavyheart_: @MaryTonga: did you know that How to Train your Dragon was ba
sed off of a children’s book?
__Lucian__: Is M.cahill11 still here?!?!?!
_Marytonga_: I am a BIG writer. I’m considering publishing a fantasy book about fairies in a park near where I live.
_fallbookgirl_: @cheercutie I have.
_Nellieforeva_: @ cavy heart whats the novel about
_Bookreaderz_: Who has trouble writing a novel or a story
_cavyheart_: @Nellie: I keep having to refresh too.
_nyswimmer_: What is your favorite book series??????
_rocker01_: 10 more mins. 4 chat
_change108_: all glee fans please watch the regionals episode tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
_.Katia._: @cavvyheart: i sent my book to the publisher but haven’t gotten a reply yet, it has been almost 4 months
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i write a LOT of books on the computer!i have writen 40 books,finished 37 _fabchick_: wow only 10 minutes left!
_Marytonga_: @_cavyhear_ Yep, but I never read it.
_Nellieforeva_: i haven’t seen m.cahill in awhile so @lucian i don’t think so
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @bookr not me’
_Marytonga_: Me! Writers block….
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: im tired’
_.Katia._: @nyswimmer: the Hunger Games
_75frenchvanilla_: I like writing but I haven’t tried publishing anything.
_fallbookgirl_: @cabyheart I write but mostly fanfiction and poetry.
_cavyheart_: @Nellie: It’s the first in a YA trilogy about secret agents.
_Nellieforeva_: @nyswimmer Kiki strike or the 39 clues
_cavyheart_: @nyswimmer: The Chronicles of Narnia!
_rocker01_: @nyswimmer my fave is the alice series
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my friend one two poem contests one last year and one this year
_Bookreaderz_: Does anyone know how to publish a book?:-
_Marytonga_: Dragonlance is my favorite series. The kids versions, of course. It’s based of Dungeons and Dragons.
_cavyheart_: @Marytonga: Cool! Not to keep pushing Write It, but you should def check it out, too… one of the members over there is on her way to publishing a fantasy novel.
_10stars_: Glee finale tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they win regionals
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @fabchick WOW!
_fallbookgirl_: @marytonga hope you get published aong with the other writers on this chat.
_.Katia._: i am pretty good at getting through writers block
_sorenofgahoole_: The best series EVER is the Guardians of Ga’Hoole
_sorenofgahoole_: The Guardians of Ga’Hoolle is a series about a war against the Guardians of Ga’Hoole and the Pure Ones. The war is by Owls. Soren is the main character.
_Bookreaderz_: Chat almost ending
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: i have sent about 15 to publishers but haven’t gotten any replies
_cavyheart_: @Katia: Yeah, it takes a while to get replies back. I’ve sent out to four literary agents so far and been rejected by all of them… but, I have gotten a poem published in Teen Ink.
_greenkoala39_: I am so reading The lost Hero!!
_10stars_: 8 minutes
_Elizabeth ROCKS_: no
_Nellieforeva_: i’m having a problem writing i have started a book and at a pretty good stopping point but don’t know where to go form there
_fallbookgirl_: @Kanan are you considering publishing?
_change108_: i write songs
_cavyheart_: @Bookreaderz: I know the basics… you write it, edit it, get a literary agent, edit it again, sign with a publisher, edit it again… and so on and so forth.
_Nellieforeva_: @nyswimmer also the looking glass wars series
_Marytonga_: @_Bookreaderz_ I think you just have to find publishers.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: excuse my grammer and spelling mistakes i feel really stupid with all u smart people around
_rocker01_: @bookreaderz i just publish books on the computer
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: writers block is horrible!!!
_penguin2009_: @sorenofgahoole: you must be really excited about the movie!
_Marytonga_: @_Sorenofgahoole_ Nice username!
_cheercutie317_: I have tons of ideas if you need them
_Elizabeth ROCKS_: I love cats!
_cavyheart_: Only seven minutes left!! :(
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkiptoy You are totally smart!
_penguin2009_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: don’t feel stupid everyone makes mistakes!!!
_M.cahill11_: @Lucian: I’m here, I had to go,but I’m back! What is everyone’s favorite book that they read this year?
_Nellieforeva_: i can’t believe the caht is almost over five more minutes
_Bookreaderz_: Anyone have book to recomend me
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Have you all signed up for the Summer Challenge?
_cavyheart_: @Sonja: Yup!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @sonja;what’s that?
_Marytonga_: Yes! FA rocks!
_.Katia._: @Sonja: I have, i haven’t updated mine for a while tho….
_10stars_: I so have! I have over 2,000 minutes already!
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: @fallbookgirl:yeah
_cavyheart_: @change108: Me too. :)
_greenkoala39_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: yes,and is that your serious question?
_.Katia._: The looking glass wars is YA
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonjja i thinkso, actually yes but i havent put in my minutes for a while _fallbookgirl_: Anyone else write poetry on this chat?
_fabchick_: @Bookreaderz: I’m reading Ranger’s Apprentice series right now. It’s really good! _fabchick_: I signed up for Summer Challenge!
_cavyheart_: Going straight to the publishers isn’t a good idea… it’s better to get a literary agent first and then work through him/her to publish.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love the cottoneye joe
_Nellieforeva_: @kanani i know, writers block is horrible
_Elizabeth ROCKS_: @bookreez = no
_cavyheart_: @Elizabeth: Hey!
_VanillaShaq33_: I recomend the Hunger Games
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: what’s the summer challenge?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Summer Challenge is where you can’t count your reading minutes and find other friends on the STACKS who like the same books
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I mean you can count your minutes!
_Stacks_Admin_: To sign up for Summer Challenge, go to www.scholastic.com/summer! _Marytonga_: (laughs at Sonja’s typo.)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sonja i can bearly count to ten 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 uhm…
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @marytonga we are laughing here too!
_Stacks_Admin_: And we’re going to have a special Summer Challenge widget for the STACKS profiles soon. You’ll be able to show off how many minutes that you’ve logged.
_Stacks_Admin_: Oops, my link doesn’t work. Try: http://www.scholastic.com/summer
_cavyheart_: @10stars: I know! I’m so nervous for them, lol!
_Nellieforeva_: @sonja yes
_Lady Catherine7_: @bookreaders i would recommend the hunger games
_Marytonga_: What;s your favorite PJO book? Mine’s the Last Olympian.
_cavyheart_: @fallbookgirl: Me! I love poetry!
_change108_: what summer reading books do you have to read
_cavyheart_: @Vanilla: Definitely! Hunger Games is amazing!
__Lucian__: @M.cahill11: You’re back1 YAY!
_cheercutie317_: 2fallbookgirl I love writing poetry
_rocker01_: @fabhick me 2
_VanillaShaq33_: The hunger Games ARE AWESOME
_cavyheart_: @Mary: I like the first one the best.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: oh
_Nellieforeva_: @ mary tonga, i can’t decide so……. all
_cavyheart_: @Nellie: Lol! Good choice! ;)
_M.cahill11_: I used to get writer’s block all the time, it was soi annoting, but now it’s not that often. _.Katia._: @bookreaderz: have you read the Hunger Games????
_fallbookgirl_: @cavyheart cool!
_75frenchvanilla_: @ Marytonga: Mine’s The Last Olympian too.
_cavyheart_: Four minutes!
_sorenofgahoole_: I recccomend the Guardians of Ga’Hoole. BEST SERIES EVER IN MY OPINION! _Nellieforeva_: @ vanilla shaq totally
_cavyheart_: @M.cahill: Same here.
_Bookreaderz_: Esperanza rising a good book?
_VanillaShaq33_: Have you read both Catching Fire and hunger games Cavyheart???
_dj17green_: Hi!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: 3 more minutes everybody!
_rocker01_: almost over
_fallbookgirl_: I am sad
the chat is ending.
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: XD
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: 4 minutes
_change108_: this is my 2nd chat
_greenkoala39_: If i get writers block, I take a break, sleep on it, and end up with an idea in the morning.
_.Katia._: @VAnillaShaq33: Omg! I know right! They are the best books ever! Can’t wair for Mockingjay to come out!
_Nellieforeva_: @cavy heart thx
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: so 180 seconds
_change108_: i keep forgeting to come to the chat
_Bookreaderz_: OMG
__Lucian__: Hey Dj17Green! What’s up?
_sorenofgahoole_: Almost over :(
_VanillaShaq33_: I read some of the Guardian of Ga’Hoole books I liked them
_Bookreaderz_: NO
_fallbookgirl_: I reccomend Gilda Joyce series.
_KananiLuvs2Surf_: 3 more minutes?!?!?!?!?!
_Bookreaderz_: Noo
_Bookreaderz_: OMG
_10stars_: @stacks _admin, I’d love that
_dj17green_: this is my 3rd chat!@!!
_Nellieforeva_: @bookreaderz yes esperanza rising is a very good book if you like historical books and girl books
_gohper111_: Hey!
_.Katia._: @VanillaShaqe33: I have read all those books, they are amazing!
_Bookreaderz_: 2 mins
_Lady Catherine7_: I@katia i cant wait for the hunger games movie
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: cavy what does xd mean
_Nellieforeva_: i can’t bliev the chat is almost over 1min.
_Marytonga_: I would like to say that the Tomorrow Code is a very creepy book, and I can’t believe it was found outside of Teen in the library!
_gohper111_: why is there so meny of you stuffedmudkiptoy?
_fallbookgirl_: @bookreader what?
_dj17green_: hEY LUCIAN!!!
_cheercutie317_: Bye guys see you next chat
_cavyheart_: Two minutes!
_rocker01_: wonderin if there will b 2nd grade junie b
_change108_: i am glad summer is here
_dj17green_: See U on the 39 clues board, UCIAN
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: you guys are all awesome lets friend each other
_VanillaShaq33_: @ Katia I want Mockingjay to come out too!!!!
_cavyheart_: @gohper111: Helloooo!
_Lady Catherine7_: i wish i could help those poor animals in the oil spill
_75frenchvanilla_: I don’t know if we’ll get through all the waiting posts before the chat ends. _greenkoala39_: @change108, who isn’t?
_rocker01_: 2 minutes
_cavyheart_: @cheer: Adios!!
_Nellieforeva_: it’s 7 now but it hasn’t ended yet it seems
_Bookreaderz_: Omg
_fallbookgirl_: How do we friend people from the chat?
_.Katia._: @Ladycatherine7: I heard it was coming out next year!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: 1 more minute.Thanks for coming to the chat
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @gopher i dont know i guess im faster then i expected
_Bookreaderz_: ttly
_cavyheart_: @Lady: Same. I feel awful for them. :(
_VanillaShaq33_: why does the chat end
_cavyheart_: One minute!
_rocker01_: bye
_greenkoala39_: This is my first.
__Lucian__: Ah! We should extend the chat! ; )
_cavyheart_: Ugh, just had to refresh again.
_greenkoala39_: What is the next chat going to be about?
_cavyheart_: @Lady: Me either!
_dj17green_: AAAAAAWWWWWWW
_Nellieforeva_: @dj17green i think i’ve seen u on the 39 clues board
_cheercutie317_: Bye
_Marytonga_: See you on the boards!
_change108_: bye everyon
_gohper111_: @change108 me toooo…my school isn’t out yet though:(
_75frenchvanilla_: Bye!
_greenkoala39_: 18 clues
_.Katia._: bye people!!
_M.cahill11_: Bye everyone!
_dj17green_: SSSEEE YYYAAA!!! L8ER
__Lucian__: Please! PLEASE PLEASE!
_Nellieforeva_: @dj17green i have around 28 clues
_Lady Catherine7_: oh no please let us go longer than a minete this is soooooooo much fun! _VanillaShaq33_: when do the chats start
_nyswimmer_: yBye
_Bookreaderz_: ttyl
_cavyheart_: Bye guys!!!!!
_nyswimmer_: I mean Bye
__Lucian__: Bye guys! (Please let this be the last word!) =D
_Bookreaderz_: n
_dj17green_: I HAV 32
_Nellieforeva_: bye everyone
_fallbookgirl_: Bye guys friend each other.
_greenkoala39_: bye!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are the best! You should all friend each other and come back for the next chat
_Stacks_Admin_: @fallbookgirl: After the chat, you can friend people by going to this URL: http://kids.scholastic.com/community/my_profile.htm?username=USERNAME — and type in their username after the equals sign, where it says “USERNAME.”
_Stacks_Admin_: For example, my profile page is: http://kids.scholastic.com/community/my_profile.htm?username=stacks_admin
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i wrote the do the funky chicken shout out and monkey time and everybody dance now
_cavyheart_: @Lucian: Lol!
__Lucian__: No dang it!
_cavyheart_: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_dj17green_: BYE!!!!! *WEEPS
_Lady Catherine7_: Bye guys have a good night
_greenkoala39_: cant wait untill next time
_gohper111_: @ stuffedmudkiptoy your mr.cool111 friend.arent you
_Nellieforeva_: @lucian i don’t thnk you’re gonna get the last word
__Lucian__: I wanted the last word! Please please please I want the last word!
_rocker01_: GOOD NIGHT
_fallbookgirl_: Admin Thanks.
_nyswimmer_: I had lots of fun!!!!!!!!
__Lucian__: @Nelli: neither do I
_greenkoala39_: thank you
_dj17green_: THANKS BYE
__Lucian__: Oops, I made a mistake
_fallbookgirl_: I had al lot of fun too.
_cavyheart_: Thanks to the Admins and Staffers for making the chats so amazing!
__Lucian__: Bye guys!
_rocker01_: DONT END IT
_cavyheart_: And once again: Bye guys!!
_Nellieforeva_: @ lucian :)
_Lady Catherine7_: Who has read the warriors series?
_Bookreaderz_: thanks
__Lucian__: LOL!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: gopher sadly no! not yet i dont think so im confused
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Goodbye!
_cavyheart_: @Lady: Here!
_cavyheart_: Bye!
_Nellieforeva_: bye
_VanillaShaq33_: ive read the warriors
_nyswimmer_: I have read some of warriors
_cheercutie317_: BYE!:(
_Bookreaderz_: bye
_VanillaShaq33_: they are great you should read them
_Lady Catherine7_: bye have fun reading!
_Stacks_Admin_: Well, time’s up! Thanks to everyone for joining today’s chat. We’ll post a transcript on the Ink Splot 26 blog soon. http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/

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