July 25, 2009

LIVE CHAT! Harry Potter

Harry Potter chat

This just in via Owl Post — the next live chat is all about your (and our) favorite boy wizard wonder!

WHEN: Saturday, July 25, 2009, 4-5 p.m. ET
TOPIC: Harry Potter!

In celebration of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in paperback on July 7th, we want to know what kids on THE STACKS think of this little* phenomenon that J. K. Rowling’s cooked up.

And if you’ve only just picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone . . . you’ve got until July 25th to catch up! Embrace your inner Hermione-esque nerd, and bring your Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin pride to the chat!

— STACKS Staffers

*When we say “little,” think along the lines of Hagrid’s “little” Norwegian Ridgeback dragon, Norbert.

UPDATE: 8/5 —Check out the transcript here, and join us for The 39 Clues chat!

  1. Amazingbeetle105

    I don’t know why I’m adding to this conversation even though I don’t like Harry Potter.

  2. A.C

    All of the HP Books are out now and I’ve read them all and seen all of the movies. I plan to write a Fan-Fic Sequel Series here are the titles tell me what you think

  3. Ely

    hey do you people no how to chat because i don’t no yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rachael

    not a big fan of HP, but the storyline is interesting. i think i saw the 2nd movie. HP is creepy. but than again i keep my moth shut

  5. Amy K.

    OMG!!!I love the Harry Potter series of books AND movies!!!! It’s filled with mystery and majic!!!!

  6. browniebulldog8

    I love harry potter so much i would marry the books and I love emma watson

  7. Bro18bro

    I love how the Harry Potter books can give me a better image of what the movie will be like. Unlike other books.

  8. AVATAR103

    Wow I can’t believe you read that book. I can’t even read half of that book.

  9. Beatrice

    i wish they would make the last two movies into ONE!
    i could sooooo sit and wacth a 5 hour movie!

  10. chelsea

    my sis and i loooooove harry potter!!!i think draco malfoy is kind of cute and harry is cool!!! i felt like crying when cedric diggory,sirius black and proffessor dumbledore died and i got scared when harry and voldemort fought,but harry potter is also really funny!!! ROCK ON,GUYS!!!
    chelsea m
    younger sis of ann m

  11. ann

    i like harry potter so much that i can not sot reading the book and watching the movie!!!!!!!!!!!
    ann m

  12. Sophie

    harry potter is the best book i have ever read in my whole life and i can not wait for the 7th movie to release!!!

  13. Abby

    I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diary of a wimpy kid oh & STOP DON’T TOCH THE CHESS U DON’T WHANT THE CHEES TOCH ha ha just kidding abby out O U T OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

  14. kkrocks0607


  15. CoolGirl20

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MOM LUVS HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WILL FLIP
    CoolGirl20 Peace Out Home Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. deederdott1

    COOL BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. obiwancrazy

    wow i wish i had been here for this but i joined the STACKS in august and i am still reading book 7 now… but i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  18. eminater

    LOONY Lovegood the final one is HARRY POTTER did u really read the books??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. princessjuliet3

    i love this website i feel like having thousands of friends but i don’t know how to make friends here!!!!!!!!!

  20. professorBoo

    Harry Potter Is The Best! If anyone out there isn’t reading them- they are yet to be re awoken into the best book series ever!!!!

  21. Tree_Hugger77

    I like the movies better no offence but i do not know why. Sorry but my fav books is the twilight saga.

  22. Harrypotterfan0001

    awe, azzie (avidreader) that’s so sad!!! I’m so glad i get to do this cuz’ i’m a freak about EVERY THING potter, too!!!If you look for me (Harrypotterfan0001)than i’ll give you every thing that happend.

  23. purplepen234

    i saw the half blood prince movie and it was awsome!!i read all of the books too im a harry potter obsess

  24. Number 14

    I absolutely LOVE Daniel Radcliffe, he’s such a great actor! My favorite Harry Potter movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire! Also(this isn’t why I like it, I like it for all the action) Robert Pattinson, from Twilight, is in it! All of you Taylor Lautner fans out there, the first movie that he was in was Sharkboy and Lavagirl(he was Sharkboy). YOU ROCK DANIEL!

  25. luna moon

    i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! harry potter i did not like harry potter at first cause i could not understand anything!

  26. gymnast430

    I’ve seen all the movies so far and I cant wait 2 c the 7th!
    ( i took the quiz and got gryffindor )

  27. SoccerStuff9

    oh no!!!! summer is over!!!!! i tried to read the twilight series as many times as i could this summer!!! i got up to 9 times by july10 and then i got grounded :( how many books have you read?

  28. ningagirl18

    OMG Harry potter I’ve been reading and seeing Harry potter since I was a young one
    Harry Potter Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hannah star

    somtimes i think that harrie potter is a good book but hannah montanna is better than anyone people ay stuff about her that are not true

  30. abdule10

    I saw the 6th harry potter and i thought it was the interesting and most greatest movie ever OMG I LOVE HARRY POTTER haha.

  31. Bri-Bre09

    Well….i watched the movies and loveed them…..i have not read the books but i want to…but my parents are low on money right now :(

  32. extraordinaryaardvark

    i have been waiting for this my whole LIFE! just kidding. But I am really excited. the Harry Potter series gives a whole new meaning to life. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter books twice, you really should start now. the first time you just discover all of the cool events. the second time you read them it is like reading a whole different series. :)

  33. lolipop<3x)

    omg i never had a chat in this website im have to be here and i <3 harry potter:) if i dont i have to be crazy cuz itz a HARRY POTTER CHAT! With live people instead of comment.i dont care if my friend say hey harry potter not good or boring im still goin to this CHAT!IM SOOO HAPPY well only if i go chat .of course i guess itz not goin to haooen though.:(

  34. lil_ms.sunshine

    oh my god i love harry potter so much i read the whole series 3 times already. inclunding, harry potter and the deathly hallows

  35. Hermonie

    hey yall i totaly LOVE harry potter i think he is cute but none of my friends like harry potter look at what they are missing out on!!
    i want to see the midnight showing of harry potter 7 part 1 with my friend taylor we think danel raddcliffe is AWSOME go harry potter fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. surfinusa

    Maybe I should read the book first. But just started the 2nd one. Takes me awhile to read it.

  37. supertank89

    who ur favorite person mines is madeye moody beacuse he weird and cool and has a eye in like a pouch

  38. Lil_Rose

    I know because like my brother like’s harry potter i mean every time he see’s it he goes crazy.

  39. abby123mb

    I love the harry potter books!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a huge freak of harry potter!!!!!!!! I love e’m!!!!!!!!!!

  40. blueapples

    harrypotter YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. B 1996

    I love Harry Potter…Its simply awesome…but some times i find better writers…like stephenie Meyer…L.J Smith…and many more ….

  42. zabryn

    harry potter is so boring because all he does is magic but my BFF’s say dey love harry potter and i just go along wit it because i luv my BFF’s!

  43. shania

    oh my gosh i can’t believe i am on here.i just love the harry potter books.they expire me.i took the quiz already and it said i was a hufflepuff.i think they are cool.but i think the griffindworeare cooler.(sorry if i spelled some words wrong).okay see u guys later!stay cool!

  44. hp fan

    ive read all the books… but i really wanna kno where to buy them…. if anyone knows a place lemme kno and post a note.. ‘member i want gud prices lol

  45. Megan

    I’m embaressed 2 say i just started redading Harry Potter… But it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 19cherryblossom

    WOW!!! i read the whole hard cover one and i cant wait for the paperback one to come out. its going to be really great. the 7th book is one of my absoloute favs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. dork4u

    harry potter is a great movie i love all of them. did you about the new one. i love that one. any ways, the books are great to i just love harry potter. oh and sorry i was late for the meeting.



  49. Abi J.S.

    I’d actually rather have two movies(for deathly hallows) Than one cuz tht way there will be more scenes and action, they wont leave out many parts as they did in the other movies:)it will also feel as though the series havent officially ended, and we’ll all still have somthing to look forward to now that the books are sadly done:)

  50. jasika

    wowie i think all the harry poter books are great but i think this is going to be the best. i cant wait:):):):):):):):):):)

  51. ellie

    harry potter is one of the best books i ever read but not as good as allie frikles books

  52. Luis

    Harry Potter is so cool.I love to do magic.Doing magic makes me feel cool.Ithink hes a cool wizard.Hes my best friend.

  53. mac

    good movie comming out ithink that this is harry potter last show beause he getting a litte old

  54. 2007new

    The whole harry potter series reminds me of the Percy Jackson series: a boy finding a unusual part of him self, and goes on thrilling adventures with his friends. I personally love both!

  55. alani177

    i love harry poter i have wached all the episods add me as your friends guys who read this

  56. Sydney

    Harry Potter is the coolest teenager in the world! And Hermoie, Ron, Ron’s brothers and sisters is a great addtion to the movies and the books in all. J.K. Rowling is an amazing author like her new book she release last year amazing!! I hope she relases a new book this year or next year. Like I said amazing!! But for everyone who think Voldmont stinks your right!!!!

  57. nayapya

    i love harry potter but some times i dont t want to see harry potter and the haf blood prince

  58. mayapappya


  59. nmohammed66

    hey i donot like harry poter but i have seen the movie and i have a cussin that likes harry potter and so i then people like harry potter and so i bet people should read the book then watch the movie because the movie will show the pictures so i then that you should read t he book then watch the movie

  60. cheer-reader

    Hi everyone!
    I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I love to linger on the pages so that I don’t miss any of the amazing details of the Harry Potter books.
    I was very lucky to be able to cover the premiere in New York for Scholastic News. I had the chance to speak with the screen writer, Mr.Steve Kloves. I asked him what was the hardest part of his job and he said having to cut out some of the book to fit into a 2 to 2 1/2 hour movie was the hardest thing. He is a big fan of Harry Potter too, so cutting anything was difficult to do. I think that’s why the Deathly Hallows will be in two parts. the book (which I have of course!) is 759 awesone pages!
    Don’t you think Harry Potter books are GREAT to read!!

  61. shayshaypink

    @aud: my uncle went to the 12:05 show the day it came out it was the first showing and i went to the interview and met emma watson ron(i forgot his real name) and david!

  62. Emily

    Harry is soooooo awesome! One of the parts in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince made me jump off of my seat! Who thinks Harry or Ron is cute? The only thing I can’t believe is that Ron didn’t kiss Hermione! That was ridiculous. Well, I LOVE YOU DANIEL RADCLIFF!!!!!!!!

  63. chocolate_frogs

    I’m not gonna be home. Which really stinks because I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!

  64. allstarpoodle

    a few day ago i went to see the harry potter movie i did’t think it was going to be good but it was good but much itwas much better then i thouht it was going to be

  65. Jennifer T

    i miss harry potter cuz my cousin did cancell it im such a jerk i could have went without them

  66. niliyana28

    Hello everyone oh i love Harry Potter it’s one of my favorite movies oh and i keep on saying “how do you feel really excellent” to my sister i say that a lot of times to my sister..I wish Harry Potter would show on the television oh ya I didn’t told you about Harry Potter and the half blood prince some of you might saw the movie but I didn’t but it’s still showing on the theater I wish i was with my friends watching Harry Potter and the half blood prince at the theater.. I wish i could still watch it at the theater’s or it will be showing on the television oh and i wish my friends would watch it at my house and we could have a sleepover too and then we would put makeup on, put nail polish on too, tell stories, and have a pillow fight.. well i gtg ( gtg it means got to go) bye ppl oh and (ppl is short for people) well bye everyone..=D

  67. dimple

    i am an avid fan of harry potter…
    the book is so interesting and so mysterious…
    it seems real…
    j.k. rowling is one of the best writers….
    good job…

  68. jeslyn12

    i love harry potter the new movie is cool, i think they should make a movie for allie finkles books

  69. Russell

    I love harry, i already read the book but i am still excited! I camped for harry potter 6 the movie. its awesome!

  70. Leah


  71. Kim

    I just saw the 6th harry potter it was awesome i actually saw it TWICE!I also read the last two books they were also good if any of you like the movies you should read the books. Theyre even better.

  72. MCRreader

    The Half-Blood Prince book is awemazing. The movie is wicked. the book is on my fave list.

  73. kyleebean

    Wicked! I will be there! I have read VERY book in the series! Can not wait! Catch’ya then. =D

  74. shianne

    OMG i wish ican meet harry potter face to face then that be the time ill pass out or get goose bumps OMG

  75. Cloudy_Day

    Guys, they are splitting the last movie into two parts for three reasons:
    1. J.K. Rowling is keeping a close eye on the last two movies, making sure they don’t ruin the movie like they did in Goblet of Fire*
    2. More movie, more details. Besides, it’s the FINAL movie.
    3. For my opinion, splitting the final movie in two creates more suspense, which is why we Harry Potter fans LOVE.
    You think the first part’s going to end as a cliffhanger?
    I found that the first part of the movie will come out sometime in November of 2010. The second part will be in 2011.
    *In Goblet of Fire, they seemed to make it more of an action movie, and they just trampled the plot, which was important!
    I saw the Half Blood Prince movie last night, and let me just say this to people that haven’t seen it yet:
    “Don’t expect it to be dramatic. This is the best HP movie yet, and they balanced the humor and action very well.”

  76. cupcakereadertain

    are the harry potter books good because i never read them and which book is the best out of all of them

  77. supersunshine345

    I love harry potter movie and book I seen all the ]movie. also hopin to make friends:)

  78. shianne


  79. shianne

    OMG i need to see that new harry potter movie and i need some of the books i love harry potter movies

  80. 12eragonsaphira21

    That was a really good book! It was one of the best books in the series, only to many people died in it…by the way did i miss it…?!

  81. Ginny

    Knowing me, I’ll probably forget to go one, and I’m a total giant huge sucker for Harry and his stories!

  82. icecreamboat

    I was soppose to go to a private screening but it was overbooked. Other than that, it might be o.k.

  83. atomicx

    i just finnished reading harry potter and the order of the phonix. and i want to see the movie 2!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Harry_Potter_MANIAC

    That’s so awesome I luv the Harry Potter books, I’m a maniac about them, and I hope J.K. Rowling makes a new book. I will c u at the chat, I suppose!

  85. swatsmimmer

    i love harry potter i am on the 4 th book omg it is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. IHeartU

    I love Harry Potter he is the best I read all of his books and saw all of the movies even the new one The Half Blood Prince

  87. buddy 19

    harry potter is my fav book series and movie series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. harry,ginny,hermione,ron are the coolest characters in the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. banana911

    I am SO there! I am a total Harry Potter freak!
    My friends and I even formed a group called “The Harry Potter Freaks”
    I’m NOT kidding! I actually have the Order of the Phoenix book!

  89. atomicx

    i have been reading harry potter 4 a while i am up to year five a.k.a harry potter and the order of the phonex.

  90. Abby

    I love Harre Pottr.I have all of the books.My friends think Harre Pottr is stupid.I right different to make my comments short

  91. Nancy, STACKS Staffer

    If you live in the United States on the East Coast, the chat is 4-5pm in the afternoon.
    If you live in the United States on the West Coast (like California), then the chat is at 1-2pm.
    If you live in a different time zone, just ask your parents what time you should log into the chat!

  92. Kierra

    I think that harry potter books are really cool because they leave so many messages in the movies and in the books that we can answer and can’t answer.

  93. star500

    I really think that Harry Potter books are good to read. Some people tell me that i’m related to harry potter.I really think that harry potter books are really great.They tell us so many messages.

  94. sasha:)

    it is just that i haved never read or watched hp before exept for this one time that i just harry potter the first and i only watched half of it!
    i just never liked that wizard and magic stuff but hp is still cool right?

  95. Astrospy

    Harry Potter can only be compared with the *best twinkle
    star* of the vast sky.
    Awesome Harry Potter ROCKS!!!

  96. katrina

    harry potter rocks i am going to see harry and half blood prince today at noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)i am so happy!:)

  97. mathusa

    ilove harry potter movies i wished iwas one those children acting in the half blood prince oh well i looking forwrd to watch it

  98. crazytacogirl

    I haven’t read the HP or seen any of the movies…:( It doesn’t really interest me. do u no the HP actor can’t tie his shoes?

  99. DracoMalfoy2345

    So not fair! I’ll be at camp with NO COMPUTER!
    ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT MAKES ME REALLY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Zar

    Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa!I can’t believe i’m going to miss it!!!!!!!i’m going on vacation by car from TX to FLORIDA the 17′th!!!!!!!!!!!I cant possibly use a computer and walk all around disneyworld at the same time!!!!!!!!!

  101. Chris

    The movie sucks it is nothing like the book and is a total waste of time I paid $25 to see it last night so 3 nights early and I walked out of there mad like everyone else. They take out everything that would make the movie exciting and the end blows bc it takes 5 min for the stuff to happen and if you read the book you will agree……. sorry to disappoint im a big fan but I have to be honest I wanted my money back after this movie it was terrible

  102. LOONY Lovegood

    Oh i forgot to dragonchina you wrote yours to jonathen on the 10th of july the movie dose not come out until the 15th so your wrong. Just watch one of the previews.

  103. LOONY Lovegood

    I love harry potter and the last book was my fave. That and the third one. i can’t wait to get my coppie. i had to borrow my aunts 6th and 7th books and the fith from our library at school. I just can’t wait to get my own coppies. I also heard the Movie for the Deathly Hollows is goning to be made into two movies. I can’t wait. I don’t. I don’t want to be a spoiler to those who haven’t read the last book so i’m just going to ask this question: What is the final horcruxe voldemort made?

  104. lavagirl77

    i love harry potter but some of my bff’s say it’s boring right now i have my harry potter t.shirt that i bought at hot topic.

  105. elephantlover5

    omg!!! i love harry potter and it comes out on my moms birthday so were hoping to see it on that night!!!

  106. Number1HPfan

    OMG HP is AMAZING!!!!!
    I want 2 see all the movies NOW!! And the Midnight Showing
    None of my bffs like HP though! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  107. Jasna

    even i willbe on a vactaion….so i will miss it too…dats sad
    i am a huge fan of hp books! simply love them!!!

  108. aud

    wish i could go to the midnight showing.. meh… ill live….. as long as my friends dont go w/o me……

  109. bubbles

    ya know.. i knwo this doesnt have a thign to do with this, but the knight bus does NOT come down south at alll!!!! i am so upsett cuz at first i thought it did, and then, i found out it doesnt….

  110. dragonchina

    they r splitting deathly hallows movie into two parts for some reason. i think it should be only 1 movie. do you?

  111. superfun25

    I think Harry Potter is amazing!i can’t what to see the new movie, my friends and i are going to see it the first day it comes out!

  112. harrypotterfan17

    This is so wickedly cool!! Harry Potter Rocks!!!! Awesomest book series EVER!!! The seventh Harry Potter is the best book I’ve ever read! I’m a huge HP fan!

  113. Rija


  114. tyler

    i think the new release of harry potter was absoultly a thriller brand new and i already have it!this is the best harry potter book i ever read.

  115. azzie (avidreader)

    NOOOO!!!!!! omg i’m gunna be on vacation and i won’t have computer acceess that day!!! and i LOVE harry potter, i’m a complete harry potter freak…..
    urrrggghhhhH!!!!!! I’m gunna misss it!!!!!!

  116. Scholastic Kid

    *An amazing and exciting book that will draw you into the magic and suspense in this new world.

  117. Emma

    I think that the new Harry Potter book sounds intresting. I don’t read a lot of harry potter at all but this new book sounds cool and i wonder if they will have a movie for it.

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