March 14, 2009

LIVE CHAT! Book-to-Movie Adaptations

STACKS Live Chat: March 14, 4-5 pm ET, Talk in real time all about Book-to-Movie Adaptations with other STACKS members!

Hey, Splotters! A STACKS live chat is coming soon to the Internet near you!

WHEN: Saturday, March 14, 2009, 4-5 p.m. ET
TOPIC: Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Which book-based movies would you give two thumbs up? Which did you like better: the book or the film? Did you miss any characters who were cut from the movie? And if YOU were in the director’s chair, which of your favorite books would you make into a movie — and who would star?

Here’s your chance to share your opinions with other kids on the STACKS — so join in, March 14th!

See you there!

— STACKS Staffers

UPDATE: 3/21 — Check out our Chat Recap!

Thanks to all of you guys who joined the chat.

  1. blackbird2392

    Oh ummm shoot alot of the books I love already hit Hollywoos. But if there was one I would star either Emma Watson or Emma Stone or even Liv Tyler!

  2. crownjumping3

    I realy like harry potter they are all really good books but there so long.

  3. Becca

    Well I love to read expechaly HOLES it is awsome I read it for my 1,2,9,and 10 year old sisters and they love it and they love to read.

  4. katibear11

    i totally agree that twilight is awsome as i said before i read them all 5 times and twilight 6. have you read host by stephine meyer,i havent but my mom said it ok,not fab.

  5. katibear11

    i saw somewhere that maximum ride is shelede to be out in 2013,i might be wrong but,thats what i heard

  6. katibear11

    the twilight books were awesome and in totally agree about the movie letdown,this is kind of freaky but ive read all the books 5-6 times,i can practiclly qoute the whole book,me and my freind always annoy my mom by qouting every twilight line right beforre the characters say it.

  7. katibear11

    hi,i was wondering does anyone knnow when or if “GOLDENCOMPASS2″ will come out because i watched the first one last night and it ended at a total cliffhanger and the first ones been out favorite book is the maximum ride on the 6th one,cant wait till angel comes out on febuary 14,i cant believe that i read somewhere the movie wouldn’t be out till 2013,i dont think i can wait that long somebody please tell me that it comes out earlier than that
    thanks i’d apprcaite it,

  8. Poohbea776

    I’m new so I don’t know what to say.Well… my favorite book is goosebumps.They are the best!I read cuckoo clock of doom.That wasn’t scary.NONE of em are scary.The only thing that creeps my out is slappy.*brrr* he is super duper creppy.

  9. twi-hard

    my fav book is any from the twilight series i am a twi fanatic hints the name twi-hard i am a hard twilight fan only a true twi-hare would know team jacob if u watch twilght leave a comment on ur fav team TEAM JACOB

  10. AwesomeGurl101

    I think the Uglies Series should make a movie. I loved that series, full of adventure! The last book was weird though because it just switched characters and it was nothing like the other books in the series, because in the first 3 books it was about a girl named Tally, then in the last book it was about a girl named Axa, it was weird but other than that it was a great series!

  11. Avery Madden BSG

    Beacon Street Girls series should turn into a movie! Its already a big hit, but Harry Potter is awesome too I read the whole series and it was awesome I’m reading Beacon Street Girls right now its awesome!

  12. Ju-Ju Bean

    I love Twilight with all my heart because of Bella,Edward,and Joseph.And I think Alvin in the chipmunk the sqeakquel.

  13. craftgirl101

    i think the chronicles of narnia should be a movie. a movie for each book. there might be a movie alredy for all i know !

  14. silver hare

    Even though my nickname is HP related, I would love to see Artemis Fowl on the big screen. That would be awsome!

  15. silver hare

    They should totally make ARTEMIS FOWL a movie cause those books were SO AWSOME!!!!! I would love to see it on the big screen. Yeah!!!!

  16. cutiebanna

    I love all how i survived middle school series because it is kind of funny and it seems real everyone should check it out and if you guys get your hands on the book you guys will really love it and never regret reading it.

  17. Zoelu7

    dear dumb diary and
    the lightning thief r great
    my favorite subject is
    totally READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks all for listing:)
    love everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Distrant Waves

    Like I so love the Twilight books and the New Moon movie was awsome and I SO love Kellan Lutz like for real I love the guy and then again back to wat i am sayin TWILGHT SAGA Rocks!!! ;)

  19. Distant waves fan

    To me like i liked the movies hsm but like the movie that i love is the Twilght sags movies. But one great book is Distant Wavrs so buy the book read it and havr fun PEACE !;)

  20. Cal

    Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo because Charlie Bone is my favorite series. There is a compony that I think is making it.
    Logan Lerman would star as Charlie Bone.
    If you guys have read the series I like to hear who you think should star as Gabriel Silk, Manfred Bloor, Benjamin Brown, Tancred Torsson, Lysander Sage,Dagbert Endless, Emma Tolly, Olivia Vertigo, Uncle Paton, Amy Bone, Grizelda, Venita,
    Lucredia, Estuchia, Masie, Cook, Idith Branko, Zelda Dobinski and all of the other characters (of couse not all in the same movie because different kids come to Bloor’s and different times)I think they should make a movie on all the books! See you guys on The Stacks!

  21. Tomboy980

    Cool but has it passed yet is in 2010 or was it last year. I am confused, How can you do a live chat?

  22. Annie

    I’m SO happy that ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is being made into a movie! But, a book that I’d want to be a movie is ‘Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing.’ It’s a really good book. It’d be an even BETTER movie!

  23. judyblume98

    I like the book inkheart. I am about to go see the dvd right now!! I am so exicted! I hope it is like the book or that that whould stink!!!!

  24. Rachel

    I ‘m making yet another change to my previous post about the Alice books (young adult) being made into a movie.Meaghan Jette Martin (or however you spell her name) from Camp Rock would be perfect for Pamela!Except,she would have to get her hair cut realllly short.P.S:The choices for Alice,Lester,Patrick,and Elizabeth in the Alice Upside Down movie weren’t good at all!Alice and Patrick were supposed to have red hair,Elizabeth is not black,Lester looked too young,and Alice looked too old!The movie was great,though,because they did that famous Alice-meets-Patrick-in-the-dressing-room scene.

  25. ilovepugs17

    Heeeey!!! im new to this and i really want people to check out my page and become my friends! I love Twilight, Harry Potter and Dear Dumb Diary, so if you like any of these and want to talk about them, check me out!!! Thanx

  26. Peesley

    how do you guys get all these friends. i only have 18, and someof you have like 10 or 20 pages. when you click the friend button do you get them atuomaticly?

  27. Caroline

    The Warrior Cats saga Is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I can not stop reading those books!!! The plot, the characters, everything! It’s just an awesome series. I mean how does Erin Hunter come up with this stuff!?!

  28. Rachel

    I’m msking a change to my earlier post.The movie should be based on the books Including Alice and Alice on her Way (young adult series).Also,Danielle Panabaker or Jennifer Stone could be good Alices.

  29. kk

    i’m going to south doakta on july 12 and when icoming home i’m going srat to the baech

  30. Rachel

    I think there should be a movie about the Alice series (young adult) and based on the books Alice on Her Way,Alice in the Know,Dangerously Alice,and Almost Alice.Here’s my cast list:
    Alice:Haley Ramm or Kay Panabaker
    Elizabeth:Miranda Cosgrove ,Demi Lovato,or an unknown brunette teenage actress.
    Pamela:A unknown blond teenage actress with supershort hair.
    Gwen:Monique Coleman
    Miss Summers/Mrs. McKinley:Maria Canals-Barerra or another brunette actress.
    Lester:Lucas Grabeel or Jason Earles
    Patrick:Zac Efron with redder hair or another redhead teen actor.
    Sam:Nick Jonas or Graham Phillips
    Mr. McKinley:Luke Perry

  31. abbysworld

    what do you mean that you don’t like the twilight series!! it is the best book in this world the movie did suck but tthe book 10 times better

  32. sweetpuppie543

    I just love High School Musical 2 movie, but I read the book and it’s horrible!

  33. abbysworld

    twilight is the best book but the movie sucks theres nothing about of the book so emily I 100% agree on you can you chat with me.

  34. sandy l

    ok twighlight was such a good movie.i saw it three times. i really loved it.its one of my favarite movies.

  35. Giselle

    I think Chicken Soup books are great because they teach you lessons,others peoples problems,their lives,and they tell us things that we should never do in our lives.I think those books are awsome!THANKS SCHOLASTIC FOR MAKING THOSE BOOKS FOR ME TO ENJOY!!!!!!

  36. sydney

    High school musical one wouldnt have been a great book because the movie adds so many details and who doesnt like details.High school musical 2 would have been an awesome book because the movie doesnt add so many details… For you guys who have a scholastic profile that is how i found out about the live chat about books vs. movies which is better sometimes they both could be the same so no one
    needs to get into arguments about which is better usally they both are about equal…Well if you keep fighting over which is better everyone will just hate you for what you have started and you never ended it…So just quit fighting over which is better movie or book because no one will like you if dont stop as quick as possible…Please just quit because no one likes when bets friends fight or when brothers and sisters fight it is just no fun to watch people fight over which is better a movie or a book …So dont fight over something stupid like a book and a movie….

  37. sydney

    I thought that Hannah Montana the movie would have been better than a book called Hannah Montana the movie or called Hannah Montana the book just like the movie.That would have been the stupidest title no offence.If anyone has ever heard of a book like that it must have been centries and centries ago because I have never ever heard of a book titled like that it would have been just so stupid to write a book like that…

  38. s


  39. vannalu10

    twilight was awssome but the movie was nothing like the book i mean i almost cried it so horrifying its just madness i tell u madness

  40. edwardluvr17

    omg i love the movie twilight i saw it 14 times!!! i read the whole serenis in less than then a MONTH!!

  41. c17

    i agree wit toni a because i kinda liked HSM3 but at the same time i didnt because the way they act.jk i did like it y because of my man TROY is a hotty.>

  42. Taylor

    I realy loved the story of The Blue Bonnet. It was a kind book. I know the flowers realy do grow Those flowers because my grandpa told me about them after I read it to him. P.S. He’s a mexacan



  44. smiles_20

    i hasve not read any of the twilight books but i luv the movie but the book will probably have more detail in it witch will probably be awsome to

  45. smiles_20

    they should really put sellena gomez in a horror movie. to see how she’ll reacte. that would be so cool.

  46. morgan g

    OMG !!!!! i love twighlight the movie im about to read the books i bet theremore detail in books.

  47. Addie

    I loved Twilight but, I disliked the movie because, It didn’t have many scenes from the book. Very disappointed

  48. Blake

    I think that they should make a movie for the Meraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and they should make Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows

  49. summer

    dear, everyone i just want to say my favorite book of all time is twilight!. some of these comments say that they don’t like twilight or they think it is ”DUMB”well i don’t think it is dumb i think it is great.

  50. Aimee

    ya i’m with you girl twilight is the bomb!!!! and i do think Edward is cute. i have a c.d of twilight.and i allso have the book and guess what he is on every picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. bekahz

    twilight is a awsome book. I love the movie to. I give the book two thumbs up and two feet! haha. nice book choice emily!

  52. gerardo

    hello i am gerardo and my favrite author is andrew clements and his book that i like is things not seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Spottedleaf

    I LOVE WARRIORS!I read all the books and i think everyone should at least read one. (the first book is “Into the Forest”)

  54. Emma

    I think they should make the Candy Apple books movies. That would be AWESOME!!! Candy Apple books ROCK!!

  55. 54happydays

    After I read Because of Winn-Dixie, I watched the movie. The movie was so BORING!! But I loved the book

  56. Syd

    I think the Charlie Bone series would make great movies. I would choose Josh Hutcherson as Charlie.

  57. Landreya and Em

    we think a child called it (it’s not a children’s book) should be made into a movie

  58. Jasper

    A book I think should be a movie would have to be Lightning Thief. That was an excellent novel. I read it 5 times. The first time I read it I kept thinking the main character, Percy Jackson, was going to die. But in the end, he didn’t. Absolutely stunning!

  59. cami

    they need to make Maximum Ride or The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (both books are young adult) into a movie! LOVE THOSE BOOKS! But, I am worried that the movies may ruin the book. Making movies out of books strip away the entire visual that you gain from reading a descriptive novel. Oh well, there are some good ones…. some.

  60. Karen

    I believe the best book/movie would come from the book Al Capone Does My Shirts. It’s got everything from friendships, criminals, siblings, and kids with disabilities in it. It would make for one interesting film!

  61. termitron

    At school all the kids are reading twilight??? This is just my opinion but the only reason they are really reading it is because the new movie”Twilight”. By the way…HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!

  62. Brittany

    I think that the series the Ashley’s (young adult) should be turned into a movie. I am reading my first one right now, and i’m about half way into the book. It’s really interesting to read.

  63. Brittany

    Well the movie sleepover has been turned into a book a very long time ago. I’ve had the book for about 2years.

  64. puckgirl


  65. mdidi

    OMG!i totally think that allie finkles books’s sould be a movie.
    p.s.mikayla,i totally LOVE camp rock just like you!

  66. kaitlyn

    i love twilight to.i never read it or saw the movie but my sis tells me all about it.

  67. Annomgdhn

    I think that Evernight and Stargazer By Claudia Grey should be a movie because her imagery is so amazing it would be an outrageous film!!!!!!!!

  68. Adelle

    I just read Life As We Knew It. And it was great it should be a movie for Tim Burton to make.

  69. pencil 22

    i love goosebumps beacuase i realy like suspensful books but the movies ar always different i dom’t know why

  70. Demi23145698

    I think race to witch mountain was awesome i hope to see you soon by anna-sophia roberts

  71. Stefanie

    i looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee the movie twilight. i watch it at least 2 times a day. i think i have had the movie for about 2 monthes and i have watched it about 92 times. it is awesome. super fantabulus.the best movie/book eva

  72. DYL


  73. laura

    harry potter 5 was a good movie but the book was way better. they took out too much stuff. i mean like whole chapters. my advice is to read the book.

  74. lon

    i think the book is always better than the movie.there is alot more details.but the movie is okay because it has all the action and you get more of an watch the critics beat that!

  75. Madison

    I’m mad. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series but they cut out ALL of the good parts! It’s sooooooo annoying!! The Haunting of Derek Stone should be a movie!

  76. flippytchick26


  77. Cloe/cutie

    This is the best website I’ve ever found out about.My friend was on this website one day so I asked her if she could make me one and ever since I’ve been on this website.I love this site so much everyday I go on this site.

  78. Hottie426

    i watched HSM3 yesterday, and it was totally chessy if u now wat i meen. i totally luv this site!:) dont u think girls or guys?

  79. Devil10

    Twilight book is awsome but im still waiting to see the movie…..What do u think of Adam Lambert off of American Idol

  80. aubry

    I love the book twilight, but it was a little boring for two reasons, one is because they only showed the two hot characters, and two, because it was NOTHING lke the book!

  81. kid6

    i think books by margaret peyerson haddix are the best ever.u people out there should try reading them . look up her name.

  82. BETFan13

    My favorite books are in the Twilight Series. They are movies too. I love the books and the movies. Same with the Harry Potter books and movies. Harry Potter is my second favorite!

  83. stargirl

    i like to read but one i super like to read t-witch because is very funny and twilight is very excited and i love read

  84. leopardgurz

    U know what,i love the Da Vincci Code’s book (not a kid’s book).The movie looks more interesting than the book.

  85. John

    Personaly, I like The 39 Clues. I didn’t witness the LIVE chat, but still, 39 Clues is very cool. If any “Cahill” reads this, The Ekats willwin! HAH!

  86. baconate

    I think the movie Sleepover should be made into a book too! Have you seen the movie holes? I fell asleep on the third chapter.

  87. johnc234

    have u ever read is greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  88. Kookie (nickname and panda10145 is my stacks)

    hey i just wanted to say OMG i read all the Allie Finkle books expect the sleepover book and OMG i saw miranda cosgrove reading the first book and she just anounced that she will be in in her new movie iCarly iGo to Japan its sooo cool

  89. dewpoint

    it’s 3/18, now i read the announcement! :( well, what can i do, it’s exams! on saturday 3/14 term tests started, so anyways i wouldn’t have been able to join! well i hope you had fun!! :) may be next time (i had a feeling that i was going to miss something big!)

  90. Adelle

    I that Star Girl should be a movie and ALL OF THE TWILIGHT SERIES. Also Wicked Lovely and The Tail Of Emily Windsnap.

  91. Finkle101/Kayla

    I love all the Allie Finkle books!!! They were all awesome!And Meg Cabot is an awesome One of my fav.s.

  92. Ashley AKA 99cutiehappygirl

    I love TWILIGHT, but at the moment I’m reading THE CITY OF BONES which happens to be an extremely awesome book. I also enjoy Harry Potter but the movies are a little vague. My favorite movie that I want to see again is actually THUNDERBIRDS. Which is awsome and features Vanessa Hudgens from a long time ago.

  93. autumn leaves

    I think that “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” should be a movie!!!! I would soooo watch it!

  94. SeventhHorcrux

    Myself, I think that the seventh Harry Potter movie will be the absolute best(of HP movies). Most of the Harry Potter movies already made are terrible! Not like the books at all.

  95. nizha

    i like da book trust in matter it is really good but they messed up on da word “stop in the name of love”and is is supposed to be written “step in the name of love”

  96. spagirls

    i LOVE the book twilight but i seen the commercials to it and its
    very different because in the the book she tells him she knows he a vampire in the car but in the movie she tells him in the forest.

  97. girly11

    I think the movie “RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN” should be in a book and it should also have a sequal!That movie ROCKS:)

  98. Amethyst R

    I’ve read all the books for these sagas that have came out!
    Twilight the book was better than the movie, what a let done!
    They should make Warriors into a movie I don’t care if it’s not a HAPPY FAMILY movie!

  99. Jennifer

    Yea mabye they should add diary of the wimpy kid as a movie like a cartoon. it would be funny

  100. Jennifer

    I think they should finish the twilight series but yea the movies weren’t the best cuz they cut out some good parts :(

  101. Naomi

    I loved the movie Twilight though I didn’t see it yet. I mean, I loved the book and everyone said that the movie was great!

  102. Gemly

    Hey,Whats up???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  103. Emmafan911

    Wow…there’s been alot of live chats lately…ill probably miss this one though cuz I gave netball…:(

  104. Songheart

    The Subtle Knife!!!!!
    I wonder why they didn’t make the continuation of the golden Compass movie!

  105. Thestral96

    I love the Inkheart series, I’m reading Inkdeath I heard the movie wasn’t good I’m so mad! They should also make Dragon Rider a movie. They did a horocious (atrocious and horrible, get it?) job on the Harry Potter movies they’re aweful! Blech!

  106. BlueSummer1013

    I love Twilight even the teachers at my school even read them.One of my teachers read all of them in one week then she read them again

  107. kayla

    i love wathing the movie lizzie mcgruie movie its good but i think they could have added some more infor mation

  108. wanta pet got to have it

    my favorite movie was hgh school musical 3 it was better than all the other high schhol muscail movies went by step by step

  109. harryisthebest

    I think Princess From Another Planet should be made into a movie! The book was short enough so they wouldn’t leave anything out!

  110. DION55


  111. Lauren

    I think Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the best book and movie ever. I think the book is better because it has more details and more charecters.

  112. Aliyah

    The Harry Potter book series are the best! The movies aren’t as good. The first two stuck pretty close to canon and the third rocked! But the rest…bleh!

  113. gryffindor_slitherin_girl98

    Harry Potter is off the CHAIN! The movies stick so well to the books. I know Nancy Drew isn’t a Scholastic book, but since they made computer and a DS game(s), they should make movies for ALL 56 books.

  114. Faridlover

    my fave book and movie is inkheart. i really missed alot because so much was changed. the whole ending was off

  115. magic*esi

    Well, you know I can say a ton about that. Harry Potter was totally better as a book, no questions asked, but the first couple movies were okay. Then the quality dropped, I think, when the directors started changing.
    Some awesome books whose movies stank were The Devil’s Arithmetic and The Princess Diaries. I guess I’m in no place to insult The Princess Diaries movie because I never watched it, but one of my friends tried to do a book report on it and just watch the movie, and I’m not saying that was right or anything but it REALLY didn’t work out.
    The movie is TOTALLY different and kind of ridiculous if you ask me.
    The Devil’s Arithmetic is another story. If it hadn’t been titled ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’ I might think, “Hmm, plot is kinda similar to that book I read. Going back in time to the Holocaust.” That’s about all that’s the same between the book and movie- the going back in time to the Holocaust factor. Even without the differences from the book, The Devil’s Arithmetic is just a plain old bad movie. It’s missing details, is hard to understand, and has bad acting.
    What books should be made into movies? Definitely Eva Ibbotson’s Secret of Platform 13, Island of the Aunts, Dial- a- Ghost, and Which Witch?. The Sisters Grimm series should also be made into a movie, and several of Meg Cabot’s and Gail Carson Levine’s books. (The Princess Diaries should definitely be given another chance to be a movie! And I would love to see Fairest.)
    Anyway, that’s my opinion.

  116. disneyland lover

    i think that the book eleven and the other books like twelve and the other books should be a movie if they are not a movie yet. it would be cool to see what they would do if it was a movie. it did not have pictures in it but u could picture what is going on.

  117. Madison

    I think Twilight should be one of the hit books which I think already is but they are AWESOME! I have read all of them!

  118. nickzgrl

    omg!i love twilight it sooo great!!!

  119. Nancy, STACKS Staffer

    @Natalie (hp_twilight_catz)
    That’ll be 1PM Pacific time — see ya there! :)

  120. Natalie (hp_twilight_catz)

    What time would that be in Pacific Time?
    But, I WILL BE THERE!!!! *evil laugh*

  121. tia

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I ABSOLUTLY LOVE…….. TWIGLIGHT!EDWARD IS HOT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Lindsey

    Harry Potter is the best series of books on the face of this Earth! I don’t care what other people say about it. That’s their opinion. But one thing I know is: Harry Potter will always have a place in my heart.
    <3 Harry Potter

  123. bluecrystal

    My favorite movie is twilight. I watched the movie but never read the book. My mom said i can read it, in about 2 years. lol. My mom said the book is totally better than the movie. I kept on asking my mom questions about the movie like about every 5 minutes. LOL

  124. Emily

    They should make Evernight (young adult) by Claudia Grey into a movie! I love that book!

  125. Emily

    I think that Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith should be made into a movie because it is so amazing and I loved it. All Twilight fans should read this.

  126. E.C

    i love harry potter series i’ve read them all i also like diary of a wimpy kid there funny i have the collection

  127. Rhod

    i think Skulduggery Pleasant should be made into a movie because
    1.It is a thrill a minute story.
    2.It has won best book of year 2008
    3.They made ghost rider, why not this!?

  128. kara

    harry potter is kewl
    but i would like to see the candy apple books and i survived middle school books to be made into movies :)

  129. pebbles


  130. puppyluv1113

    I read Coraline and thought it was absolutely wonderful, and the movie, I’m sorry, but it was not what I expected. Very Different!

  131. whitelily

    Have you ever read the Charlie Bone Series.
    They Rock. I Think those books should be turned into a movie.

  132. puckgirl

    Of coarse I LOVE Twilight but since they already made a movie I want to see the “Chasing Vermeer” books made into a movie. It maybe too short but… WHO CARES!!!! (LOL!!)

  133. aznsmarties1997

    i think that the books Into the Mist and the,The Warrior series of books…mmmmi love me some fantasy books….I LOVE the character SEPH MCAULEY!!!!

  134. Alexandra

    OMG I love love love both twilight the ovie and the entire saga!They are the best books I have ever read!I live laugh love and BREATH Twilight! My fav. Character is Edward! AKA Robert. He is my life!OOOOOOECD!

  135. twinkie

    twilight totally rocked. it has was better series than harry potter. also, all the movies of the twilight series are so gonna be better than harry potter ever was

  136. LIZZY

    I luvvvv Twilight,New moon,Eclipse, AND bREAKING dAWN. im looking forward for the books in edwards view and i really want to read the book the Host by stephenie meyer. The movie for twilight was okay but it wasnt as great as The book twilight.

  137. sonic4244

    I think the On the Run + Kidnapped books by Gordon Korman should become a movie. I loved the books + I’ve read them about 10 times each, and I think they would make a GREAT MOVIE

  138. Eddy

    The 39 Clues is the best book series ever! It is only right that it be made into a movie.

  139. Lola

    WARRIOR CATS!!!!!By erin hunter.It should be a movie,and her books are GREAT,even though it isn’t a movie……WARRIORS AARE COOL!

  140. MAGGIE


  141. tess

    inkheart is my all time favorite book and movie. the book was alot better theough. i’d give the book 10 out of ten and the movie 9 out of ten. it was great but, too many changes were made

  142. yvette1389

    My favorite book is the Bfg and Inkheart. They are so great I cant choose which one I like best. Please read them both I know you will love them

  143. fianna980

    i love the Twilight saga it ROCKS! i have read the first 3 books and they are awsome! They are by far my favorite books :)

  144. jessica

    i lov the book breaking dawn. it is so romantic. i love reading it.i’ve read it 30 times.literally

  145. Tiah

    Warriors! Definatly! And… red rock mysteries, don’t tell anyone, Airborn, Skybreaker, and… a movie I could star in.

  146. Caitlin

    The Clique books are great but they didn’t stay true to the books! The movie was great but they left out tons of parts. If I were the drectior I would stay true to the books and It would star Me and Ashely Tisdale!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Basia303

    i love all the twilight books their great.but the movie was not that good,it wasn’t really the same as the book.

  148. Lupin2000

    I think that the Sisters Grimm series should be made into a movie and have a spot on the Stacks site.

  149. sam

    i love diary of a wimpy kid it is so cool and fun
    but i hate the twilight series it it so dume

  150. Breana

    I think a movie caled “SLEEPOVER” should be made into a book because I love that movie
    Features)Alexa Vega (Spykids)

  151. loren

    i loved the book twilight!!! but the movie was kind of a letdown because it was almost nothing like the book. i also read the whole series so i know whats going to happen anywhey

  152. Caitlyn

    Harry Potter and Twilight rock, but I would like to see the book Maximum Ride become a movie. Whether it’s Scholastic or not, it still rocks!!!!!

  153. Rita

    Awesome!I can’t wait to see what others think! So many books are being badly portrayed by Hollywood, either being way too sickeningly glamorized or just plain boring. The best book portrayl I think is of the Harry Potter series, considerng the movies stay closest to the books than others.

  154. stargirl92

    what you guys fav book well mines is all the twlight because she put alot of depth in the book and it be so writenly good and intersting those books r the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. stargirl92

    my fav book is all of stephine myer books including the book twilight and don’t you think edward cute alot of my friends at school thinks he is what about you . well back on the topic alot of people don’t like twlight but i’m not one of them tose book is the bomb!!!!!!!!

  156. Kailey

    I read Coraline then I went to see the movie. It was phenomonal! The screenplay was absolutely beautiful. Why aren’t all movies like this?

  157. skullcandy

    harry potter by far is the best and already own the first four movies and up to the last book

  158. annie

    i can’t decide what movie i like best that was once a book i will have to think about it

  159. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    @emily: Your rating system literally made me LOL! I’m going to start using that when I review books and movies too. :-)
    Can’t wait to see all you guys at the chat!

  160. Jasna

    My fav book of all time is harry potter, it is such a gr8 book, the movies are good too, but not as good as the books!!!..the books ROCK!!!

  161. Prashansa

    i was not aware of this site but our school distributed awesome scohlastic and i got to know it. ur site is awesome and encourages young writers to show their talent.thank u for launching this awesome site .i will suely be online on the 14th and watch.
    ur biggest fan,

  162. monkeygirl142

    i think that the harry potter movies aren’t as vidid as the books but are a lot more practical.

  163. Meg

    I liked the book Ashes of Roses. I’m not sure if it is a scholastic book or not. I read it at my school’s library.

  164. Aubrey

    The book I REALLY want to see hit the big screen is Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. But it would be really hard for them to make the part where Tiamat gets stuck in the portal between the Human World and the Dragon World. Sorry if that spoiled something if you’re reading it.

  165. emily

    twilight was a great book -more like awesome-but the movie had 7 mistakes in the first 10 minutes!!! It didn’t show a lot of slimilarities other than the plot, and the detial was lacking a bit. I give the movie half a thumb and the book three thumbs and a foot (jk)

  166. Toni A

    `my favorite movie is HSM3. It’s a awesome film and book. I think the film is better cause it gives more information than the book does. If I was directer i would have a show called The Toni Show. My mom, dad, sisters, and brother would be in it. if i chose a popstar it would be Sharpay Evans. A.K.A. Ashley tisdale

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