May 31, 2010

Lisa Yee’s Peep

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Create a Caption on Ink Splot 26 A few weeks ago, Lisa Yee was here to tell us about her favorite food to snack on while writing. She also mentioned her muse, Peep, who goes with Lisa everywhere. Today we get a better look at Peep in this photo, but what could he possibly be doing in that big pile of apples? If Peeps could talk, I bet he would have some wild stories to tell! What do you think he is saying?


Write your caption in the Comments.

And PS, if you want to know more about Lisa Yee and her books, check out this video where she describes the "Milly Trilly" and reads the hilarious fart scene from Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photo courtesy of Lisa Yee

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  1. werewolfcat5

    My caption: “Cool! I’ve always wanted to be in a place full of apples! This is apple heaven!”

  2. D|N

    Peep: LISA! The paparazzis are here and they’re taking pictures of me!
    Lisa: Relax, Peep. They’re just sparkles from the apples. No paparazzis.
    Peep: Then exactly, tell me why I’m getting captions by these people?! BECAUSE THEY GOT A PICTURE OF ME!!! LLLIIISSSAAA!!!

  3. seasparkle

    wow thats a lot of apples oh no a person they picked from the bottom ahh falling into a bottomless pit of apples

  4. AlanRickmanfan

    “All right, listen up you apples!It has come to my attention that you are too HEALTHY!!!! This is deeply disturbing to me, so I am here to say knock it off!!!
    You need to be more unhealthy like PEEPS!!! Roll around in sugar! drink caramel for breakfast!!Sleep in a bed of chocolate!Just become sugary!!!That is all.”
    _I love apples!!TEETEE

  5. prettypink5462

    “I have enough apples to last me a year! Wait, I eat carrots. WHAT A RIPOFF!”
    (I thought he was gonna whine about color :-D )

  6. tozzy123

    “I guess i am the only one who is delicious but not good for you….. i’m not one of THEM!!!”

  7. Mini Mickey

    “These apples aren’t better than me…they are healthier, but who cares. I am delicious and I am here to tell people not to buy them, they already are on the food pyramid. They don’t need any more publicity!

  8. s

    i finnaly dug my way out of the apples ican BREATHE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. windgust

    Did I die? Am I in Heaven? Wait a second..these are NOT CARROTS!!! Who did this? Wait… there’s nobody here.HMMM. WHERE AM I!!!!

  10. littlepeguin2882

    FOOD! wait, food? DON’T GET US MIXED UP! my stories about taking the apple trail must make me the coolest peep in peepkind before anyone starts the process of eating me!

  11. chocolate love123

    “whoa whoa whoa! This isn’t the Marshmallow section. This isn’t even close. Im soo lost. help!!” Woman grabs yellow peep. ” WOMAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I COMMAND YOU TO PUT THE MARSHMALLOW DOWN!!” Woman grabs peep and eats it. yummy!

  12. SorcerersStone

    “Why did you leave me in a pile of apples, take a picture of it, and then post it on the Internet?

  13. lilly1324

    “hey, have you seen my friend he looks… oh there he is! wait… thats him o ver there! wait… he has a dent at the bottom…
    i will never find him at this rate!” (-_-)

  14. Laughing...

    “…are you staring at ME!!!; Aw come on, you’ve got to be kidding, life is so UNFAIR because you have been giving me stupid nightmares about being eaten. The very least I can do is learn how to camouflage myself and…”
    (this is the end of the poor Peep’s life.)

  15. jumpykitten

    uh oh ummm what should i do oh yeah HEE HOO I FORGOT HOW TO BREATH HEE HOO oh yeah thanks! I kind of DO need a brain
    if you don’t get this thats o.k.

  16. Rachael♥

    Ms. Lisa wouldn’t let me eat an apple this morning, now I get all the apples I want -laughs evilly while chomping down on some apples-

  17. 73bubblegum

    I love apples! They taste so great!They are also a great snack!The reason I like apples is because I used to love junk food. One i ran out of junk food and I was so hungry I decided to eat a apple! I love them now!

  18. boxer4356

    “‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’… Hph, That’not a very good saying at all… I got it! ‘A peep a day keeps the dentist sad and bewildered’. Oh, YOU try coming up with one that rhymes.”

  19. gogirl8797

    hi my name is bunny….this are my siblings…im sorry they are all twins and triplets…even i cant tell them apart

  20. Madison

    I… must… destroy… these… apples… they…my…ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    I can’t believe it, Michael Jackson would be proud that I discovered the Apple-ation Mountains…ha Columbus!

  22. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    I have to eat wheat, veggies, meat, dairy, AND FRUIT!! Seriously, who invented the food pyramid? I lost a tooth in my last cheese! No apples for me!

  23. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    I am apple-enjoying this delicious time…even though i know there must be a cheese aisle somewhere…

  24. summerninja2010

    Reporting live from ……….. I don’t know where I am someone help me I’m stranded HELP!

  25. mars1234

    “Why am I surrounded by apples?! They smell good! I want to eat some to see if there is a secret tunnel underneath here that will take me home!”

  26. love-speech

    OH NO!!!!!!!! I said I wish my peeps were a little healthier, but i didn’t expect this to happen!!!!

  27. rosepink99

    Uhhh….. Have you heard the new joke about the apple. Oh, it insulted you, well…uhhh…. could someone get me out of here!!!

  28. nicole008

    this a aminah and lauren show that right. hey people today we are going to do a dance how ilke this song is by beyonce if i was a boy

  29. nicole008

    ivy and bean and the ghost that had to go. the gymnastics club one, two, three, four, five, six, seveen, eight,nine, ten-wham bean crased into the grass.ouch said ivy peeking through a hole in her sand wich doesn’t that hurt? no i’m just dizzy said bean.

  30. Smart Chick

    “Finally!My idea to destroy all the apples in the world will finally work! Now where did I put the destroy apple-inator?

  31. Bailey


  32. giarox

    noooooooooo………..when u asked of i wanted apple or cherry i ment apple PIE……R U GONNA MAKE ME EAT ALL OF THESE…… IM JUNK FOOD, IM SUPOSED TO B SWEET AND SOFT, NOT HARD AND HEALTHY!!!!!

  33. pinkpirategurl1

    “Mmm, Apples! What do you think I should make? Apple Pie or Apple Butter?” Very Cute Picture!

  34. t113

    “Have I died and gone to heaven? Food… food… endless… heaven… HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! THANK YOU, WHOEVER DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  35. Kiki-c

    That Peep is SO CUTE! Anyway hows this?
    ” I didn’t know I was related to apples?! ”
    ” I know I’m yellow but this is ridiculos. ”
    or maybe
    ” I’m on top of the world! ”

  36. Fire Touch

    1.I’m an apple in a Peep’s body.
    2.La-li-la-li-la…wait, how’d I end up here?
    3.I’m on a diet.
    4.Why am I here? I don’t even like apples!

  37. andrea13579

    “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh i’m drowning lifeguards help me this is why i love marsh mellows you can’t drown!!”

  38. Madrigalmagic

    *starts humming* “One of these things is not like the other one, not like the other one, not like…”

  39. alvinandbrit


  40. Jenny S

    I like it to eat apple because it it good to eat and I also eat apple at school when miss e and mr t told me to eat it before i eat any thing from my lunch box.

  41. puppies125

    He is thinking:
    “This would be very comfy, if only it were PILLOWS instead of apples…but oh well, too bad. Wait a second…how do I get down?”

  42. Maria

    How about getting some of my chocolate out to make a candy apple?! That would be SOOOOO
    sweet and scrumptious!!!

  43. icebreaker28

    1.”An apple a day will keep the monsters in my closet away”
    2.”Peace out”
    3.”I’ve made it to planet apple!”
    4.”Where’s the exit?”
    5.”I’m sweet, just like an apple…so pick me!”

  44. Alysia

    “yummy, these apples look so good! What?! oh, uh hi person I didn’t see you there, uh no I wasn’t talking to these apples, i don’t like them.”(person walks away) “oh, apples I love you.”

  45. amby9

    my favorite food to eat while writing is junk food. it gives me something to do while i’m thinking

  46. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    ‘Lessee… Apples? Check. Pastry strips? Check. Tin? Check. Hey, you! Yeah, you in the green apron! No, not you! You! Yeah! Could you help me get the apples into this pie? They won’t fit! … What? Well, of course I’m making apple pie. What, did you think I was making GRAPE pie?’
    Do you think there could be a writing prompt on weird sayings? Like, instead of making lemonade, you could say, ‘When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and wonder how you did it.’ I guess not…

  47. starr

    i luv APPLES i eat them all the time they are the most delicious and healthy friut in the world. i just luv APPLES like i said u can never get enought of the APPLES

  48. mintchocolatechip100

    Why is all that healthy stuff staring at me…? They’re getting closer… and closer.. HELP! HELTHY FOOD ATTACK!

  49. Natalie H

    Hwi! Me is the baybee peep.
    Me lost me fam fam so I think me going to live here now..
    Uhh oh here comes Lisa!
    I will just act Natural!
    Lisa: Oh there you are Baybee Peep.
    Lisa: Time to take you back to the Lab and TO BE A LAB RAT!!!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHA
    Baybee Peep: NO!!!!!!
    *The End*
    I am not going to tell the rest of the story because it is an Epic Fail for the Baybee Peep. But I will say this “GoodBye Baybee Peep Forever”
    What do you think happened to the Baybee Peep?????

  50. 51dotfeg

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Watch out for the apple it has a HUGE sword!!!
    Apples I think are taking ova the world!!!!
    I wonder what they will dress up for Halloween?

  51. Anonymous Hippopotamus

    “Ummm, you did not just see me here… if anyone asks,(especailly my friends) than tell them I was not just eating fruit. OKAY!? Because it is not the cool thing to do. Watch how cool I am! Hiya! OUCH!!! Nevermind…”

  52. whatmickey12

    I know what the caption is!The caption is the peep saying Want an apple?Came up with it all in one tought.

  53. theunknown

    You guys think you’re so great because you’re healthy, but I’M Lisa Yee’s muse! Beat that, apples!

  54. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    “MM! Apples!!!” Oh, wait sorry… that’s just me :) lol.
    (On the Allie Finkle Boards and the Harry Potter Boards)

  55. GNOletsgo1

    “Hello peeples. I’m here to educate you on common sense. First, always remember, do not pick an apple from the bottom, or all the apples will fall. Second, don’t buy apples, buy chocolate, or PEEPS! Thank you for listening, now get me out of these apples!”

  56. Hollystar_of_Thunderclan

    “I’ve found it! I’ve finally found it! The great Apple-ation Mountain! All to myself!”