November 29, 2010

Life on Other Planets?

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Solarsystem_130x130I watched the amazing new DVD called Wonders of the Solar System. It was this cool program on the Science Channel about the stars and planets and moons in our solar system, and now it’s available on DVD.

It made me wish I were a physicist so I could do all the cool things that scientist guy did in the show – like going to India to see a solar eclipse, going up in a rocket plane to see the earth from space,  going inside an active volcano. He does all kinds of crazy things all over the earth. But the coolest thing about the show is that the scientist guy is totally positive that there is life on other planets and we just haven’t found it yet. Think about that for a second. Life. On. Other. Planets. And we may find out who or what they are in our lifetime. It might just be an amoeba in some underground slime on Jupiter, or it could be a super advanced life form with incredible intelligence and super powers. . .

So today’s Writing Prompt: Do YOU think there is life on other planets? What do you think is out there? Describe what kind of life forms you think exist on other planets, and what you would want to say to them if you could meet them. Let us know in the Comments.

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  1. werewolfcat5

    I do think there is life on another planet.Aliens must be out there somewhere,or else why are we talking about them? How do we know they exist? If I could meet a creature from another planet,I would use my hands to create a sign that says “I come in peace”.

  2. we are the champions

    it would be awsome if we lived on different plants then we can make friends with aliens wont that be cool hhiii

  3. perfectblue-surfer

    If there was, they would find it by now. Also if they did, they could be making homes and stuff like that. And the planet must be air we can breathe unless, if us wear the breathing mask. But the universe is so big it would take a long time to see if there IS any life. But as technology is made and improved, we may find life somewhere in the cosmos…

  4. coolgal29

    mostly i just wonder what life would be you know 2012 is coming so we hav a chance theirs a planet thats like ours but really 2012 is coming and we might deal with the impact of global warming in antartica or a very very hot heat wave(at least 200 degrease farinhight.)

  5. Dorian

    It would be nice to be in the solar systems so we could understand and go pass science an meterolgist

  6. bryan l

    no i do not think there is life on other planets because if there were they would have most likely found earth or we would have found them because we have alot of satellites out there that we would have seen them

  7. taykel

    i think there is life on other planets but scientists don’t have the tech to do it. also people make movies that are sometimes based on real aliens. so that is why there is life on other planets

  8. Michael

    I don’t think there is, but if there was life on other planets i would spend every one of my summers exploring other planets,which means one summer i would explore one planet after another, which would be to me the greatest, coolest, most exciting experience ever!!!

  9. Br

    I think that there is no life on other planets. i don’t think that there are no such thing as aliens but i think its the government.

  10. justin

    yes because the crazy aircraft that look like flying disk fly over every now and then i don’t think they are our aircraft it is not from this planet thats it

  11. alywrites

    I believe there is life on other planets. The universe is VAST, very huge. Actually, science had confirmed that there’s a planet that’s similar to Earth with a similar solar system. Also, not all creatures are the same. Not all creatures need air or water or things like that. For it to be living it needs to be able to:
    1. reproduce
    2. obtain and use energy
    3. grow and develop
    4. respond to environment
    5. adapt to environment
    6. made of cells
    Not all cells are alike, just like not one human is the same. We don’t all need the same things others do.
    Why would there be such a vast universe but there only be one planet with living things? The idea seems a little ridiculous to me, that only one planet would be the same. We haven’t traveled far enough into space to confirm it or done enough experiments to prove one thing isn’t living or nonliving.
    While I don’t think that aliens are green with huge heads and little bodies, I do believe in the possibility of them.
    Anything is possible, or so we’ve been learning since the beginning of human existence and we’ve seen before it too. They said humans could never fly (planes), that we would never reach the moon (we did), that earth was the center of the universe (it’s not), that the earth was flat (it’s round)…ETC. We can’t dismiss the possibility of other life forms just because we have no proof yet.

  12. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    I have thought about that for quite a long time and I am glad to hear that many other people have the same opinion. This is kinda taken from my book that I’m writing (it may be a movie too but it mightn’t come out for quite a while) and I also took it from my mind:
    I believe that the life forms on Jupiter that are lower down on the food chain are orange-red (camouflage) and are apelike. They have red eyes, a long piglike snout, and claws. They are very hairy because of the cold because, of course, Jupiter is very far away from the Sun. And high on the Venusian food chain are beautiful people. They are all different, but here are their likenesses: All are tall and lean, with pale skin and long fingers. Some of them are bad and only care for themselves, but some are good and curious, like us, about life on other planets. Some of them, like some of us, don’t believe in humans, which they call “Humans of Earth” and sometimes, like people in Narnia, “Sons of Adam” and “Daughters of Eve”. Okay, I think this is long enough.

  13. tavia

    Life does exist on other planets, just not in our star system, and it probly does not look like life on earth, and if it is integent it wants nothing to do with us

  14. fantasyreader123

    @payal: Well, actually, there CAN be life on other planets. Who says they need the same requirements for life as we do? For all we know, they could breathe mercury!

  15. ThePhantomAuthor

    Yes, I think there is life on other planets, but I don’t think they are what we think of as “Aliens”. I think they are exactly like we are, maybe a little technilogicaly advanced or behind than us. Don’t forget, they most likely think we’re green with eight arms, too.

  16. Mz.Stina

    I do not think that there is live on other plantes. If there is then there would probably be a bunch of funny looking people.

  17. Mr.M

    I think life on another planet would be could be cool but weird at the same time. The reason why is because you dont know whats going to happen on that planet.

  18. KR: Miranda

    Actually, I think it has been predicted that on one of the planets in our solar system’s moons, there is microscopic life underground towards the heated center of the moon. It has not been confirmed, but I don’t doubt that it will turn out to be true. As for intelligent life, which is usually what we think of as aliens from outer space and such, I do believe it is possible. Perhaps not in this galaxy or the next, but somewhere on the other end of the universe. You see, though Earth is a small world, the universe is a a humungous place. It would just be odd and improbable, in my mind, if we were one in more than an octillion squared.

  19. i love jesus

    this book is todal awsomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i also think is is verry intersting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Payal

    A lot of people-even scientists and astronauts- believe that there is life on other planets, but if that was true, somebody would have discovered it by now. Also, there can’t be life anywhere other than Earth. because Earth is the only planet that meets the requirements to sustain life (air, water, food). I think that if there is life out there, the only things it could be is aliens or bacteria and single-celled organisms. But, if there was life somewhere else, I would looove to meet it. I would ask it if it can come to planet Earth and co-exist with humans and if it can live on other planets. That would be too cool!!!
    P.S. Many people including scientist believe there are life forms in the Bermuda Triangle because nothing else can explain why so many boats, planes, and people have disappeared when they get close to the Triangle.

  21. LeeAnn

    YES I DO THINK THERE ARE life on other plants.I think they could be a blue and green and had 8 arm and 17 eyes 3 noses and 2 mouths and have 3antanas and spikes hair and srate hair and they could sing and they had a band and they have FUN!!!!!!Here’s what I would say to life on other planets: Hey my name is Leeann; what is your name? How old are you? Can I see your family? Do you like to play games? Where do you sleep? Do you have powers?

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