November 19, 2009

STACKS Kids Chat: Nancy Krulik, Author of How I Survived Middle School


_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, everyone! Welcome to today’s chat! We’ll get started in about 10 minutes.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi! Welcome everybody. I changed my avatar’s hair for the chat!
_bluecookiedough_: hihi
_Tonks Lupin_: Im rlly exicted!!
_Tonks Lupin_: its nice hair though!
_Bluetwig101_: hi
_Tonks Lupin_: Ello
_bluecookiedough_: cool hair/face colors
_Tonks Lupin_: i know it is awesome sonja
_Bluetwig101_: i’m so excited
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Aww. Thanks guys!
_Tonks Lupin_: no problem!
_Bluetwig101_: u are welcome
_bluecookiedough_: @Tonks Lupin: I love teddy but i was so sad when tonks and lupin died in the 7th book nice username by the way
_bluecookiedough_: welcome @sonja
_Tonks Lupin_: i canr wait till we get started!!
_Tonks Lupin_: i know
_bluecookiedough_: yeah
_Bluetwig101_: i know
_Tonks Lupin_: it was sad
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: This chat is going to be really cool because we have Nancy Krulik here to chat with us!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yay Nancy Krulik!
_Bluetwig101_: yeah it was
_bluecookiedough_: =( yep and Fred too
_Tonks Lupin_: whats your favorite middle school book?
_bluecookiedough_: aweosme @sonja
_Bluetwig101_: # 3
_Tonks Lupin_: I love The New girl one!! LONG LIVE SAM!!!
_bluecookiedough_: #1 and #9
_Bluetwig101_: we have 4 more minutes
_Tonks Lupin_: cool!
_bluecookiedough_: cool can’t wait
_Tonks Lupin_: i almost jumping up and down!!
_purefun21_: YAY!!
_Bluetwig101_: what are u gona ask her
_98gabs98_: i cant wait!!!!
_ugagirl726_: i live this character
_Tonks Lupin_: have you guys went to one before this is my first?
_ugagirl726_: love
_purefun21_: I cannot wait
_98gabs98_: omj i have 2 eat dinner!
_Tonks Lupin_: at four!?!
_purefun21_: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
_Bluetwig101_: me too @TonkLupin
_98gabs98_: i have 2 talk to nacy krulik lol
_98gabs98_: its almost 6
_Tonks Lupin_: true dat
_98gabs98_: lol
_purefun21_: yay
_Bluetwig101_: awesome
_bluecookiedough_: @TL: yeah this is my 2nd
_98gabs98_: 1 MINTURE
_98gabs98_: *MINUTE
_Bluetwig101_: 1 more minute
_Tonks Lupin_: IM SO HAPPY!!
_purefun21_: i did my nails
_98gabs98_: ME TOOO!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: what color?
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_purefun21_: red
_98gabs98_: YAY!
_Bluetwig101_: i did pink
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s 6 o’clock here and we are ready to start.
_Nancy_Krulik_: I’m more into black nail polish myself :)
_98gabs98_: i no rite lol
_98gabs98_: OMJ
_Tonks Lupin_: HI!!
_Bluetwig101_: hi
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Everyone , please welcome author Nancy Krulik.
_98gabs98_: HI!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: HI NANCY
_Nancy_Krulik_: Hi Tonks, Hi Blue…!
_Nancy_Krulik_: Hi Gabs!
_98gabs98_: NANCY UR THE BEST
_Tonks Lupin_: hu nancy!!
_ugagirl726_: hello namcy
_ugagirl726_: nancy
_purefun21_: my mom likes black too
_Nancy_Krulik_: @purefun: it’s a mom thing
_Nancy_Krulik_: How many of you guys have read the new HISMS?
_ugagirl726_: me
_98gabs98_: meee!
_bluecookiedough_: I havn’t yet
_Tonks Lupin_: Hi nancy!
_Bluetwig101_: not yet
_98gabs98_: i bought them all except 2
_ugagirl726_: there so cool
_Nancy_Krulik_: If I were to do another series, which character from HISMS would you want a spinoff from?
_MusicLover837_: I’ve only read the 1st and the 6th. I’m looking forward to the latest one though.
_98gabs98_: THEY’RE THE BEST BOOKS!so
_purefun21_: its 6:02
_Tonks Lupin_: hmm
_bluecookiedough_: Sam
_ugagirl726_: idk
_Bluetwig101_: hmm
_98gabs98_: thts hard lol idk
_Nancy_Krulik_: @bluecookiedough: Yeah, I love Sam too :)
_Tonks Lupin_: Sm
_Nancy_Krulik_: And I love writing in a British accent!
_purefun21_: hi
_Tonks Lupin_: sam
_98gabs98_: felica and or rachel
_ugagirl726_: yea sam is cool
_98gabs98_: lol
_Nancy_Krulik_: What is it you guys like about Sam?
_Tonks Lupin_: I know i love gobsmacked!!
_Tonks Lupin_: BRITISH!!
_98gabs98_: i like chloe
_purefun21_: hello
_98gabs98_: chloe
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: do you play basketball like they do?
_Bluetwig101_: british
_Tonks Lupin_: i also like her funky style
_MusicLover837_: Sam’s kinda… she’s unique.
_ugagirl726_: that she has such a cool fashion sense
_98gabs98_: yes but im not in the basketball club
_Nancy_Krulik_: I would LOVE to have a best friend like Chloe, she makes me laugh.
_Bluetwig101_: yeah
_98gabs98_: i no i love her shes sooo outgoing un like me
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: If YOU have questions for Nancy, feel free to type them in, and Nancy will do her bst to answer them.
_Bluetwig101_: nancy how did u decide to write the books
My daughter was in Middle School, and I thought the whole “pops” thing
was really interesting, and I wanted to write a book with a website
link in it.
_Nancy_Krulik_: I always check into the website to see what you guys have to say to Jenny.
_MiKaYlA18251825_: nice…!
_Bluetwig101_: thats awsome
_98gabs98_: bye nancy i gotta go hope 2 be bak
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: eat fast, come back! :)
_98gabs98_: ok!!!
_MusicLover837_: Did any of the things in your books ever happened to you in real life?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MusicLover837: Yeah, everyone gets dumped once in awhile… but I got my revenge because I’m more famous now!
_Nancy_Krulik_: LOL
_Bluetwig101_: sweet
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_choco11_: Nacny you are really cool
jamies9: Nancy How Do You Come Up With These Characters?
_Nancy_Krulik_: All the characters are based on me, my daughter, or her friends.
_Nancy_Krulik_: (I used to eavesdrop on her playdates)
_bluecookiedough_: wow this place is crowded now
_Bluetwig101_: hahaha
_Nancy_Krulik_: @bluecookiedough: It’s no more crowded than the subway car I was in this morning!
_bluecookiedough_: lol
_Tonks Lupin_: haha
_ugagirl726_: lol
_MiKaYlA18251825_: what do you do if you have acrush and they dont like u back?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MiKaYOA: Well, I say… move onto the next guy because OBVIOUSLY that guy has bad taste, or he would like.
_Nancy_Krulik_: you
_MiKaYlA18251825_: awwwhhh tnx!
_MiKaYlA18251825_: its awsome how you take the time and talk to us
_choco11_: Woah…. It is so cool to chat with authors and find out how they wrote their books!!
_Bluetwig101_: thats right
_Tonks Lupin_: i no!
_MusicLover837_: It IS cool. =D
_MusicLover837_: It IS cool.
_Nancy_Krulik_: It’s helpful to me too, I get a lot of ideas from kids.
_Tonks Lupin_: U rock!!
_Nancy_Krulik_: In fact, Liza is based on a kid who I once met, she wanted to be an illustrator.
_bluecookiedough_: @Nancy What do you do before you start writing? Do you have a method?
@bluecookiedough: I usually go for a swim or a run, and I write in my
head. Then, when I sit at the computer, I’m all ready to go!
_Tonks Lupin_: I like liza artistic side
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tonks: I like her too!
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tonks: In fact, I like ALL the non-pops!
_bluecookiedough_: cool
_choco11_: o cool!!!
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_Nancy_Krulik_: But it’s a lot of fun to write nasty girls ilke Addie :)
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_Tonks Lupin_: Very true
_choco11_: lol
_choco11_: I bet
_MiKaYlA18251825_: hehe
_MusicLover837_: Did you like middle school?
_Nancy_Krulik_: I didn’t love middle school… but it ends pretty quickly and high school is a BLAST!
_choco11_: O… I like middle school a bunch. But I am only in 6th grade. ;-D
_Bluetwig101_: awsome to know that
_bluecookiedough_: yeah your right i’m in 7th grade and i can’t remember most of last year. It just flew by
_Tonks Lupin_: yea
_MiKaYlA18251825_: how do you get a guy to like u?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MiKAaylA: I think you should be yourself, and be friendly. But don’t ever change, because then it won’t be you that they like!
_ajrox23_: I actually LOVE my middle school. I just started, but I think that it’s fun:D
_MiKaYlA18251825_: tnx!! u rock!
_Nancy_Krulik_: I’m so glad you love middle school! (maybe it’s changed since i’ve been there ;) )
_Nancy_Krulik_: For one thing, it used to be called Junior High, LOL
_choco11_: dito ajrox23
_Tonks Lupin_: haha
_ninga girl_: hello
_choco11_: i am sure it did nancy
_annbird_: what’s your favorite thing about being a writer?
@annbird: I love seeing kids sitting on the train or in the library
reading my books. I love the idea that I make kids want to read, and I
make them laugh.
_ajrox23_: Lol. In some states I think it
still is. The other place we might have moved instead of here had a
Junior High instead of a middle school.
_ugagirl726_: thats so kool
_ajrox23_: Omg this is cool! @Nancy Krulik: Is there a certain age you have to be to become a published author? If so, what age?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @ajrox23: There’s no set age to be a published author — there have been books published by kids before!
_Nancy_Krulik_: But it is harder, because you don’t have the same connections and abilities to get your books read by editors.
_Tonks Lupin_: i love seeing babies read it makes me giggle
_annbird_: thx!
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_Candyapple0010_: I think that would be funny
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tonks: You must know some smart babies! I’ve never seen a baby who was able to read. :)
_bluecookiedough_: there was a book published bby a nine year old this year and it was a dating book
_choco11_: WHAT!!!??? wow…… bluecookiedough
_MusicLover837_: Have you ever wanted to be something else besides a writer?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MusicLover837: For awhile, I wanted to be an actress, but turns out I have no talent for acting whatsoever.
_ajrox23_: Nancy Krulik: Wow cool thanks. I really want to write a book someday!
_ajrox23_: Nancy Krulik: Lol
_bluecookiedough_: @choco11 yeah it was on the news in last october i think
_choco11_: @bluecookiedough….. I don’t know how that kid knows anything about that
Wow, you guys are sending questions super fast! Just wanted to let you
all know that we’re getting all of your questions, but we can only get
through one at a time. Patience, grasshopper.
_Nancy_Krulik_: @ajrox23: why not start now?
_ugagirl726_: so u like wrighting more
_chubbymonkey_: I also want to be an actress… or a model… or a dancer/singer… something I love to do!
_Bluetwig101_: i really want to write a book
_Tonks Lupin_: a scrpcit writer though
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Some people also typed in some questions to the Blog Comments. Jane
asks: When did you get your first book published and what was it like?
My first book was called Real Robots, it was a picture book and seeing
my name on the title page was a huge kick for me. Still is.
_ajrox23_: Maybe I will =)
_bluecookiedough_: I’m writing a novel right now
_Nancy_Krulik_: @choco11: At this point, I know the characters so well, they tell their own stories… it’s hardly any work for me!
_choco11_: that’s amazing
_bluecookiedough_: @choco11 yep it was a boy talking about what girls are like and what they like
_ugagirl726_: so cool
_Tonks Lupin_: @bluecookiedough, wow me too!
_bluecookiedough_: @candyapple0010 you should include a boy
_bluecookiedough_: @tonks lupin what’s it about?
_Candyapple0010_: there is a boy @bluecookiedough
_Candyapple0010_: I’m writing a book about a girl in 7th grade, do you have any tips?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Candyapple0010: Base it on your own life. When you write about your own life, it reads the truest.
_Tonks Lupin_: Add romance
_Tonks Lupin_: Middle school
_Candyapple0010_: thanks nancy
_98gabs98_: bak!!!!!!!
_bluecookiedough_: @candyapple0010 ok cool
_chubbymonkey_: Writing is what I do in my free time. I work on many books at once, it can get a little confusing…
_wintergal365_: How long does it take to get your book published?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @wintergal365: HISMS books take about a month to write. It’s published about 8 months after I finish it.
_Tonks Lupin_: Hi 98gabs98!
_98gabs98_: hi tonks
_MusicLover837_: Wow… books take a while to get published…
_Candyapple0010_: i cant believe is takes that long
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Candyapple0010: Books with illustrations inside take even longer!
_MusicLover837_: What was your favorite childhood book?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MusicLover837: I love Nancy Drew, and I still read Dr. Seuss… (Shh! Don’t tell anybody!)
_Tonks Lupin_: aww dont worry
_Bluetwig101_: i wont
_98gabs98_: lol i do too! whenever i find his books in my bookshelf lol
_Tonks Lupin_: it nice tho
_ajrox23_: I love Nancy Drew too! Especially the original ones!
_Bluetwig101_: wow
_bluecookiedough_: @musiclover837 that’s actually pretty ast for a book to be published
_purefun21_: @Nancy I love Dr.Seuss AND Nacy Drew books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: Long Live Nancy Drew!!
_98gabs98_: nancy did ur daughter really have a person like addie in real life?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: I think there’s an Addie in every school. But my daughter never had any trouble standing up to girls like that.
_Tionity_: I love Nancy Drew. It’s so good.
_98gabs98_: i think im starting 2 get an addie with my bff from kindergarten
_ugagirl726_: i luv nancy drew
_Tonks Lupin_: Do u still write Katie Kazoo books?
_MusicLover837_: I love Dr. Seuss ( =P ) Especially “Green Eggs and Ham”. I haven’t read Nancy Drew yet, but I heard it’s good.
_Candyapple0010_: I’m glad. My book doesn’t have illustrations. (I would have used Clip Art anyways)
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: maybe it’s time for you to find a Chloe instead :)
_star341230sarah_: theres for sure an addie in my school i wont mention names though lol
_98gabs98_: I LOVE KATIE KAZOO!
_wintergal365_: @Nancy: I can relate Addie to myself!
_98gabs98_: ya i did last year!!!!!
_Tionity_: i luv how i survived middle school
_bluecookiedough_: i have like 10 addies in my school all in a group
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: thank you very much!
_ajrox23_: My little sister loves the Katie Kazoo books, and I love the HSMS books!
_Bluetwig101_: my friends granma gave me hers to read so far they’re really good
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tionity: Thank you!
_star341230sarah_: ive read 5 of your books im on the 6th in the series
_Tionity_: Your welcome!
_98gabs98_: :)
_Nancy_Krulik_: @ajrox23: that’s why I write something for everyone
_Tonks Lupin_: still writing katie kazoo?
_bluecookiedough_: katie kazoo is funny my little sister reads them then at night i take them and read them
_Candyapple0010_: I have read all the Katie Kazoo books, but I only have two at my house.
_chubbymonkey_: I read a couple Katie Kazoo books… and i love them!
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tonks Lupin: Absolutely still writing Katie Kazoo… it’s amazing how many series you can write at a time.
_MusicLover837_: That would be cool if you wrote about Addie’s perspective of the stories.
_Tonks Lupin_: :)
_star341230sarah_: i can completly relate to this book on the first day on school i didnt know anyone
when i found out that u wrote tht katie kazoo series i was like no
wonder i love the how i survived middle school series i loved (and
still do) the katie kazoo series
_Tonks Lupin_: yay!!
_Tionity_: The middle school books are a pleasure to read. Are you working on a new one???
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tionity: We recently finished “I Thought We Were Friends” which will be out in February.
_Bluetwig101_: this is fun
_ugagirl726_: i cant wait
_Tionity_: YAY!
_98gabs98_: nancy ur the best
_purefun21_: this is so much fun
_purefun21_: this is so much fun
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hannah asks: What is your favorite book that you ever wrote?
_Nancy_Krulik_: I don’t have a favorite, it’s usually the one I’m working on at the moment… Because that’s the world I’m caught up in.
_wintergal365_: @Nancy: I have been waiting so long for that book to come out!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: its also amazing how you write
_Bluetwig101_: @purefun21 i love your icon
_Candyapple0010_: @_purefun21_ your’re right!
_choco11_: i am back
_frooty2sweet_: I think im gonna do it’s all down hill for my booktalk
_purefun21_: Thanks
_loppy536_: hi
_Tonks Lupin_: who r u most like in your books?
@Tonks Lupin: WHen I’m in a BAD mood I’m like Addie >:O, when I’m in
a crazy mood I’m like Sam @_@, and when I’m trying to be a good friend
I’m like Jenny :)
_star341230sarah_: this is fun
_Nancy_Krulik_: @frooty2sweet: good luck with your project!
_98gabs98_: thts sooooooo cool tht u relate 2 3 characters
_Tionity_: nancy ur so awseome!
_Bluetwig101_: hi @choco11
_98gabs98_: awwwwwww choco11
_Tionity_: i love wrting i wanna be an author/doctor
_choco11_: The guy I like likes someone else. The problem is that we are really
close friends. I don’t know if I am ruining our friendship by liking
him, but I really do and it makes me sad when he might never like me.
_Nancy_Krulik_: @choco11: Does he know you like him that way? He might like you too, but be afraid to say so.
_loppy536_: i think the books are cool because it talks about what her middle school experienece is like
_Tonks Lupin_: yea
_Bluetwig101_: i know how u feel @choco11
_star341230sarah_: im soooooooo glad that i dont have and homework
_98gabs98_: NANCY UR AWESOME
_Nancy_Krulik_: @loppy536: I try to make them seem as real as possible.
_MusicLover837_: @choco11 I think you should be prepared for anything if you tell him how you feel.
_loppy536_: cool
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Kyra has a couple of ideas for your next book: Can you do a book about pops smoking and how everyone deals with it?
Thanks Kyra. As for smoking… well…
allthough Addie is a jerk, she’s still pretty smart. I don’t think she or her friends would smoke ever!
_Candyapple0010_: I think you make them too real. I have friends just like them.
_Tonks Lupin_: yay
_Tonks Lupin_: yay
_Tionity_: what do you do when you dont write books???
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tionity: When I’m not writing, I love to read. I’m a total gym rat, and I love to go to the movies.
_Nancy_Krulik_: And I love Broadway shows! (Which is convenient, since I live in New York City)
_Tionity_: WOW!
_choco11_: He doesnt know. We are really close friends. I know he doesn’t like me. I feel like giving up on it. But my friends say not to.
_Candyapple0010_: nancy have you ever done a picture book, like a book with no talking at all? we have to make one at my school
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Candyapple0010: No, I haven’t. I like to talk A LOT and I like to write with a lot of words. ;)
_Bluetwig101_: i love your hat @tonkslupin
sometimes when im reading the HISMS series i totally relate 2 my
friends or at least think of us. its really cool i love my friends
_Tonks Lupin_: thx
_Candyapple0010_: @_choco11_: ouch
_Bluetwig101_: u r welcome
_Tionity_: i love reading your books the most! everyone in my class that’s a girl does.
_Nancy_Krulik_: It’s a lot easier for me to write girl characters, because I am one. :-)
_Tonks Lupin_: yea boys are unpredictable
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: @nancy_krulik: What is your favorite book that you wrote?
_Nancy_Krulik_: I don’t have a favorite, it’s usually the one I’m working on at the moment… Because that’s the world I’m caught up in.
_star341230sarah_: This is fun
_choco11_: i know
_Tionity_: What’s your fave color?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Tionity: my favorite colors are black and purple.
_Nancy_Krulik_: My bedroom is lavendar and black.
_Candyapple0010_: Yay! My fave author and I like the same colors!
_lin5678_: i love the colorr purple
_Tionity_: i prefer pink then blue then purple
_Candyapple0010_: Purple
_star341230sarah_: what were you like when you were a kid
_Tonks Lupin_: me too@Nancy
_ajrox23_: My fave colors are purple and blue :D
_star341230sarah_: my room is entirely purple
_Nancy_Krulik_: @star341230sarah: I got trouble a lot talking in school… I spent a lot of time in the hall because I forgot to raise my hand.
_speedythecat_: speedythecat my favorite color is purple!
_Candyapple0010_: LOL! SO IS MINE!
_RAR1999_: :) )
_star341230sarah_: wow
_98gabs98_: Send: lol its ok my teacher seperate me and my friend from each other and then we r sad lol
_RAR1999_: you rock
_lin5678_: :)
_RAR1999_: :)
_Tonks Lupin_: aww
_Candyapple0010_: I get in trouble talking too, but I have learned to control it. Mostly.
_purefun21_: i love purple
_chubbymonkey_: my fav colors are neon yellow, hot pink, black, neon orange, and lime green.
_lin5678_: I LOVE YOU R BOOOKS
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: They separate my son and his friends in school ALL THE TIME… (I guess it runs in the family!).
_ajrox23_: @candyappke00100: LOL
_speedythecat_: me and my best friend have almast no classes together
Last year me and my friends were the chattiest in the class! We got
into trouble alot, but its okay because the teachers liked us. :)
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Rachels asks: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
_Nancy_Krulik_: I got caught buying one of my own books by another mother at my son’s school. Try explaining that to someone.
_Nancy_Krulik_: Tres embarrassing!
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_choco11_: This live chat is making me meet new people.
_Tonks Lupin_: sorry!
_lin5678_: lol i always talk during class
_choco11_: lol
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: This is my first live chat. I don’t see any of my Stacks friends on here, but that’s okay because I’ll meet new ones!
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_Stacks_Admin_: @choco11: Yay, I’m so glad you’re making new STACKS friends!
well luckilly this year my gruop of friends are together in class all
of them but we have a bad Addie in the class. actually 3 Adies
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Megan asks: Are you your favorite author?
Not at all. I don’t really read my own books after they’ve been
published. I’m too busy reading other people’s books. (And writing
my next one!)
_Candyapple0010_: My most embarassing moment: I was going to the bathroom, and forgot to lock the stall. You can imagine what happens next.
_wintergal365_: I love your elephant choco11!!
_speedythecat_: this is fun i never have been to a live chat
_frooty2sweet_: i only made as scholastic account to talk to you! ;)
_Tonks Lupin_: @I am making neew friends tii!
_Stacks_Admin_: @SoCialLy_iNEpT: So glad you joined us today for your first chat!
_choco11_: thanks it is my fav. animal……. wintergal365
_Bluetwig101_: me too
_Candyapple0010_: @Nancy: That’s good.I love ur books
_Nancy_Krulik_: This is my first chat too!
_Nancy_Krulik_: And I’m making lots of new friends too!
_xkaiii_: ohhh this is sooo cooolll
_choco11_: dito
_Stacks_Admin_: @Nancy_Krulik: LOL
_Candyapple0010_: Mine too! LOL!
_frooty2sweet_: this is my first chat
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: It’s fun, isn’t it? :)
_RAR1999_: this ROCKS
_Tionity_: same
_choco11_: it really is
_Bluetwig101_: same here
_wintergal365_: This is my first chat too!
_Nancy_Krulik_: It’s fun! It’s a little overwhelming…
_Tionity_: especially speaking with an author
_choco11_: I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!
_speedythecat_: nice skunk
_17991145_: will you be my friend
_Nancy_Krulik_: @17991145: Yes!
_purefun21_: cause i want to write a book
_Bluetwig101_: i will be your friend 17991145
_17991145_: thank you
_98gabs98_: :(
_Bluetwig101_: u r welcome
_speedythecat_: i’ve read a lot of your books
_Candyapple0010_: Whats wrong _98gabs98_?
_Candyapple0010_: What’s your MEM? (most embarassing moment)
Well, once in Middle School, I made a dress in sewing class. It was
blue denim… and the stiching started to open in the middle of the day!
_RAR1999_: :) )
_Nancy_Krulik_: I had to hold it together all day… it literally started to self destruct!!
I loved the How I survived Middle School series…but I only read up
until P.S. I really Lke You because then I started reading a different
series. (I like series the best!)
_Tonks Lupin_: aww
_Tionity_: probably when i was trying to open my can of peaches and i got sooooooooooooooo soaked
_wintergal365_: I will be your friend too,17991145
_Tonks Lupin_: i hope i can add you all after this!!
_Tionity_: im not near middle school at all!
_speedythecat_: that would be embarresing
_choco11_: WOW!!! There are so many people on the waiting list!!! (including me!!! lol)
_Nancy_Krulik_: That’s okay, the books will still be there when you’re ready to read them.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Alexa says: I’m so nervous because I’m starting 6th grade next year.
_98gabs98_: awwwwww 6th grades not tht bad
_Candyapple0010_: I’m starting 6th grade next year, and I can’t handle 5th so well.
_choco11_: Alexa: Don’t be worried. It is a blast! you will meet so many new friends. It is not as hard as it seems. Trust me
_speedythecat_: im in 6th grade
_Nancy_Krulik_: @Candyapple0010: Yes, but you’ll be much more mature next year, and ready for 6th grade!
_DaLLas pAIge_: i am an 8
_lin5678_: im in 6 grade right now
_98gabs98_: and u get a locker!!!!
_Tionity_: 5th grade is actually pretty fun especialy chemistry
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: 6th grade was sooo fun for me. (This year I’m in 7th.) It was probably my favorite year…besides kindergarten! LOL :)
_EMRUSH2002_: :)
_star341230sarah_: 6th grades the best
_wintergal365_: I an in 6
_speedythecat_: i have my own locker
_Bluetwig101_: @nancy in two years i will be in middle school i very scared even though its a long ways away
Alexa says: What if I’m the new girl and none of them like me? If I
have a pops group at school how do I ignore them if they are being mean
to me?
_98gabs98_: CHEMISTRY IN 5TH GRADE??? WAT????????????? I DONT EVEN HAVE THT NOW AND IM IN 6TH!!!! lol
_Tonks Lupin_: 5th
_DaLLas pAIge_: mee too
_Tionity_: well i dont switch schoos for middle school. i call it junior high
_speedythecat_: its a lot better than last year when i had to share a locker
_Candyapple0010_: @everyone: Thanks. I feel better now. (And thanks for mentioning the locker thing. I can’t wait for one)
_ajrox23_: Yes I agree, 6th is awesome! I’m in it now!
Alexa: Middle school doesn’t have to be a bad horror movie. I guarantee
you’ll have friends, and you don’t need a lot. Two or three people you
love and trust will make life perfect.
_98gabs98_: try 2 ignore them i no its hard but just walk away
_ajrox23_: Lockers rock!
Alexa: As for the switching classes thing, why not go to the school a
few days early and ask for a tour from someone in the office, so that
you feel comfortable on the first day of school?
_Nancy_Krulik_: You should definitely put a little mirror on the inside of your locker!
_DaLLas pAIge_: yaaa
_EMRUSH2002_: i love your books and i am in 2nd grade
_star341230sarah_: the first week or so is kinda tough but its great after you get in the routine
_Nancy_Krulik_: Alexa: That’s what I did. It was a huge help. On the first day I was showing other kids around. That was cool!
_ajrox23_: Nancy Krulik: Thats what I did too! The first day was a breeze!
_Tonks Lupin_: im gobsmacked lol
_wintergal365_: Lockers are the best part about 6 grade
_Nancy_Krulik_: Oh, and bring your gym clothes once in awhile… they can really make a locker STINK! =P
_purefun21_: i have 1 in my locker
_Candyapple0010_: I’m in a thing called spiral, and we do a lot of advanced stuff. Like virtual heart surgery. It’s so cool.
_Tionity_: too bad ill never get a locker!!!! :(
_xkaiii_: looolll
_lin5678_: im in 6 and its fun but i miss fifth grade
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: My school has preppy pops, but they aren’
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: Oops…typo. I meant that they aren’t mean to your face, but sometimes that’s even worse!
Alexa: The pops are most likely to ignore you. I made a lot of new
friends. And one of them was really weird. But they still had lots of
friends. Just be you. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING!!!! It is all okay!
_choco11_: Don’t ever be overwhelemed in middle school. Stay calm
_lin5678_: nancy- I love your books and cant stop reading them
_xkaiii_: @_Nancy_Krulik_: Do you design the cover, or does the illustrator design the book cover??? =]
_Nancy_Krulik_: @SoCialLY_iNEpT: I have nothing to do with the illustration, but isn’t it great?
_Nancy_Krulik_: The cover art is done by Rhiannon Cunag.
_Tionity_: im never gunna get a locker
_Candyapple0010_: @SoCialLyiNEpt: That’s even worse.
_ajrox23_: I decorated my locker on the first day, and it TOTALLY rocks!
_speedythecat_: i love the illustrarions
_98gabs98_: nancy i read 2 of ur books in 2 days!!!!
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: I wish I could write them that fast!
_xkaiii_: @_Nancy_Krulik_ coool…
_RAR1999_: :(
_speedythecat_: cool!
_RAR1999_: they r really good
_RAR1999_: NAncy did your BFF trade you for the POPS
_Tionity_: wow
_choco11_: I am in love with my locker. I can personalize it how ever. And it is mine!!
_Candyapple0010_: I gotta send Rhiannon a fruit basket. LOL
_98gabs98_: lol
_speedythecat_: ya me too
_Stacks_Admin_: Speaking of lockers, I have a question for Nancy Krulik: Did *you*
decorate your locker when you were middle school? What did you put up
in *your* locker?
_choco11_: what??
_Nancy_Krulik_: I put up posters from Teen magazines of the guys who were the hottest stars back then <3
_Candyapple0010_: That’s ok!
_98gabs98_: lol its ok
_Nancy_Krulik_: I also kept a ton of makeup in my locker, even in middle school.
_speedythecat_: what does your locker have in it? i want some cool ideas
_98gabs98_: i hope my bff doesnt turn into a pop tht would be the WORST!!!
_xkaiii_: @_Nancy_Krulik_ what flavor ice cream do you like the best??? haha lolzzz (x
_Nancy_Krulik_: @xkaiii: chocolate chip mint, DEFINITELY! With lots of sprinkles!
_choco11_: i AM NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR MAKEUP. in 7th grade I will wear some mascara
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: @Candyapple0010: Yeah, it is. One day you think that everything is fine
- the pops even wave to you! – but then you find out that they were
talking about you. Not the best way to start off school!
_Candyapple0010_: @Socially_inept: You’re so right, the pops raise you up, then let you fall on your butt.
I have a bottom locker this year…not very fun, especially when all
the surrounding lockers are stinky boys with their gym clothes! P.U.!
_fabchick_: Would you want there to be a movie of your books?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @fabchick: Sure, who do you think should play Jenny and who should play Addie?
_Tionity_: im aloud to wear makeup wehenever i want too. just kididng only when im 18
_RAR1999_: @A98gabs98 i know same here
_98gabs98_: its stinks rite?
_star341230sarah_: smile mania!!!!!!!! :) ;) :D :P 8) lol
_Tionity_: 18@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazyyyyyyy
_Nancy_Krulik_: The casting question is for everyone, BTW!
_RAR1999_: I think Ashley T. should play Addie
_ajrox23_: Hey, that movie question was a Top Ten!
_EMRUSH2002_: i will play Addie,but i dont have blond hair
_Stacks_Admin_: @Everyone: Who do YOU think should be cast in a movie version of the series?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @EMRUSH2002: we can get you a wig! LOL.
_ajrox23_: Milery Cyrus, maybe, for Jenny!
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: I think that Miranda Cosgrove should be Jenny, and Jennette McCurdy should be Addie. :)
_Tionity_: paint your hair with paint if dyes dont work
_EMRUSH2002_: i will put a wig on
SoCially_iNepT_: I have a bottom locker this year to. Right by a wall.
Also where a bunch of people hang out. But I make the best of it,
_Nancy_Krulik_: @choco11: it’s a great way to meet new people, hanging out by your locker.
jamies9: @rar1999 who is ashley t?
_ajrox23_: I meant Miley…
_98gabs98_: ASHLEY TISDALE
_wintergal365_: I think Vennesa H. should be Jenny
_star341230sarah_: i wanna be addie i have blonde hair
_MusicLover837_: Selena Gomez for Jenny, maybe.
_Candyapple0010_: ahley tisdale
_98gabs98_: SELENA GOMEZ YA
_Tionity_: ashely tisdale from high school musical
_RAR1999_: I think i should play Jenny even though i dont look like her
_Candyapple0010_: zac e. should play marc.
_xkaiii_: ooh DEFINATELY , Selena Gomez for Jenny
_Tionity_: I loook alot likeJenny
_Tionity_: no demi lovato should play chloe
_xkaiii_: I have a spelling quiz tommarow, ANYONE HAVE SOME IDEAS?
_Nancy_Krulik_: @xkaiii: The best thing I know about studying is to get off the computer… after this chat though!
_98gabs98_: DO UR BEST @ XKAIII
_Stacks_Admin_: This sounds a lot like a HSM reunion… ;-)
_chubbymonkey_: i wanna play jenny cause she is the lead, but illl be good at anyone.
_wintergal365_: Who should play Sam?
_RAR1999_: I LOVE chloe
_98gabs98_: ya she has a big mouth( not in a bad way)
_Nancy_Krulik_: @98gabs98: that’s kind of like me… I have a big mouth too! but not in a bad way.
_98gabs98_: I WILL PLAY SAM!!!!
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: Sam is a tough one!
_star341230sarah_: to xkaiii for the quiz, the best tip is this: STUDY STUDY STUDY
_MusicLover837_: @Stacks_Admin: Yeah it does!
_Candyapple0010_: @Tionity: o thats BRILLIANT!
_RAR1999_: I will play Chloe even though i have no blone hair
_EMRUSH2002_: everyone in my class will go crazy that they know a girl who plays in a movie
Ya…. but the administrators are getting upset because the halls are
to crowded. They don’t want people goin g to their lockers often! And
those people think they are all that and not my type
_lin5678_: lol
_Bluetwig101_: I think miranda coscrove should play sam
_98gabs98_: LOL
_MusicLover837_: @Nancy_Krulik: Going on the computer for me is a bad habit…
_speedythecat_: its so hard to type fast enough
_Candyapple0010_: @speedythecat: That’s a tough thing to say with a name like speedy.
_98gabs98_: ya at home i have a big mouth but in front of other ppl no way
_ajrox23_: I think maybe Kristen Stewart for Sam! She has that kinda cool, quiet, look…
@_Nancy_Krulik_ omg !! i love UR BOOKS ~~ when i was little i use to
read Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, and now i read how i survived middle
school x{
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: KimmyC asks: What is your favorite recipe/craft from the books?
The recipes and crafts are all things I have done with my kids over the
years. I LOVE chocolate fondue. Have you guys tried that one yet?
_98gabs98_: i love the sugar cookies!
_Tionity_: no taylor swift should play addie or sam sinceshe has blonde hair
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: No, Miranda Cosgrove should be Jenny! I can see her as that. And for Sam…I picture her with big teeth. For some reason. LOL
_star341230sarah_: who should be liza in the movie
_RAR1999_: @star341230sarah that is a hard one
_Sarah is pretty_: hello!!
_choco11_: yes!!!!! sugar rocks!
_xkaiii_: ooh i LOVE the chocolate fondue tooooo
_98gabs98_: omj i have a fondue pot and my mom said we r going 2 use it soon
_ajrox23_: Yea, I love Taylor Swift!
_RAR1999_: @ Nancy Krulik You Rock!!
_Bluetwig101_: I think kristen stewart should play jenny
_Tionity_: taylor rocks
_98gabs98_: taylor swift yay
_chubbymonkey_: YES! I tried it with oreos and marshmallows!
_Candyapple0010_: liza, um taylor swift ormiley cyruS?
_Sarah is pretty_: you are awesome!!
_Tionity_: miley
_Nancy_Krulik_: Do you guys like the recipie and crafts, or the quizzes, better?
_98gabs98_: I CANT CHOOSE
_98gabs98_: BOTH!!!!
_Sarah is pretty_: both
_purefun21_: yep
_choco11_: quizzes…. I love them!
_Candyapple0010_: thx
_chubbymonkey_: quizzes
_EMRUSH2002_: i pick miley cyrus should play dana
_xkaiii_: oh ! I LOVE the crafts
_MusicLover837_: I like all of them. But to be honest, I like the quizzes.
_Tionity_: taylor should be sam
_choco11_: Taylor Swift
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: I like both. They’re equally fun. :)
_Bluetwig101_: I love quizes
_star341230sarah_: quizes hands down
_wintergal365_: Who do you think should be Josh?
_98gabs98_: i find myself mostly doing quizzes alot
_chubbymonkey_: QUIZZES!!!
_17991145_: i love your books
_Sarah is pretty_: quizes
_Candyapple0010_: i think miley taylor and selena should be the pops!
_xkaiii_: awwww i have to go ~~ =[ i need to study for my spelling quizz BYYEEE =[[[[ :( ( ( ( (( ( ( ( (
_Tionity_: Josh can be Taylor Lautner
_star341230sarah_: justin beiber should be marc
_fabchick_: Do you ever listen to music while you write? Do you have special songs for different moods?
@fabchick: Yup, I love to listen to the Beatles and Grateful Dead when
I’m writing… and when I’m writing a really angry scene, I listen to
the Rolling Stones… or Alanis Morrisette.
_sasirocker_: am i acually talking to nancy omg omg omg im ur number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_98gabs98_: wJOE JONAS AS MARC!!!! JOE JONAS ROCKS!!!!
_GNOletsgo1_: demi and selena should be pops!!! They’re perfect!!!
_Bluetwig101_: I think jason dolley should play josh
_Nancy_Krulik_: @sasirocker: hello number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_SoCialLY_iNEpT_: Haha, it was funny because I went to HISMS and then I realized the chat was today! Anyways, g2g…dinners ready. :)
_Sarah is pretty_: both
_MusicLover837_: I LOVE music.
_purefun21_: yeah
_purefun21_: bye
_Sarah is pretty_: I love the beatles
_sasirocker_: i love the beatles i have a shirt i wore it on monday to school but i love mj
_98gabs98_: JOE JONAS=MARC
_lin5678_: bye
_Nancy_Krulik_: @MusicLover837: my husband is a musician and so is my son!
_wintergal365_: YES!!! jJustin Bieber should be Marc!!!!
_choco11_: This is so much fun!!!!!! And neat! We should have it every day
_Tionity_: Taylor Lautner shuld play Jeffrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_98gabs98_: NO JOE JONAS IS MARC
_RAR1999_: no nancy im your #1 fan I LOVE YOU Nancy
_ajrox23_: Quizzes rock i love them! I got to go! Bye!
_Sarah is pretty_: Cool
_star341230sarah_: justin bieber!
_GNOletsgo1_: well actually they should find “undiscovered talent” to be everyone
_wintergal365_: I an addicted to Justin Bieber!!
_chubbymonkey_: HI!
_EMRUSH2002_: i love to take the quizes i take them all the time,on were you born to lead,i was tyap c ,i was born to lead
_Stacks_Admin_: We’re almost out of time! Thanks so much for joining us, Nancy. Is there anything you’d like to say before we end the chat?
_Nancy_Krulik_: Keep an eye out for the next HISMS book! It was really fun talking to all of you guys!
_lin5678_: you should make a T.V> show nancy
_choco11_: I do not like the jonas Brothers AT ALL!!!!!
_Nancy_Krulik_: It gave me a lot of new ideas… so thank you!
_Candyapple0010_: END THE CHAT? NO!
_GNOletsgo1_: bye nancy you rock!
_MusicLover837_: @Nancy_Krulik: That’s so cool!
jamies9: WAIT!
_choco11_: I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_RAR1999_: aww you have to go i forgot!
_wintergal365_: Nooo!
_Tionity_: Oh ok
_98gabs98_: I LOVE U NANCY
_GNOletsgo1_: :( :( :( :( :( :(
_lin5678_: bye nancy
_Tionity_: well nancy you rock
_98gabs98_: LOVE YA NANCY
_EMRUSH2002_: bye
_Sarah is pretty_: bye
_Candyapple0010_: bye
_sasirocker_: nancy! i am ur number one fan me and my friend fought over your book and it ripped so sad
_star341230sarah_: dont go nancy
_Bluetwig101_: dont go know
_98gabs98_: BYE!!!
_Candyapple0010_: i cant believe im going
_choco11_: It went by so fast!
_Stacks_Admin_: And thanks to all you guys for joining the chat too. If you have any ideas for future chat topics, let us know!
_Tionity_: and YOU ROCK!!!!! PEACE OUT NANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Sarah is pretty_: bye nancy
_ajrox23_: Bye
_98gabs98_: I LOVE U NANCY
_RAR1999_: bye :(
_Tionity_: BYE
_lin5678_: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
_MusicLover837_: I had fun. Thanks Nancy!
_98gabs98_: LOVE YA
_GNOletsgo1_: Will she chat again in the future?
_Candyapple0010_: but ill go :( :( :( :( :( :(
_wintergal365_: I had fun!
_speedythecat_: see ya bye!
_Candyapple0010_: ya will she?
_choco11_: _Stacks_Admin_: We should have an advice chat
_MusicLover837_: Also thanks to the Stacks Staffers!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: This was so fun. I hope you all come back to the next chat on December 5!
_GNOletsgo1_: this was sooo fun
_Bluetwig101_: THIS WAS AWSOME
_choco11_: The middleschoolers could give advice
_Sarah is pretty_: BYE
_lin5678_: bye btw ily
@GNOletsgo1: This is the only chat we have planned with Nancy Krulik
for now. But who knows? Maybe she’d be willing to join us again in the
future! We’ll see…
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: The topic will be What books are you planninng to read/recommend over Winter Break?
_purefun21_: BYE THANK YOU U ROCK LOVE YOUR BOOKS I AM WRITING A BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Sarah is pretty_: Come again
_GNOletsgo1_: i hope next author is…..someone.
_star341230sarah_: ill chat wit you emrush
_choco11_: lol
_sasirocker_: hey
_Stacks_Admin_: Yay, I’m so glad you guys enjoyed this chat and you’re planning to join us next time!
_lin5678_: ig2g to bye
_Stacks_Admin_: See you all on December 5th!
_Nancy_Krulik_: Thanks again, guys! I’m signing off :) BYE!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye!
_sasirocker_: @when is the next chat going to be
_Sarah is pretty_: NOO
_RAR1999_: BBYYYEE :( (
_98gabs98_: BYE
@sasirocker: Our next chat will be December 5th, 4-5 pm ET. The topic
will be: what books are you recommending for winter break reading?
_sasirocker_: @ok bye see you soon
_Stacks_Admin_: Hope to see you all then!
_choco11_: bies!!!!!

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