July 7, 2011

Kid Review: Stargirl

Stargirl Kid Reporter's summer reads include Jerry Spinelli's classic, Stargirl.

"She was elusive. She was today. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the fitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew."

She was Stargirl.

For a day, I was tangled in the pages of Stargirl, a book written by Jerry Spinelli. I sat on my bed and couldn't stop reading. Spinelli doesn't drag you from chapter to chapter — he has you running to catch up.

Stargirl is a book about a girl who's different from anyone else. In the book, Stargirl has been home-schooled all her life. At her new school, everyone is the same and only cares about their own business.

The other kids are shocked when Stargirl sings "Happy Birthday" in the cafeteria with her ukulele to people she doesn't know, leaves packages and gifts on doorsteps with no card, and cheers for both teams at sporting events. They don't know what to make of someone so different, and as the story unfolds Stargirl has to make a decision about just how important being "accepted" really is.

She was different all right, and I would recommend Stargirl to anyone because the book is different, too. It didn't have any adventure or big action scenes, but I still couldn't put the book down. The writing is radiant, and the characters seem so real.

Everyone is different, and everyone has a Stargirl inside of them. Reading this book, the Stargirl that's in you will come out.

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 — Chloe Jones, Scholastic News Kids Press Reporter

  1. amethystcat55

    I love the descrepition of the book so I am going to get the next time I go to the library.Oh and man do I have to read that book about the stargirl because it tells people .

  2. Shweebub Sarah

    Aww I read about the book online and it’s emotional..I nearly cried but love the message.
    Be who you are instead of being who you should be =)..<3..<3..<3…
    (I’ll read)

  3. aquaheart28

    I can’t wait to fnish my Summer Reading Project!!!!! Almost finished Yay!!!!! So does anyone else hahve to do a schoolastic Summer Reading project

  4. wolfwerewolf1

    After reading Stargirl, I was just touched. She reminded me of myself.I like the fact that she is almost exactely like me.Like me, she gives presents to people she hardly even knows from school. Jerry Spinelli is awesome!(p-s check out wringer by Jerry Spinelli!It’s amazing.

  5. Violet

    This book is one of my all time favorites! I’ve read it 3 times because it was so good. Spinelli continues to wow me with his miraculous detail and his writing is just truly amazing.

  6. thunder1011

    it was a cute book, hey did you guys know there is a second book to it? Its called Love, Stargirl



  8. polarbearblue5

    Awesome that must mean I should read it. I’ll see if my public library has it.

  9. Cheerfulheart15

    I’ve heard from allot of people that this is good. I’m definetly going to read it!

  10. funkysarah0223

    i read that book as my summer reading last month it was a good book but i wish i could have my own copy so i could read it any time i want sincerly,sarah

  11. shyfairy6

    I read that a while ago. It was awesome! I read until midnight! I literally couldn’t put it down.:-)

  12. summereader

    I got this book for free at my school and i loved loved loved it!!! I thought that it was pretty sad at the end though, I don’t think I’ll ever meet a ‘stargirl’ in real life though :( Stargirl ROCKS!

  13. brooke

    I loved this book! It inspired me to be who i want to be – to be unique and not like others

  14. Shadow Cat

    May I please say, I really like this book! It changed me a little. May I please say, I would suggest that anyone can/ should read this wonderful book. ^-^

  15. Hriju

    i read this book last year. It’s an amazing book. Even the sequel is awesome. I couldn’t stop after I started reading the book.

  16. mintchocolatechip100

    Stargirl was relly good but the sequel, Love, Stargirl was kinda boring.

  17. Ashly

    U would think tht fire girl book would b by Jerry spalli and btw fire girl is better

  18. delightedathena1

    I love this book. Stargirl is so unique and does not care about what others think about her. One of my favorite books!

  19. autumnapplebelly

    This was a good book, but I hated the ending. It had no closure, and I wanted to find out what happened next.

  20. craters2

    I absolutley love that book! I read it last year and it changedmy whole life. I learned that ishould be respectful!

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