June 21, 2012

Kid Power: Human Rights

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Human Rights: Did You Know . . . ?

We know you care deeply about things. In addition to having fun just being kids, you want to actually do something to make the world a better place.

Today, we are talking about human rights. The United Nations has a Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says that all people are born free and equal and deserve the same rights no matter who they are. Sadly, not everyone actually gets these human rights.

Here are just a few facts about human rights around the world. Just talking about these things can make a difference, so go out and inspire your friends and family to do something about human rights!

Did you know . . .

  • Child labor is a problem in some countries where children have to go to work instead of going to school.
  • According to KasCare, 1.9 million children are now orphans because of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Find out how you can help! 
  • According to Human Rights Watch, Palestinians living in Israeli-controlled territories don’t get the same access to running water, electricity, schools, and roads that Jews living there do.
  • Amnesty International is the world’s largest organization fighting to protect human rights. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling once worked there!
  • Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world in which women are not allowed to drive.

Now that you know, spread the word, and get people talking. Because when you make a big deal about something, it’s the first step to making a difference!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. wrestlerstrong6

    I would love to go to Saudi Arabia,since I’m a boy,but I think I’d rather stay in America.

  2. Jewel

    I think this is really important.Here in my country, hundreds of children are working to support their families. They also can’t afford to go to school. I’m very lucky because I go to school free and don’t have to work.

  3. bikingfashionista4

    This is an important topic ….
    N i really dint know about Saudi Arabia ….
    Even though child labour is a crime but everyday hudreds of children are working …

  4. Labrador

    You’re right. I didn’t know either and nor does any of my old friends. You only realize when you see it happen.

  5. Labrador

    Yes! This is really important. I was born in America and now I live in india where there although there is a law banning child labour, you can see 100′s of kids working. I would nvr want to go to Saudi Arabia, btw.

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