November 10, 2011

Kid Power! World Kindness Day

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Makeadifference Kid Power! Kids can make a difference! Every Thursday on Ink Splot 26, we'll show you a new idea for how YOU can make the world a better place.

November 13 is World Kindness Day. It is a day for adding more kindness to the world. Not just to your friends and people you like, but to everyone, people who are different from you, people who are shy and never even talk to you, your neighbor who might be a little cranky sometimes, your brother who gets on your nerves, everyone! The world can never have enough kindness, so spread kindness all around to EVERYONE wherever you go!

Here are 10 ways that YOU can add kindness to the world:

  1. Leave something special at someone's locker: candy, a balloon, or just a fun smiley face on a post-it.
  2. Do your brother's or sister's chores. Do the one he or she hates the most.
  3. Make cards for the adults you love, and tell them why you love them.
  4. Pick up some trash. Spend an hour cleaning up a park, school, or even your neighborhood.
  5. Smile at 10 people today, especially people outside your own group of friends.
  6. Visit a grandparent or elderly friend. They get lonely sometimes and you can brighten their day. Bonus points if you bring homemade cookies!
  7. Give someone a truthful compliment, especially someone that maybe doesn't get a lot of compliments at school.
  8. Offer to help a neighbor with something: raking the leaves, shoveling snow, carrying the recycling to the curb.
  9. Offer to help an adult at school. Maybe you can put books away in the library, run errands for a teacher, or water the plants in the office.
  10. Make a list of all the kind things that people have done for you lately, and thank them.

Leave a Comment telling us YOUR ideas for adding kindness to the world. Let's make every day World Kindness Day!

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  1. pearpearthe14th

    I totally didn’t know today was World Kindness Day… Well, I know today, of course. I just didn’t know before a few days ago. I think that’s really neat. I felt compelled to do something nice, so I made a few cards for some of my closest friends. Plus I said “Happy World Kindness Day” to several people, and they had no idea there was even such a holiday. I understand that it’s a good idea to try and make every day a day to spread kindness… But it’s nice that there’s an actual holiday. I really felt like I needed to be kind today… Thanks for letting us know!

  2. kate

    i really like to help people. one of my freinds just got a hurtfull nickname, and i always leave somthing like a nice note, a small candy, or a little eraser on her chair. what’s even better, she has no idea that it’s me!

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