July 19, 2012

Kid Power: Wild Pets!

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Dolphin_130x130Kid Power: Wild Pets!

When I was 7 years old, I begged my parents for a pet dolphin.  ”Pretty please? We can keep it in the bathtub!” I pleaded. But alas, my dad pointed out that dolphins need a lot more space than a bathtub. They need a lot more space than just a swimming pool, too – they need a whole ocean!

Sadly, however, many dolphins are endangered in the ocean. Pollution and dangerous fishing gear have made the waters, where they used to roam freely, unsafe. Dolphins, like many other animals, are finding that their homes are no longer livable. It’s really sad, because dolphins are the most amazing creatures. They’re super-smart team players that travel in groups, fishing together and communicating through a complex system of sounds and whistles. They’re playful animals that love people and have, many times, saved them from shark attacks!

That’s why it’s so awesome that organizations like the World Wildlife Fund make it possible for me – and you! – to save dolphins and other animals by (so awesome!) adopting them. Now, it’s not adoption in the traditional sense; I still can’t put a dolphin in my bathtub. But by making a gift to one of these foundations, I am now a protector of a dolphin’s home. And hey – that means my tub is free for more bubble baths!

Ask your parent or guardian if it’s okay to adopt a bear, tiger, anteater, lion, manatee, gorilla, blue whale, chimpanzee, koala, great white shark, flamingo, emperor penguin, panda, arctic hare, wombat, walrus, pygmy elephant, anaconda, toucan, warthog, crocodile, river otter, or other wild animal. There are so many to choose from! And unlike a dog, you won’t have to walk your adopted octopus every day.


If you want to see these wild animals up close and personal, take a trip to your local aquarium or zoo. The money you spend on a ticket goes towards saving wildlife! You can have an adventure and be a hero. Let’s take a lesson from the dolphins and work together. If we make this a team effort, we can save the animal habitats!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

Image credit: World Wildlife Federation

  1. Phoenix Rising 8

    I really want to adopt one of those birds! They are so smart, and so cool! I would adopt every one of those birds!

  2. Maddy

    Every animal is SO cute! I find animals less picky then humans. But I’m a fan of the big cat family. I espically Tigers! I pretty much know EVERYTHING about Tigers. According to me, their are about 200 to 2000 tigers left. Or less. Because their are about 60 Tigers getting killed each day. Waaahhh! I’m trying to hold back my tears. I would choose to protect Tigers- although I’m not sure which.

  3. Andrea

    I thought when you adopt an animal, you give money to the organization and they send you a stuffed animal in return and use the money to help wildlife. Well, I guess that’s not how every organization works. Anyways, it’s so great that so many people want to save the endangered animals and the planet which we call our home!

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