November 23, 2011

Kid Power! Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do we get a break from school, but we get to spend time with our families. Some people will visit a soup kitchen this Thanksgiving, either as a guest or to volunteer to help serve. But, you don’t have to go far to help during Thanksgiving. You can help out right at home. In my family, everyone is responsible for contributing to the feast. Whether your family has a large buffet-style Thanksgiving or a small gathering around the dinner table, you can still help out your parents.

Here are 5 ways you can help during Thanksgiving to show your parents you are grateful:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    Ask the cook if you can help prepare the feast. Maybe it’s peeling vegetables, or stirring the gravy, or opening the can of jellied cranberry sauce. Pick your favorite dish and watch how it’s prepared so maybe you can be in charge of making that dish next year.
  2. Decorating
    My family likes to buy already-made decorations and hang them outside the door. If you’re creative, make some crafts to hang up around the house.
  3. Setting The Table
    It’s a simple job, but you can make it fun by paying attention to the details. Obviously, you need enough plates, utensils, and glasses for everyone, but don’t forget the salt and pepper, and a plate of butter for the bread. Make personal place cards for everyone, or fold each napkin into a cute little shape so everyone feels special.
  4. Serving the Feast
    It’s a big job getting all that food to the table and your help means everyone can eat sooner! Offer to carry the plates of food to the table. If the meal is buffet-style, offer to prepare a plate for the oldest or youngest members of the family, so they don’t have to get up.
  5. Clean-up
    You can score big points by helping to clean up after the meal. When everyone is finished eating, go around and gather all the plates and utensils and bring them to the kitchen. Put the leftovers away in containers, wash, dry, and put away the serving dishes. It’s a team effort, and your help will make a big difference.

Thanksgiving is about saying, “Thank you.” Helping your parents with the Thanksgiving meal (or any meal, really!) goes a long way to show you are grateful for everything they do for you. And remember, gratitude does not have to be reserved for the holidays; you can practice this every day.

Leave a Comment telling us how YOU will help out your family today. Happy Holidays!

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  1. olivia

    i love thanksgiving to not becos the food of becose we git out of school but becous we git to thank God for all the good thang he gives us

  2. joyfullightning3

    I HONESTLY THINK THATS A WONDROUS idea.Thats a great idea. That shouldn’t just be for holidays but an EVERDAY habit…

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