July 26, 2012

Kid Power: Malaria Nets!

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Imagine if a mosquito bite could kill you. There are parts of the world where they can! Mosquitoes in tropical regions around the Equator can carry malaria, a really scary disease that can be deadly. Treatment of malaria is very expensive for most families living in Africa, and they often don’t get treatment until it’s too late. But there is a simple solution: sleeping under insecticide-treated bed nets so the mosquitoes can’t bite.

Here are some net facts:

• Nets are great not only because they last up to three years, but also because the insecticide sprayed on the nets keeps mosquitoes away from others who are not sleeping under the net.
• Areas with lots of mosquito nets have seen a 90% decrease in malaria cases!
• Nets only cost $10, but that is too expensive for a family that is surviving on less than $1 a day.
• The President’s Malaria Initiative helps women and children in Africa prevent malaria. In the last 5 years, the President’s Malaria Initiative has donated more than 30 million nets!

You can help too! Let the government know that fighting malaria is important to you. Send this letter to your Members of Congress and tell them to keep helping poor people in Africa get mosquito nets!

Dear _______ ,

Please help the fight against malaria by voting for the most funding possible for malaria prevention programs like the President’s Malaria Initiative. Insecticide-treated bed nets are inexpensive and very effective in preventing malaria, and if we get more nets to more people, lives will be saved. Show your support for malaria prevention by making the right decision!


Your Name

If you don’t know them already, ask your parents to help you find out the names of the Senators and Representatives in your state. You can address your letters to your Members of Congress as follows:

The Honorable (full name)
Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable (full name)
House Office Building
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Show your support! Send a letter!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

  1. beegreen164

    that is so sad, that makes me want to donate some money to help those kids get better.;)

  2. Wb

    thank you for that I know see things differently also i did not know the mosquito could kill you

  3. Wb

    I did not understand that the mosquito could be so dangers to humans this new to me i know have a new see on things.

  4. adventureanubis2

    In my country dengue is the WORST I ALWAYS have to wear this sticker that keeps mosquitos away.Nowthere are even dengue mosquitos that bite at night!(ha ha bite,night get it?)

  5. Jewel

    Well, pretty updated here in my country, cause THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN DIE EVERY YEAR HERE! Especially in the provinces. So, I hope this will become world-wide.
    Nets..??? Oh, the kulambo.

  6. smartprincess1

    Malaria isn’t the only deadly disease mosquitoes carry. There are a LOT of different things they carry that can also kill you.

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