January 19, 2012

Kid Power! Good Friends

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"F is for Friends who do stuff together. U is for You and me. N is for Anywhere and anytime at all."

Do you recognize these lyrics? They come from the song "F.U.N." featured in SpongeBob. Friendships make life fun! They make activities and school so much easier because you always have something to look forward to. Friends are essential because they listen to our good news and our bad news, and they pick us up when we are feeling down.

Being a good friend is a "Kid Power" way to make the world a better place. Here's how to know if you are being a good friend, and if someone is being a good friend to you.

  • A good friend always wants what is best for you.
  • A good friend does not pressure you into doing things that you are not comfortable doing.
  • A good friend tries to understand your feelings.
  • A good friend tries to make you smile when you are feeling down.
  • A good friend does not talk about you behind your back.
  • A good friend is honest and tells you the truth.
  • A good friend is trustworthy even with your deepest, darkest secret.
  • A good friend will love you for who you are, and accept the silly, weird hobbies you have.
  • A good friend will be fun.

If you're ever questioning your friendship, review the list above. For me, trust and honesty are the most important factors in a friendship. Yes, sometimes we argue with our friends, but you should never go behind someone's back or reveal any important secrets.

Aside from having fun with my friends, I make sure they know that I appreciate them and love them by creating handmade cards and gifts, sending them funny videos, giving them books I've read, doing favors for them, and more. Friendships are effortless when they come from the heart. Let people know that you care about them and appreciate them. This good, simple deed goes a long way to improving your friendships and to making new friends.

image from kids.scholastic.comGlory, Scholastic Intern (a.k.a. CupcakeChateau4)

  1. monkeyblue558

    i hope im being a friend because i believe that a true friend is always there for you when you feel up or down.

  2. Nicolle

    Hello Glory,I agree that friendship is “Kid Power” maybe we can communicate and we can make our own “Kid Power”! I’m a girl with alot of eagerness.

    P.S write to me on here some time.

  3. angelares22

    i love all those books the all look really god and i love really good books and also if it wasnt goo you guys wont have psted it online

  4. LMS

    This book is truly real about your friends I am planning a lesson for it now so I can teach it at school. Read It

  5. lightsong1

    F is for frolicking, through all the flowers
    U is for ukelele
    N is for anything and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea! :)

  6. EmersldDragon227

    I agree that best friends should be good friends. You would not want a friend that is always rude, mean, and non-loyal! Good Job Glorelys M.!

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