March 15, 2012

Kid Power! Disaster Preparedness

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Make_a_differenceMarch is American Red Cross Month. The American Red Cross does a lot to help victims of natural disasters, but it also helps educate people about preparing for disasters. Being prepared is definitely Kid Power!

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Are you prepared? See how you stack up with the Red Cross Ready Checklist. If you can answer "YES" to each of these questions, then you are ready for anything!

  • I know what disasters or emergencies are most likely to occur in my community.
  • I have a family disaster plan and have practiced it.
  • I have an emergency kit (including extra supplies for my pets).
  • At least one member of my household is trained in first aid and CPR.

If you're not sure about some of these, this poster tells you everything you need to know to be Red Cross Ready. Talk to your parents! Get your emergency kit together. Practice your disaster plan, and make sure you're all prepared!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Midnight (Darkfairy35)

    1. Earthquakes, fires, that’s pretty much it
    2. Yes, but its not really necessary
    3. Yup
    4. I do! :D It was mandatory to learn at school last year
    TTLY ;)

  2. blackblue771

    who made this is alsome so you can blog if you want and add me as a friend
    that will be so nice of you…

  3. Maya

    1. Yes. Fires, floods, possibly hurricanes and possibly tornados.
    2. I do know my family’s emergency plan but unfortunately we have not practiced it.
    3. Yikes! I don’t think we have an emergency kit! We’ll have to get one.
    4. Mom.
    We’ve had a lot of flooding and rebuilding around here due to mean old Hurricane Irene, but no one was hurt or anything. Thanks and bye!

  4. breakingbreaking458

    i wish that kids ruled the world and could tell their parents and teachers what they told us so we could show them how we felt!!!!

  5. Junoelf1

    Not many natural disasters happen where I live, but we still have an emergency plan in place. thanks for this post!

  6. Melanie

    Let me answer the questions:
    1. Yes, Fires, and maybe earthquakes
    2. Maybe, disaster percentage is 10 percent so it isn’t the most necessary
    3. I think we do, so it’s a yes
    4. Yes, my father’s job is mainly that
    Now I think I’m ready

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