February 5, 2009

Keke Palmer, star of True Jackson, VP at Scholastic!

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Keke Palmer, star of the show True Jackson, VP is taking a page out of Miranda Cosgrove’s book. Next week she’s coming to the Scholastic Store to sign autographs, take pictures, and most important read for her fans! In celebration of Black History Month, Keke will be reading from Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales, and you’re invited!

Whitebackground What: Keke Palmer Reading!
When: Monday, February 9, @ 4:30PM
Where: The Scholastic Store 557 Broadway New York, NY

If you’re not in New York, don’t despair! Your favorite STACKS Staffers will be there to catch the action and get the inside scoop about life, reading, and True Jackson from Keke herself.

Do you have something you want us to ask Keke? Leave your question in the comments!

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

Photos courtesy of Nickelodeon

  1. Michaela(Mikki)

    Is there any way that I can be a TV star , I really want your autograph I’m a really big fan if you came 2 my house I would scream I just want 2 be more like you with a good fashion sence.I want something 2 remember who you r and to fallow my dreams.U go girl

  2. truejacksonfan

    you were brave to calm down that fussy model on the show true jackson u r true go u!

  3. Toni A

    hey keke. do u think my name is a boy’s name cause i’m a girl!! Also do you think you’ll ever be in new jersey? Thats where i live!! Please please please please write back! If you do I will be crying with happiness!! My mom just got out of the hospital 2 years ago, she’s ok and were doing fine but still!!! She had a soar throat throughout her body!

  4. ado

    keke i’m your bigest fan and i don’t want you to write back so i can tell my friends that you wrote back i just want a friend to talk to and hang out with you know!so if you like mine plese write back.

  5. Ariana

    Keke I love your oufit in that cute little gray jacket please,please,please,please,pllleeeeaaaaaassssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! write back

  6. felicia

    keke how do you design some of those clothes? give me some tips because i’ll get them from the coolest designer ever. YOU!!!

  7. zara

    hi keke i was wondering how you feel about teen celebs in the press because of scandals and how do you stay out of it

  8. Ama

    Do you pronouce your name like “Kiki”? If so, I love the spelling! (If not, how do you pronouce it??) I dono…I was just wondering…

  9. Emily

    Hey Keke I was wondering how difficult it is to do True Jackson V.P. I LOVE your show and I LOVE iCarly even though you are not in it!!!! Keep up the good work!
    Your #1 Fan

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