April 3, 2013

Jessie Star Answers Your Questions!

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Karan130Karan Brar from Jessie Answers Your Questions!

You know Karan as Ravi, one of the newly adopted children into the ultra-rich Ross family on Jessie with Debby Ryan, and as Chirag Gupta in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. (“Stop! Good God, man, you almost got the CHEESE TOUCH!”)

Jessie_600wKaran grew up in Redmond, Washington, but his family is originally from Punjab, India. What he loves most about portraying the first ever regular Indian character on a Disney show is the ability to incorporate what he has learned from his own family, and from his visits to the country back into his role as Ravi.

Karan loves collecting comic books, hiking, free running, and watching old movies with his dad. He also raps for fun, and listens to 21 Pilots, and Andy Grammer.

AND, he answers fan questions! Click here to read his answers to STACKS fan questions.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Carolyn

    I love Jessie! It is my second favorite show on Disney Channel. First (s) Girl Meets World and Liv and Maddie. I LOVE DEBBY RYAN AND PEYTON LIST!

  2. Maya

    Hey people are crazy for you how does that feel because your just celeb not a Ariana grande but your a cool guy you might not answer our questions because this is a website but I really like kikwaka

  3. Destiny

    Hi Karan my name is destiny and I am you biggest fan and I have a big crush on you!!!

  4. Maria

    hey i really like and i hope I wish i could meet u cause i have so man question to tell u can u plze answer me back thnx
    love u

  5. Bryanna

    I really wish I could meet you!!! There so many things I wish I could ask and get you know you!!!!! If possible plz write me back!!!!!

  6. Hannah

    Karan, Do you like acting? Do you like being famous? Do you like having everyone to ask you for autographs and personal questions? Was auditioning for acting roles hard and do you think I can become an actress?

  7. Manaswi

    Are you in 9th grade right now?
    And how old are you?
    It is so nice to meet you.
    I was born in India but I speak in Telugu.
    But your are born in America then what language do you speak?
    And I really like your show so much and you act very good. I’m very big fan of you.

  8. Anonymous

    okay i would want to travel to New York city because i thnk its a great place to go to an enjoy look at skyscrapers liberty of statue thnk you for asking.

  9. randomsleeper7

    whats your fave show after wat you done like Jessie or daiy of a wipy kidmine is jessie

  10. elizabeth

    hi i realy wish i could meet u i wonder how u do this and keep up with this movie stuff.

  11. donutfiery10

    how is it like to act with a ginormus lizard always around you? and is his real name mr kipling?

  12. wisedolphin6

    how long do you practice a day?
    what is your favorite part of being an acter?
    how old where you when you stsrted acting?
    what kind of lizard do you have?
    how many shows are you in, what are they?

  13. Gopherchess4

    Do u like being the movies? I am also an actress but dont go on TV or movies just in plays. Do you really have a pet lizard? :)

  14. agentsurpris23

    Hi I am a huge fan I love the accent. Do you love being in Jessie. I think you a really great actor. I hope you keep being on Jessie. Plus I love Miss,Kibbling she is so cute. Got to go bye.

  15. Musicianchasing8

    You are very lucky my dream is to act. I have a question what is your fav role?

  16. athenadog43

    I love Jessie!! It’s my fav show! Are u really from India??? Is your indian accent real or fake???

  17. Brady

    I Think That Is Really Cool That He Plays Two Really Cool Movies. Also Rovie In Jessie Rovie Like Brings Out The Movie.

  18. lolsomelynx13

    @rishi it just depends i mean for some people it might just fall into your lap at other times it wont

  19. lolsomelynx13

    if you could go back in time and not be famous would you? do you like signing autographs? and last do you like being famous? one more (sorry)who scouted you? (see i know what ‘spotted’ really is pronounced)

  20. j

    hey ur so cute me and my friend love you and awesome how is it to hang out with a big lizard

  21. fashionfashion748

    i love he show u need to get new people because all the people have been on it for a long time

  22. softballblue92

    Is it hard to learn all those lines to the show and is that lizard really real?

  23. Nai'ja

    When your on set does the cast make you fell like your home probably with you Nanny, Brother,Sister, and pet?And do you have any other siblings?

  24. secretnomad7

    how did you become a actor is it easy? can you tell me a little about it? do you show the real you? or change and act all not you? your biggest fan secretnomad7 and I watch all the jessies and wimpy kids

  25. Ej

    why are you on this website do you read over the summer or something (not trying to be mean just wondering )

  26. sweety

    hello how are you? my life is not good like a star.i have no entertainment i am not having fun my life is not cool it stinks my mom will not let me be a popstar. here is a song oh oh she got her feet on the ground and she is turning around oh ohh she wants you to like her oh oh

  27. sweety

    how did you get famos? and posted on the internet? are you really a star? where do you sighn in to be a movie star? are you rich? my mom never lets me play on a movie?

  28. pinkcash190

    how did you get hired to be on Jessie and tell Emma I love her fashion advice on the show she is very creative

  29. myana

    First of all I Love your show but what is your favorite show on JESSIE,and what is your favorite movie.Well responed when you can.

  30. redeggs36

    How do you like being a movie and tv star? If you could doing anything in the world what would it be?
    And last but not least who’s your favorite author?

  31. redeggs36

    i would go to desiny world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sunny

    I love Jessie too but I love mr.kippling most of all love u too how did u become to be on the show!

  33. emeraldgreen19

    do you like acting on Jessie or would you rather watch it? and di you like mr kepling?is he your actually your pet?

  34. Margaret

    Karan, I am probably your #1 fan even though i’m a year older than you. so here are my questions. How did you kick off your acting career? What is the best part of playing Ravi? And do you ever think you’ll do anything else when you get older besides acting or are you still planning on acting like Disney Stars from the past?

  35. nia


  36. C

    i love the set of jessie!!! it is so amazing to see so cute Rovi act so well on stage!!and did i tell i llove amd i am talking crazy love his lizard!!!

  37. mrs.reptile

    i love ravi he is my hero but sometimes a little dromatic and i love im talking love his lizard!!

  38. C

    I love to watch the set of jessie!!! expecially Rovi! he is so dreamyy!!!!EXPECIALLY MRS REPTILE!!!!!!!!!! OHH LALA !!!!

  39. mudra

    r u busy alot with jessie how r the people on the set and how was the episodes with sierra mcormick

  40. Amirah

    You are funny in Jessie,and I think you picked the great role for you.Remember,don’t give up on your dream,and enjoy being you!

  41. partypony3

    Do you like being in a tv show and starring in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movies? (P.S: you are AWESOME!)

  42. bluebird4505

    can you let me meet the jessie cast? please im 11 and i love jessie i know spanish but im american i want to so bad thats my wish to be on disney channel.

  43. coment 116#

    hello karran i love your role has Ravi in Jesse anytime i watch it i mostly look at you and i love you hair:) is Mr Kipling really your pet? and is it actually real cause of a episode that he was dancing in i couldn’t quite believe it

  44. Jessie

    Skai Jackson is a really cute little girl she is a good character just like the others in JESSIE oh and by the way my is also JESSIE when I hear hey JESSIE the song I say hey back but I really like the episode when Debby Bryan and Skai Jackson switched bodys that was hilarious!Ha Ha Ha and a big Ha!

  45. GoldenLimitsz

    Hi, Karan I’m your #1 Fan Like literally I cannot explain How much I think your great I wish I could meet you one day Okay my question Could you tell your producer or the person that make your films that I have a script for a new disney show? This is all I have going for me right now please help me look forward to more in my life

  46. ipodblue112

    do you like to be on tv jessie i mean im just askin cause i would love to be in a position like that

  47. Gia

    If someone got a part on Jessie, would they have to move to California? Also do you like my name?
    P.S. – Please ask Cameron what type of girl he likes. <3 <3 <3 <3

  48. Layla

    How do you get along with the cast of Jessie? Is there anyone you’re particularly close with?

  49. Nafizaa

    Hi! I love watching Jessie and this is my question: Do u like bieng the only indian in the show and also does the cast always make fun of u in someway?

  50. darkblue300

    Is your character in diary of a wimpy kid different than your character on Jessie?

  51. pinkpuppy220

    How is it like having a lizard on set?
    Do you and the other castmates play pranks on each other?
    What’s your favorite episode of JESSIE?
    If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

  52. Isabella

    I have heard it’s hard being a “super star”, especially going out in public.I can’t imagine going through that as a teenager. How do you do it?

  53. Monet

    How does it feel to be watched by millions of kids,and were you shy when you auditioned for Jessie?

  54. bluebird4505

    hi im a big fan of jessie i really wanna guest star on jessie and im 11 i really wanna be a singer/actor im a girl and really wanna could you give me some pointers or something? -bluebird4505

  55. Goblinghost2

    What are your future plans? Do you want to stay acting or do you want to try something new?

  56. jadedragon49

    What do you like best about being on Jessie? What are some crazy on-set antics that you and your castmates have done? What other interests do you have other than acting?

  57. PINKART637


  58. blackorange77

    do you like playing as a disney chanel star and how to do you like hanging whith the other stars

  59. Taylor

    Do you ever wish that you could speak in an american accent on jessie or do you like the indian accent?

  60. julius

    Do u have to live in usa to become an actor pn disney channel because i really want to audition for disney last year and this yearcbut i dont know where to go have a good day. Bye

  61. Freddie

    Dude are u a bestfriend of peyton list? And u stay classy karan brar LOL (<3 ya man cos ur the funniest little child actor I have evrr seen)

  62. Freddie

    Karan pal, do u know which part of the country ur originally from cos I am an indian and excited to knw (and ur funny)

  63. Prince-William

    How is it watching the cast (including yourself) grow and maturing in acting and also in life?!?

  64. z

    i want to be come like you i want to make jessie what should i do to become famous like you guys

  65. BB

    I want to tell you that you are very special to me. I’m from Argentina and I miss you so much … I am far from you and my idols. sorry; I speak English but not very well. I live in Argentina.
    My question for you is:
    What is your favorite day of the week??
    Can you tell me something in Spanish??
    Would you like travel to Argentina?
    favorite subject?
    I love you! .x

  66. smartprincess1

    I think he’s very good at acting! I loved Chirag in the Wimpy Kid movies, and on Jessie he is very funny!

  67. Najeeba

    Who are you closest to on Jessie, and how has your relationship gotten stronger throughout the time on Jessie so far?

  68. Haley

    i love the show it makes me laugh so much like every second keep it up guys… HI LUKE ;) <3

  69. olivia777777

    Hi Karan. My Question is,Do u ever think about doing anything besides acting? thnx. Olivia <3

  70. G.

    Are you glad you went into acting? When did you start acting? Do you ever wish you hadn’t gone into acting? Who is your best friend? :-)

  71. B

    he was a fuuny boy in jessie but he talk like he is from india or is he arab but anyways he got his little sister in the film

  72. GorrilaPolorBear757

    I the lizard that you you on the set a real lizard or is it computed generated if it is real how did they train the lizard and what is it like having a giant lizard on set?

  73. GorrilaPolorBear757

    What is it like having the role of a bit of an outcast boy with a lizard as a friend?

  74. GorrilaPolorBear757

    Has being Chirag Gupta helped with being in Jessie and playing a big role in the show or has it made it harder transferring from an important but small role in a movie to big role in TV?

  75. Adventurepegasus10

    I remember him from the diary of a wimpy kid movie. It was hilarious =)
    My question for him is:
    How do you feel when you act in a movie?
    Being an actor would be cool but I would be scared to death!!!

  76. dolphinblue1852

    How old are you? In Jessie, you are ten, but I hear in real life, you are older.

  77. chloee

    How do you like being a movie and tv star? If you could doing anything in the world what would it be?
    And last but not least who’s your favorite author?

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