April 19, 2013

Karan Brar Answers Your Questions!

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Karan BrarKaran Brar Answers Your Questions!

You asked your questions, and Karan Brar (who is now 16 years old!) sent his answers. Read on to find out what it’s like to play Ravi on Jessie, and what his life is like outside of acting. Maybe he chose YOUR question to answer!

How did you get your acting career started?
Karan: At first, I wanted to be good at sports but that didn’t work out so well, and then my dad told me that he did theater in college and was wondering if I wanted to do it. I was willing to give it a shot, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it!

What was your first audition like?
Karan: My first audition was for a commercial, and it was really nerve-racking. It was super simple, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything wrong! In the end everything was ok, and after a few auditions, it came naturally to me!

Do you have any tips for people who want to go into acting?
Karan: I think people who want to be actors should know that there are going to be ups and downs, but to never give up. Your moment will come!

How did you get the role of Ravi on Jessie?
Karan: I auditioned for Jessie and then they kept calling me back to L.A. for more auditions! And after a few trips to L.A. and a few auditions, they ended up casting me!

Are you like your character in any way?
Karan: I like that Ravi isn’t afraid to be himself around others; we are similar in that way.

What is your favorite thing about being on the Jessie show?
Karan: My favorite part about being on Jessie is that we are all really close, so when we go to set, it doesn’t feel like work at all!

Is Mr. Kipling a real lizard or is it computed generated? If it is real, what is it like having a giant lizard on set?
Karan: Mr. Kipling is in fact real! Having a giant lizard on set is crazy. It’s so cool!

Cast of Jessie at Christmas

Image courtesy Disney Channel

What do you, Skai, Cameron, Peyton, and Debby do in free time on the set? Do you do a lot of pranks?
 We pull tons of pranks on each other all the time, and during our free time we just hang out and mess around!

What are your castmates like?
Karan: All of my cast mates are amazing! Here is how I would describe them each in one word: Debby (who plays Jessie)=fantastic
Peyton (who plays Emma)=amazing
Skai (who plays Zuri)=awesome
Cam (who plays Luke)=rad
Kevin (who plays Bertram)=spectacular

Who are you closest to on Jessie, and how has your relationship gotten stronger?
Karan: Cameron and I are very close; we are just like brothers! And the whole cast’s relationship has grown so much since we started Jessie!

How is it watching the cast (including yourself) grow and maturing in acting and also in life?
Karan: It’s really cool, because every day we learn new things!

How has being on the show Jessie changed your life?
Karan: It’s changed my life because I have learned so much and I’ve made so many new friends!

What’s your favorite episode of Jessie?
Karan: My favorite episode is “Used Karma” since it was one of the first episodes we ever shot!

What’s your favorite TV show besides Jessie?
Karan: I love all kinds of shows, but my favorite is Gravity Falls (rated TV-Y) because it makes me laugh all the time!

What’s your favorite cartoon ever?
Karan: My favorite cartoon is Lilo and Stitch (rated G). I used to watch it all the time!

What’s your favorite food?
Karan: My favorite food is pizza!

What is your favorite day of the week?
Karan: Friday, of course!

How many countries have you visited? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Karan: I’ve visited a few countries like India, Australia, and New Zealand! I would go to Hawaii if I could go anywhere, because I’ve always wanted to go!

How do you do your schoolwork? Do you like school? What is your favorite subject?
Karan: I do all my schoolwork on set with my set teacher; I love school. My favorite subject is Algebra!

Do you like reading? What is your favorite book?
Karan: I love to read, and my favorite book is the first Harry Potter book!

What is your favorite movie?
Karan: Finding Nemo (rated G) is my favorite movie!

Do you have any pets?
Karan: Yes I do! I have a dog named Levi!

Who is your best friend?
Karan: I have a few best friends back in Seattle, Washington, but my best friend in L.A. is Cameron!

Is it hard being a “super star” especially going out in public?
Karan: It’s not that hard going out in public. I actually enjoy going out in public because I get to meet fans!

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Karan: Haha! I’m not sure, but maybe Selena Gomez.

If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?
Karan: I would trade places with William Shakespeare because it would be amazing to see how acting was back then!

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
Karan BrarKaran: I would want to skydive! I think it’s so cool!

If you were not an actor, what would you want to be?
Karan: I love to act so I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t act!

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Karan: 1. I know this sounds cheesy but I wish I could end cancer. 2. I also want to end bullying so every person can be proud for who they are. 3. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world!

What is one thing you wish everyone would do to make the world a better place?
Karan: I don’t think anyone should judge others for how they look. If we didn’t do that, everyone would be able to be comfortable with who they are!

Oh, he is so much sweeter and cuter in person that I ever even imagined! Don’t you just love him?? Thank you so much, Karan, for answering our questions!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Images courtesy Disney Channel

  1. Caleb B

    Where did you audition at and what if you forget one of your lines what do you do.and what was the first thing you did to lead up to your successful acting career.did you start with school plays or like how did you start please tell new I need to know I’ve been arguing with my mother about how to start an acting career and it’s just so confusing and I think talking to you helps me a lot you have know idea how much it would mean to me

  2. Anonymous

    i realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love karan brar that i wish i could meet hime

  3. Layla

    I want to act on Disney channel and I have a couple questions

    1. Who’s your agent
    2. How long did take to get in Disney channel

    I really wish I could meet you

  4. ari

    okay this is crazy! talking to a superstar I can only say wow I want to do what you do before I’m 18 and then I want to be like johnny depp or will ferrell. your my favorite character on jessie and jessie is my favorite show! my last name starts with a B and I’m confident I’ll get on disney channel and act. everybody says I could be the best and now I believe them I wish someday I might get to act by your side. Oh right my quiestion haha. what do you think we’ll see you next in?
    p.s I love gravity falls too!
    p.p.s it was great doing this
    p.p.p.s you have inspired me

  5. Anonymous

    Karan Brar can talk about it somehow ? I really want to talk to you in writing !
    :) :)

  6. Jessica

    I like to try and skydive too and I love basketball volleyball and baseball i wish I could meet you

  7. Love

    Karan is so cute and awesome. I think one thing about him is that he thinks so much about others. If it was actually possible to end cancer and bullying, i would partner with him to do so. Love you Karan, keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous

    What happend next wen slappy and rachel new that jackson was no the hall of his dream? I dont get it…

  9. Emma W

    Thank you, Karan for opening up the world to some personal facts and opinion’s. I’m a huge fan, and keep going

  10. Joselyn

    Ravi how did you become an actor? I get really nerves on stage. And I really want to be an actor how can you not be scared?

  11. AJ

    I am a huge fan of Karan and what I really want to know is how does it feel being somewhat loved by almost all the world

  12. Scarlett

    I’m 9 but I like smart teens your awesome

    I’m not obsessed like some teens I just like you your funny I like that

  13. Krishna

    I know you think all your fans are the same and you’re really busy, but can you answer my questions?

  14. Krishna

    Karan, where did you audition and how? I don’t know If I want to go to NYC to audition or LA for Lab Rats Elite Force. By the way, Nice acting.

  15. shandira

    Hey karan my name is shandira and I was wondering what is your favorite color and your favorite food and who is your role model

  16. lorena

    i wish that i could talk to every sngle person on jessie and meet cameron boyce and skai jackson and peyton lkst and debby ryan and bertram

  17. I love India

    hey Karan are you a Muslim or Hindu by the way when you get older are you going to be an Indian actor and I want to be an actor just like you give me the answer thanks
    Love you

  18. Nicky

    Hi karan am Nicky i heard so much about u i liked ur acting career but wat really baffles me is dat ar u a american or indian guy? but u ar d best guy ever

  19. Fathimah

    And karan to be honest I born in 1999 which means I am going to be 16. I really love u. I know Hindi but not Punjabi. My mom is from India. So we currently settled in Singapore and I know fluent English as my dad is from Washington. He also knows Hindi. I really really love u and I wish I could meet you someday. And one more thing I like ur sister Sabreena. She really got fashion in her. I wish I could meet her too. BYE Karan!

  20. Mary

    Karan i Am 10 years old but i am from Maldives i really wish i could meet every character in Jessie especially you are really cute. i know cameron is 16 years and i am 10 years but i am so crushing on him! haaa ! he is so dreamy ! XOXO . i want to be an actress in Jessie what do i have to do to be an actress! please reply Luv u

  21. Mary

    And Karan i Want to say i am the hugest fan you could ever have ! and i am a fan of Peyton And Cameron too! my brother really likes Debby. so tell me the relationship between Peyton and Cameron . are they BF and GF

  22. Pragya

    hey Karan! I am indeed a huge fan of yours… I see Jessie like every day and I think you are the best actor on set! I am also an Indian and I think that your Indian accent is really cute!! When I researched, I thought that you must be around 12-13 years old but I was really shocked to see that you’re 16!!! But I guess I was watching repeats of shows. That was really stupid of me to say that but I guess it’s normal as I am a huge fan of yours! I really wish I could meet u some day! That’s all for today… I hope this reached to u! Bye Karan!

  23. Krisha

    I Karan I am you biggest fan ever I was born in India but I grew up in Canada I love your show Jessie i am 10 years old I love you Karan Brar

  24. Jade

    Do you ever miss not being famous? What’s it like for everyone to know who you are? Do you follow any of your fans on social media??

  25. Jessie lover #1

    I just wanted to say that in my school last year I stared a stop bullying club and it’s actually stopping most of the bullying.

  26. K

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    hey karan i have a question. can you tell me what your religion is? coz my brother spencer is dying to know

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  32. miah

    Hey I very much love the questions that karan answered but I do have one question if I were to be famouse karan would you please teach me everything that it has to take to become an great actress I love acting very much and I have been following my dream since I was about 9 years old I’m 12 years old know gong to turn 13 soon this year in 2015 and I would like to become one of you I know you may not think this message is important but I literally whatch Jessie every time it comes on just to get acting skills I really would like an chane. well I know you may have some show business to do and thank you if you did read this and one more thing I love to read and my favorite book is the 1st Harry potter book too, also can you say hi to the cast for me thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your day.

  33. Elizabeth

    Hi Karan Brar my name is Elizabeth, and I am twelve years old and the character u play is funny and I wish I could meet u, u are my favorite character in Jessie.

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    HI Karan!! You are a very good actor! How do you handle all that pressure? Thank you!

  41. karan

    I wish I was you but to bad I’m not you the wish will never come true. Oh and your my favorite actor I’ve been to Taj Mahal to

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  43. h girl

    do you have a number that I could call so I could try out for Disney Channel TV and I want to be in one of the episo of Jesse

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    i think you are very cute. like cutest celeb teen crush of the year. made myself a trophy of that title.

  45. theopo

    hey karan. my name is theopo and i am your biggest fan and crush. i am much like you, love reading novels and stories, love pizza, fav.subject is aljebra, wanna skydive 1 day, love acting,fv.day is friday and saturday, part time gravity falls fan, out-going,and a huge fan of jessie infact disney. i would really appreciate it please if you could reply to my fan mails to you please.

    yours: theopo

  46. theopo

    i personally think you are a great, special person and i have 1 things to say to you.
    1. dont chase succes.
    2.enjoy doing what you do best.

  47. theopo

    what would your perfect matchh be?
    a character you would add in jessie if you had the chance to?
    and you are just like me in most ways.


    Are you actually from india ??
    you look like an indian and I was wondering since long
    I absoultly love all the charecters on jessie
    am obbsessed with watching it
    I personally think if I had to have a role in jessie I would either take Emma or your place
    I loved your acting in the video “BUT AFRICA IS SO FARI..”
    it was tottally realastic
    I also like the runway bridge of franken stien
    I loved the hamster

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    Hi Karan I have been wondering what religion are u in the Jessie show u are Hinduisim im Christian Thank You!

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    Hi Karan ,
    My name is Jahnavi I am an Indian but I grew up like an american It is my honor to Talk to you I am like the worlds Biggest fan of you Debby, Peyton . Cameron and Skai and I would love to see you all guys even though i cant. But did the filming happen in Ney York or California and can you give me tips in becoming an actor!

    Thank you!

  51. JessieLover

    Wow! Karan and I have a lot in common, he’s cute, I’m cute. I love how how got his acting career! I also like jessie, IT’S SO COOL!!!

  52. Blaine

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  54. lisa

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    Did Jessie real end please give me a answer I will be so happy if u do anything will do so yes or no?

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  59. Annika

    Do you like the life of a celebrity, and how is it like when your fans ask you questions about your life (kind of like this, I know it sounds really cheesy but I would really like to know)? Jessie is one of my favorite television shows; I can’t wait till you guys come out with new episodes! I’m exited for season 4. I was surprised when you said you liked Gravity Falls.. me and my sister could stay up all night watching it too! Happy late birthday! (:

  60. jeniya

    Karen you are just like me you like everything that I like and to tell h truth you are my celebrity crush I really like you you are awesome:)

  61. Someone

    We’ll I’m an Indian too but are you homeschooled and also I wish I could meet you I know it’s impossible but I am just telling you

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  64. Maddie luvs

    Hey Karan if you were to pick a better family would you or stay with your family why or why not or would you choose a different cast what would it be

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    i am a total jessie fan. i love the who cast.i really really really want to meet all of you.if i ever meet skai jackson i would be sooooooooooooo happy

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    can you help me become an actor, I have been dreaming of becoming one since I was five
    please help me karan
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    Karan seem rlly sweet tho and he looks and sounds adorable. If karan was to write a script for the whole cast wat would he write?

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    What is it like to be best friends with a lizard ? Of course I’d do it!
    Oh and in the video when you get marshmallows all over you, and then you stick up for Luke and then copy him with your bear, I have that to!

    You are super cool! So last question. are you as smart as you are in Jessie?

  71. Lyndsie

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  74. Nas-Unique

    Do you get to spend time with your family or are you busy most of the time with acting?

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    P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

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    when is Jessie ending? my friend said this march is that true?

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