June 25, 2014

June Books of the Month

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It’s Books of the Month time again!

By now, you all know the drill. It’s the end of June. Obviously, that means it’s time for the most exciting (okay, okay, I’m biased) post of the month . . . BOOKS OF THE MONTH!!! I feel like this post should be celebrated with an ice cream cake and confetti every month. I know I’m not the only person who gets really happy every time this post goes up, though! Last month you guys really came out in support of your favorite books. There were so many!

At the end of May we asked you to share what books you were reading. Then we made a word cloud to show which titles were most popular. I think it’s pretty obvious which series the people of the STACKS are loving this month: Percy Jackson!

June 2014 Books of the MonthLet’s keep this going! What books are you reading now? What books do you love and recommend? Leave the title (or titles!) in the Comments section below. I’m about to dive headfirst into Kingdom Keepers now, and I can’t wait to see which new series pop up next time around!

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image from kids.scholastic.com — En-Szu, STACKS Staffer


  1. Muthu

    Hey stackers I have a lot of books and series that I love and reccomend,so here they are!
    Chasing Vermeer
    The wright three
    The Calder Game
    33 minutes
    Wings of Fire series
    Hide and Seek
    The shadow children series
    Jedi Academy 1
    Jedi academy 2
    Geronimo Stilton Series
    Wimpy Kid Series
    Kane Chronicles Series
    Percy Jackson Series
    I Survived Series
    Magic Tree House Series
    Captain Underpants Series
    All Poptropica Books

    All of the books and series ive mentioned on that list are AMAZINGLY Great to read and i have finished them all.
    Percy Jackson Series

  2. jenny

    Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Peter and the starcatchers, Out of My Mind, Fablehave, The Hound of Rowan ,Where the Red Fern Grows, Summer of the Monkeys, and the Land Of Stories.

  3. energeticg20

    I love the original series. The newer series DO NOT have a good topic and it makes Nancy Drew different(in a bad way).

  4. Bella

    The Book Thief
    Save the cupcake
    The fault in our stars
    The wings of fire
    Skeleton creek
    The Kane Chornicles
    The Giver
    Island of the Blue Dolphins
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Heroes of Olympus
    The Land of Elyon
    Walk two Moons
    Winning team
    The last dogs
    Sign of the Beaver
    AG Mysteries
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Star In the Forest
    Emily Windsnap
    The Inheritance Series
    Ever After High
    Harry Potter
    The 39 Clues
    The Hobbit
    The Land of Stories
    The Hunger Games
    The House of Power
    Whatever After
    Dork Diaries
    The Bonesetters Daughter
    Goddess Girls
    Racing in the Rain

  5. BookAmber28

    I <3, <3 the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books!!! Can't wait for the Blood of Olympus!! :D :D

  6. emeraldmonkey69

    I LOVE the Harry Potter series. I’m so into it right now! All my friends LOVE it too. The books are a combination between happy and sad. I can’t wait until I read the final book. I was crying when I was watching the movie of the last book. But overall, I think the Harry Potter series is THE BEST!!!

  7. Angelmusician01

    Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, The Da VInci Code, and Shakespeare’s the Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on.”

  8. darkcheese23

    Some of my favorites are: The Unwanteds, Lawless, Harry Potter, and and Calvin and Hobbes.

  9. bookworm359

    I LOVE the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series! I just finished it not to long ago. I also LOVE the Divergent series! I just finished it.
    I also finished The 39 Clues series about a month ago which was also AWESOME!!
    And I’m almost done reading REACHED by Ally Condie, then there’s another series finished.
    I’ve just started the Alice McKinley series, and am also reading One Shot by Susan Glick, which is a good book so far.
    I’m also reading the Camp Confidential series, and The Vespers series and the Alex Rider series,which i’m almost finished with.

    I THINK that’s all. FOR NOW!!! :)

  10. purplefairy737

    In July books I would like either the hardy boys the tower treasure or Geronimo Stilton field trip to niagara falls that is what I would like for July books of the month

  11. energeticg20

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Lightning Thief, Guardians of Ga’hoole, 39 Clues, Penderwicks on Gardam Street, Dork Diaries……………………….

  12. sweetbeak13

    Harry Potter, Dork Diaries, and Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? are some of my favorites.

  13. doggy4567

    i think that Harry Potter should win.if not,J.K. Rowling and i would be fed up!!!!!!:-(k,Precy Jackson would be fine. 50+50=50,that’s my opinion!

  14. blackbrownie609

    Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant. The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Mockingjay, The Whole Dork Diaries Series, Tentacles, Chupacabra, and MUCH more.

  15. blackbrownie609

    Would you ever think that you would be the only one to escape a “prison?” Well, Benson did, and speaking of which, you guys and girls should read Variant. This is a very nice book and if you don’t read it, you will miss out on a lot. I will not tell you anything about what it is about. The only thing I am telling you is………..
    P.S. – Don’t forget to read the two other books in the series, Feedback and Blackout!!!!!!

  16. chasingcobra485

    I LOVE the Percy Jackson series! I think they have to be my favorite series. I know that for the other thing I put The Land of Stories as my favorite series, but I change my mind. The Percy Jackson series are AMAZING. : )

  17. -Ross L

    I really like the Percy Jackson series. So yeah for all of the fans out there read that series~~~Sincerely Ross L.–

  18. magicbird85

    harry potter. sure we can keep this going. I going to try to add you to my friends list. cool! me to I can’t wait

  19. dreamtimedetermined14

    I’m reading the Kane Chronicles, The 39 Clues, The Secret Series, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  20. shrewddreamtime11

    poison apple
    candy apple
    rotten apple
    my sister the vampire
    zodiac girls
    captain underpants
    monster high
    goddess girls
    the twits
    nancy drew
    geromino stilton
    dear dumb diary
    baby mouse

  21. chickenangel26

    This month I have been reading a book called “Wolf Princess”. It is awesome. I recommend it to people who like mystery and adventure books.

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