July 30, 2014

July Books of the Month

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It’s time for Books of the Month!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! It’s BOOKS OF THE MONTH TIME!!! I know you can’t see me from across the Internet, but I’m doing my little books-of-the-month dance right now. (There’s a lot of wiggling involved.) You guys, I love Books of the Month. I can’t wait to find out your cool new book recommendations!

You STACKS regulars can probably do this in your sleep, but for those of you new to the ~*mAgiC*~ that is Books of the Month, here’s the deal: at the end of June I asked you all what books you were reading. Then I made a word cloud to show which titles are most popular. As he has been for some time now, Percy Jackson leads the pack in popularity, but some other titles have been steadily rising in rank over the months. (Percy had better watch his back! Dork Diaries is sneaking up there!) See for yourself:July 2014 books of the month

Summertime Books of the Month posts are the best because summertime means UNLIMITED TIME FOR READING, which is just the greatest thing in the whole wide world. And you get to read in awesome places, like in your backyard or on your roof top or on the beach. Summer reading rocks! Even better, you can read in our super-crazy-cool event at tomorrow’s Harry Potter Readathon!!!

Let’s keep this going. What books are you reading now? What books do you absolutely, positively love and think everyone in the whole wide world should read? Leave the title (or titles!) in the Comments below. I can’t wait to see what new books you recommend!

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image from kids.scholastic.com — En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

  1. Scotland

    Books of the Month is my favorite post on the Ink Splot Blog every month!
    I’m reading the Heroes of Olympus, The 39 Clues, Infinity Ring, Loot, and All the Wrong Questions!

  2. K.O.

    My some of favorite books are:
    * Harry Potter (I Like Prisoner of Azkaban Most)
    * Dork Diaries
    * Percy Jackson
    * The School for Good and Evil
    * The Willow Falls Series
    * The Host
    * Circle of Secrets
    * City of Bones
    * The Hypnotist
    * Diary of a wimpy kid
    (I tried to get it in order but a lot of them are tied)

  3. volleyballathena14

    percy jackson and heroes of olympus are two of the best book series I have ever read!!!

  4. astronomygirl3

    Some books I loved reading:

    1. The Finisher
    2. The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Books
    3. The Infinity Ring Books
    4. The Spirit Animal Books
    5. The 39 Clues
    6. The School for Good and Evil
    7. Between Shades of Gray
    8. Cinder
    9. The Accidental Hero

  5. volley ball iridescent 14

    I have been reading ,Who Could That be at This Hour,When Did You See Her Last,and Savvy over the summer.
    I really reccomend these booksZ.

  6. EmeraldCity232

    Some books I love that I read this month are…
    1. The Sisters Grimm series
    2. The Mother-Daughter Book Club
    3. Wonder
    4. Divergent
    5. Nancy Drew
    I think everyone in the whole wide world should read these books!

  7. Abby

    Most of these are fantsay, because that’s what I like to read. Here I go:
    The Land of Stories, Harry Potter, The Uglies, Divergent, The Mysterious Benift Society, and The Kingdom Keepers.

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