March 5, 2009

Julie of the Wolves Trivia

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In Jean Craighead George's classic book Julie of the Wolves, 13-year-old Julie runs away from an arranged marriage with plans to head to San Francisco to live with her pen pal. But it's not as easy to get to San Francisco as Julie thinks. Stuck in the wilderness, Julie finds a family in the wolves that live on the tundra, becoming part of their pack.

My trivia questions for you are about the pen pal who sets Julie off on her journey. First, what is Julie's pen pal's name? Second, what color is the bedroom in her house that she said Julie could have?

Good luck!

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Tiah

    I love this book. It made me understand, sure, wolves aren’t as nice as a bunny, but they don’t just kill for pleasure. Wolves are unpredictable, but not as hostile as people think!

  2. Mattiems

    I really enjoyed this book. I would totally reccomend it to anyone who loves nature stories. I really liked the second book, also.
    Hm. I’m not that much of a fan, I’ve only read the book once. I’ll give the trivia a try.
    The girl’s name was Amy…?
    The room is yellow. Or blue.
    ???? :P

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