October 4, 2013

Jennifer Stone in Deadtime Stories

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JStoneFans of scary stories, read on . . .

If you liked Deadtime Stories (rated TV-PG), then you’ll like this interview with Jennifer Stone. She plays the cool, funny babysitter on the show who reads the kids those scary stories. Wouldn’t you love to have an awesome babysitter like her? Be sure to read to the end of the interview because Jennifer has a scary story starter for YOU to complete in the Comments.

Q: What is Deadtime Stories about?
Jennifer: Deadtime Stories is a show based on the tales from the book series by Annette and Gina Cascone. Each week, the babysitter invites the kids and the audience to venture into a new hair-raising tale.


Marlene Dietrich

Q: Which do you think is the scariest episode?
Jennifer: I don’t know about the scariest, but I love “The Beast of Baskerville.” A group of kids have a camp-out in Baskerville and discover that the legends about a half-human beast with horns and hooves may be true!

Q: What are your Halloween plans this year?
Jennifer: I’m not sure about plans yet, but I am thinking about being Marlene Dietrich [a glamorous film star from the 1930s and 40s].

Q: What is your best or funniest/most embarrassing Halloween memory?
 When I was younger, I was scared out of my wits while trick-or-treating by someone I thought was a scarecrow decoration — until they moved! I’ve never looked at scarecrows the same since! [OMG! It's just like those creepy scarecrows in the "Invasion of the Appleheads" episode!]

Q: If you were going to write a scary story, what would be the first line?
There was a sense of unease throughout the city streets that night . . .

Oooh. . . .what is going to happen next? Write the next line of the story in the Comments. Let’s write a scary story to make Jennifer Stone proud!

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer


    no offense or anything but i think that these dead time stories are totally not scary. if you want real scariness, try watching a haunting or when ghosts attack.

  2. Rachelle

    Hey, im such a big fan….I liked it when you played on Wizards of Wavarly place,until Selena Gomez got off of Disney.

  3. Elle

    Hey, I decided to write a story based on this. Want to read the introduction? It doesn’t have the first line of the scary story that Jennifer put on, but here we go:

    It was a freezing October. I shivered as I walked down the street. Wrapped in my navy peacoat and a black and orange silk scarf, you would have thought I was burning. In fact, is was the exact opposite.
    I spotted my friend, Annika, across the street, peeking into the windows of the Halloween costume store. Lucky! She was going to buy her costume? I slowly approached her.
    “Hey, Annika!” I called, touching her on the shoulder. A complete stranger looked back at me.
    “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were my friend, Annika Johnson. Sorry!” I apologized. The stranger, oddly enough, looked just like Annika.
    “But I am Annika Marie Johnson, age 12,” the girl said.
    “No, you’re not. Annika would never wear that shirt if she was in her right mind! Plus, you have brown hair and her hair is the most gorgeous caramel color known to mankind,” I explained.
    “I am Annika Marie Johnson, age 12,” the girl repeated, her teeth pressed together.
    “If you are, then what costume do you want to get?”
    I knew what costume the real Annika wanted. She had been looking forward to that new vampire costume hanging in the window next to us.
    “Don’t you remember, Piper? I so want that popstar costume. It looks so gorgeous, right?” the stranger asked me.
    Yeah, I knew it. This totally was not Annika. She would never wear a popstar costume. Too pretty to be true.
    I started to walk away from the awkward stranger.
    “Wait!” she called. “I can prove that I’m Annika.”
    I glared at her. Yeah, right. Like this imposter could do it.
    “Come with me to my house. You know, the one on Orchard Lane, not the apartment in NYC,” she said.
    She took off at a brisk walk. I slowly followed after her. Whoa. Well, she was as fast as Annika was, that is true. We continued to walk, and walk and walk.
    “We’re not going to your house on Orchard Lane! This is… Grove Drive,” I nervously said.
    Grove Drive was the home of the most haunted house in the town, Grove Mansion. It was a spooky mansion with ivy growing all over the towers, turrets with windows peeking out at you, and a 12-feet electric fence a mile in front of the building. What on earth…?
    Annika ducked through a hole in the fence.
    “This isn’t your house!” I called after her.
    “Oh yeah? Wanna bet?” she called back at me.
    “Sure!” I said.
    She murmured something under her breath that I couldn’t make out.
    “What did you say?” I asked.
    “Nothing!” she readily assured me.
    This was super creepy.
    As we approached the stone mansion, Annika knocked on the door, and very creepily, it opened of its own accord.
    I walked in alongside Annika. There was no one behind the door. Awkward…
    Annika took a torch that was hanging off the wall.
    This was totally too old-fashioned creepy!
    I walked ahead with Annika behind me.
    As I was inspecting the floors to make sure that they were rat-free, I turned around to announce something to Annika.
    To find that her mouth was flying for my neck. And you know what were in her mouth? Vampire fangs.
    I let out a scream.
    And everything went black.

  4. Anonymous

    nice i have not seen the eoisodes but i have seen comirshals. somtimes I i freak out affter seeing them! somtimes i can be a real scardy cat! I also beet those fears till there gone but please remember about te scardy cats in this world

  5. Olivia

    There was a sense of unease throughout the city streets that night. Every fifty years in New York City, there was a zombie apocalypse. That apocalypse would … would happen in four days. The humid four-days-before-Halloween night was vicious and scary. The people who had died would come back to life as ghosts. For some, it was an excellent opportunity to meet deceased relatives. But for others, it was an interference. The zombies scared the wits out of tourists. The zombies could even kill What the citizens didn’t know that one person could stop the apocalypse. That citizen just had to visit Zombiesville, find the Zombie King, and convince him to stop the zombies before it’s too late – in four nights. Who was that person? Could the curse that had caused the apocalypse five hundred years earlier be broken?

  6. Anonymous

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  7. Chloee

    I tackle Him to the Ground. You can’t be The Dog. I look at The Boy. He had Jet Black Hair, About 5″10 and Storngly Bulit. You can’t be The Dog. Dog’s have 4 Leg’s and A Tail. Who ARE You Tell Me The Truth. I’am The Dog! The Boy Say’s. My Name Is Conan Claws. I’m one of the Wolfexzlef Specis or more commonly know WereWolves. He Say’s. What? I ask. Let Me Explain. You are a WereWolf. Harriet Moon. I’am? What? I ask. Let Me Tell You Everthing. The Pack Leader’s sent Me to Train You for Tommrrow. You are a WereWolf. Tommrrow is Halloween also Your 13th Birthday. Tommrrow Moring You will turn into a Wolf. And Tommrrow Night the Beast is coming Back for Reavenge. You are Our only Hope. You know You were Adopted. What? You were Adopted those aren’t You real Parent’s. I know. I know I was Adopted. Well that Mark on Your Right Hand is the Wolf Mark. He take’s My Hand to show Me the Paw shaped Mark on My Hand. You are a WereWolf Harry. And the Beast is Coming for Evil reason’s. You will be the one to save Us.

  8. Chloee

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  9. sunshinebutterfly77

    then you realize it was your friend. ‘ BOO’ your friend scared you and say’s ‘ do you want to check that hose that is in the woods’.'no it look’s scary for me’ . ‘come on it’s not that far .’.'okay but for only a few minutes’. you go in the house when the doors slam right behind you,you screamed.’Let’s go up stairs maybe there will’ ,’aaaahhhhhhhhh’ what you saw a ghost ‘. ‘No worst i think i saw bloody mary on that brohken glass.

    FIND OUT TOMORROW IF THEY COME OUT SAFELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jennifer

    There was a sense of unease throughout the city streets that night . . . it was a shadow as dark as black, and it came closer and closer. as i ran i could fell my teeth getting sharper and sharper! “hey wait!” said my crush, my lips got swollen and fangs came out! he couldn’t see my white face in the dark. “you did not say good by-” i bit him he fell down
    “omg!!!!!!!” i ran as fast as i could i felt a hand on my back ,”hey loser! lol” one of them whispered in another girls ear Ashly the meanie cleared her through.
    “oh sorry Sam…. can i call yo-” “don’t…. call me Samantha” “OK close enough….look Sammie im soooooooo soooooo soooo sorry!” not buying in i thought, all day untill next week Ashly beged me to be in her vamp club only girls. i said no im not a vamp, untill one day……. “well… SAM if your not a vamp how come your crush is in the grave then?” she is leading me to romantic drama evil “how could i! ” i cried then things got worse that night. i live lived in a manor so there ought to be a ghost
    “wh- wh- where am i?” said a voice i knew well “its ok… its ok ” though i knew deep down on my heart Berns so much. well kiddos how you like it? hop you can add me :D

  11. Elle

    There was a sense of unease throughout the city streets that night…

    I slowly settled into bed. Tomorrow was Halloween! My sister, Rebecca, was practically bouncing off the walls in excitement. I was excited, too. My costume was an evil witch, complete with cape and hat! Finally Rebecca settled in bed, and we turned off the light. Rebecca went to sleep in about five minutes. Meanwhile, I tossed and turned in bed, unable to go to sleep, anticipating the next day. I realized I needed to use the restroom. I grabbed my pocketknife (which had a flashlight built in), and clambered out of the room. Freezing in my pink satin nightgown, I found the bathroom. “Elle! What are you doing out of bed?” I whipped around, scared out of my right mind. Phew. It was only Mom. “I need to use the bathroom,” I simply stated, the picture of innocence, wearing a pink nightgown and my blonde braids bouncing up and down. “All right, hurry up,” Mom said, and walked over to her bedroom to get ready to go to bed. As I washed my hands with my favorite soap (Fall Leaves, mm!), I heard banging around the halls. What could that be? Was Rebecca out of bed? I whipped my head out the door, then brought it in immediately. I shut the door, and locked myself in. You wouldn’t believe what was out in that hallway.
    My witch costume, flying through the air.

  12. shayonna

    Omg i cant believe that im commenting on something about Jennifer Stone. I am a big fan of u.

  13. athenabrain74

    OMG!I LOVE Jennifer Stone!!! Soooo wish I had a babysitter like her!! That would be AMAZING!!!

  14. brittanyl

    i love gooesbumps so much …. and thats scary rv in the world ….. and good idea for that tv show okay

  15. lavendermoonlight29

    hi i am lavendermoonlight29. if you made a scary book would it be based on a old timer like titanic or something like old? well if figure it out leave me a message here, to lavendermoonlight29 no spaces.

  16. Chloee

    My foot steps pounded on the side walk out of place in the cool sileint night. I pulled my jacket tighter around me. Wait. What was that. I look around. Ellie stop being so paranoid. Hi. I’m Harriet Moon but my friends call Me Harry I know weird nick name. Hey! Don’t blame Me blame My weird Parent’s. anyway I can’t help being so into everything weird, crazy, and freaky. I love Monster’s and Creature’s of freakyness . But I’am the only one one the Street. Beast Rd. The People in My small town just 600 Miles away from London say that There is a reason They called it Beast Rd. 299 Year’s ago there was this Rich Old Man. Even though He had a lot of Money He wanted more. Since He owned all the Land He started charging more and more to the Poor Famlies here in Howleville. Soon Famlies started spending all Their Money just to have a Home for the Week. The Man Was also Cruel and Mean. Hateful. They Say. Finally People got tired of it so They Rioted. One cold Hallween night with a Full Moon They Charged into His House dragged Him into The Street’s. He ran but ended up in the Wood’s which would soon become Beast Rd. Nobody found Him until the Next Day. You can guess what happened to Him. That say His face was a look of Pure Terror. Scrawl onto the Ground was ” 300 Year’s from now I’ll be back. ” Tommrow’s the 300 Annversy of the Day He’ll ” Come Back. ” so the Mayor decided to have a Huge Celbration. I turn back around. Harry settle down. I thought to Myself. It’s nothing. I froze. Nothing dosen’t Growl. I turned around and saw a Huge Mouth Full Of Fang’s Going Stright For My Neck.

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