January 20, 2010

Live Chat: Future Writers

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We know that many of you are amazing writers and plan to be authors when you grow up. The STACKS supports you 100%! So the topic for the next live chat will be writing tips for all you future authors (and current authors!) out there. Come to the chat and share your tips and ask your questions for other kid writers. Where do you get your inspiration? How do you come up with good plot and character ideas? What do you do when the dreaded writer’s block hits? Come to the chat and talk about writing with us.

BTW, STACKS staffers have met lots of published authors — it’s one of the perks of working at Scholastic — and we will be sharing some writing tips that we’ve picked up from them.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)
TOPIC: Writing Tips

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UPDATE: Thanks for joining the chat! Here’s the transcript. We will be announcing the date and time of the next chat very soon!

  1. Sierra

    I have a HUGE inmagination but have no clue wat my topic should be. im better at writing books that i can be free to write wat i want and have room to be creative. i need some tips to write my own book series in the (near) future. i got big plans!

  2. blackbutterfly241

    i think that this book will be boring.it looks very boring because just look at the title.i thought that books are to be fun.

  3. angelcelebrating25

    i love to write it’s like a passion for me and i just can’t wait to write again

  4. Darkgriffin8

    I love writing SO much. I have written a ton of books and I am on the second book in a series already (:D) I have some tips for people;
    >Don’t ever stop writing; try to fit it into your schedule for at least 5 minutes a day
    >Read the dictionary and thesaurus; I know it sounds like a bore, but it is actually gr8 b/c you learn new words/names.
    >Read other books of the genre you’re writing. Don’t cliche, but you can still model some of your books after those.
    I hope you enjoy these tips

  5. hunger games friend

    Hi there I am new but here is my first post. I plan to write something like the hunger games but it might be better I am working on it right now.

  6. gamedog37

    I hold a challeng to everyone out there who loves to read:
    You have a week. Read as many chapter books in a series as you can and then record them in your next comment.
    Good luck!

  7. gamedog37

    The one thing that inspired me to write in the first place was my imagination. All writers have some imagination in them. Mine is just plain crazy. I write all kinds of books. I write fantasy, horror,comedy action etc. Writing is my life. The STACKS has now given me extra encouragement to write.
    Give me a shout out! I don’t have any yet. My screenname is gamedog37. Can’t wait to write in the future!

  8. J

    Hi everyone,
    I am writing a 158 paged novel called ‘A Couple of Kids.’ It is about me and my best friend who find 2 wristbands that give us powers and there is a villain called ‘Short Sized Sizzle’ who is on a mission to capture all the kids in the neighbourhood and my best friend and I have to try and stop him.
    I have been a writer ever since I was little. I have been writing stories, poems and letters for my family using microsoft ever sine I can even remember!

  9. mermaidaphrodite18

    i have tons of ideas for new books and stories. also, my favourite author+illustrator is brian selznick. he draws sooooo amazing. i already got the invention of hugo cabret, now i totally have to get wonderstruck! i want it so BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pandarising3

    I want to be an author when I grow up because I love to write stories. My stories are usually about adventures or school life. I hope I can become a writer someday.

  11. 494Sailor

    dude how in da sam hill do u do chats is it what im doin now?
    aanyways this is good for skool,skills and not being shy!
    Thanks the stacks members soooooooooooo much luv dis site

  12. Tj Jerkie 100

    hi this is tj jerkie 100 this is the end of my school year . school have been a great school year . but some people are mean and some are nice.I am in the forth grade. And im about to go to the fith grade.I have alot of new freinds like justi b 16.

  13. luvsoftball98

    Use what u know in wrting. Think about what u do everyday. And never be afraid to add a little flare!

  14. superliver3

    I missed it, but I want to be an author sooooo bad!! I have written over 100 pages of one book, not to mention the other 16 book ideas I have!!!!! I wish I hadn’t missed it!

  15. pterica

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!”
    The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., “I Have a Dream” speech, Washington, D.C., 1963

  16. pterica

    um……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… hey

  17. kitty6383


  18. hey girl

    Dont have eny idiawhat to right
    ( P.S Poste ideas please to right abut ) LOL
    ( Sorrey for my spelling stink at it LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. LilBenn

    to chat youll hav a little window on your screen and there will be a lot of people in the chat room and u just talk bout wateva u want to talk bout

  20. LilBenn

    OMG i cant believe theyre gonna get a cht thats so cool ive never done it on this site before so im really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. sophie

    hey peeps,my name is Hannah and i somwhate like reading , i love music and basketball.im in six grade.also my favorite singer is lady gaga.also my favorite book series is twilight.

  22. wolfchick1468

    hi my name is Sophie and i am good at reading beacause im in fith grade and i love the book series twilight.also i love music.my favorite singer is lady gaga.

  23. green queen 09

    Oh shoot! I have to wait for my dad to come so I can go on! I can’t belive the chat is NOW!!! YAY!!!

  24. stuffedmudkiptoy

    i looooooovvvvvveeeeee live chats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should do them more often… like every week

  25. purplepanda21

    I can’t wait! I’ve never been in a single chat! I love writing sooo much! (Reading too)

  26. BBoy

    whew! i hadnt been here in a really really really long time, and then i saw this thing, from 3-4 jan 20! and i saw it at exactly 4 oclock! ah! but luckily i live in ET so its not til 6! got a real breather when i saw that

  27. confusedandbored/Chatty Catty/Cadelina

    I love going to LIVECHATS! I always chat. They call me Chatty Catty. Because my name is Cadelina (the prettiest name ever! in my opinion) LOL! but this will be the best because I wanna talk about WIMPY KID BOOKS!!!!! I luv stacks and all my friends here!

  28. horsedogwolf

    this is great! i will definitely try to be here, since my dream is to become an author/dog trainer. I am actually writing several books right now.

  29. cuttie24

    do u know how mean it is to leave ur friends out in the rain all day waiting for them to come back out when they asked u to go out in the rain and to play out there and get soked and get all muddy?Because it just happened 2 me. Then they came back 2 my house to ask me if I could play outside and I couldent so I was even more sad:(

  30. elle92015

    hey i think you should belive in your self and express your fellings with your heart the best thing is that you get to write about any thing you want beacause everyone can here it.Think of it as magic or the air you breath they give you ideas.I have wroten 2 books all ready and there about well i cant tell it is a seceret since i skiped some grades well 2 i thought about how hard people work to be smart and how you can be whatever you want if you think hard!See if you can do that i will be giving more tips soon so keep in touch!

  31. ICEDEMON96

    I LOVE WRITING SOOOOOOOOOO much! my favorite author of all time is j.k rowling. i love her so much i hope she writes more books soon!

  32. elle92015

    i love the book main street it is actully like your living there and thats what i am going to right about when i am an auther

  33. jj

    hey cutte23 i will talk to u.got anything to talk about cutte23. what i have something to talk about this thing is very slow uploading your (comments).

  34. nicole

    i am sooo excited.I think this is ganna be sooooooo much fun i love chatting.So i think this will become my hobby

  35. jj

    i don’t know how to chat or make friends .
    i am making a dear dumb diary my self but u can’t read it. plus i am not even done with it u gals(girls) should try it too just don’t let anybody read it not even your best friend in the whole wide world .
    sometimes i don’t even let my self read it jk (just kidding) .
    i think i should add this link to my u know what & talk about my future friends and what i have been talking about. this is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. misslisa967

    if we did not have this website itwould not of help me improve on my stories i write for creative writing in class

  37. jj

    i am new here , anyone nice … and a girl here ?.(i am the one who said yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  38. chocochip48

    I sooo love scholastic.com cause it’s so fun! My avatar, meeting people, books, everything! Scholastic.com Rules!

  39. cutte23

    so bored someone talk to me come on any one here i just stated so just talk to me i need a friend get online becuse am so bored come just get on it just like waching tv but u have to tpye wich is good beacuse it makes u good speeler and reader so if dosint make u log on am going on a other site :( :(:(

  40. mariah


  41. mghomerun

    Ummm well i have never been to a chat but if somebody could give me more infomation that would be great.

  42. moneyfreak

    What are you guys takling about like the s and r group what the heck does that mean I MEAN NO ONE EVER explains things to me they leave me clueless!!??!!

  43. girly grl

    omg what is up how do you speak spanish am failing in that class all i know is see and the numbers

  44. .Katia.

    I am so excited for this chat! I was just working on the book I am currently writing, Siege, but I was taking a break and saw this on the home screen! I have never been to one od these chats before, but I have wanted to! I was late for the last one, so I hope that I will remember this one!

  45. bakers02

    OMG!! I love live chats!!
    But why is it on wednesday? I will be at school and won’t be able to chat!! :(
    Guess I’ll just have to read it afterwards!!

  46. muffinman

    In 2009 I read loads of great books, many of them from my birthday or christmas, or just one that I randomly brought. Here are the best.
    1. Herge – The Tintin Series
    2. Michael Morpurgo – Running Wild
    3. Rudyard Kipling – The Original Jungle Book
    I would of wrote mpre but these are the top three

  47. blackhead

    OMG, I AM NOT GOING TO MISS THAT!!! I’ve wanted to be an author ALL MY LIFE. I’m working on a new story now! :)

  48. pinkberry2007

    I cnt wait for it. but i cant o it because i have school and my mother wont let me
    boo hoo

  49. BkwormSarah

    Yay! I’m always trying to write a story, and after a while, I always end up not being able to continue or finding a better idea or finding all sorts of problems with the plotline so I have to start over.

  50. dfghjkl;456789

    try to imagen stuff you would wish would happen and mix it up with stuff that happened before

  51. peachtree1

    For one of your chats could you talk about Twilight books? PLEASE.I love those books and so do other people.I am giving a fact right now, if you do a chat on Twilight books you would get ton’s of veiwers more than you do noe so why don’t you think about it and people of the world vote if you want to try reading Twilight books go ahead they are the best book nown to man, if you don’t wanna read them just see the move get the dvd.

  52. Lauren

    Awsome! I’ve been wanting to write a book about a girl who is taken away from her family for something she never did and is made to fight to death with these twisted animals and it’s gonna be SO cool!

  53. rACHAEL

    HEy i have wanted to be a writer since 2 grade. i like making up characters and let them have an adventure. i go to a baby names website if i can’t figure out a good name. I do need some tips though i have only finished one long book 60 pages my others are 3 or 5

  54. Tal

    Oooo, I’m SO excited! I’ve always wanted to be a writer, from the time I could understand what that means. I’m new to this. I might miss it, I’m so forgetful!

  55. Fazleen

    Oh that is great!! I Luv 2 Chat.I also have been wanting to be a writer for many years.I am working on a book.This time I am going to finish it.I can’t wait,I already put the date up on my important dates post-it to go on this.I am looking foreword to be able to see how good my writing is.

  56. Muh.Rysa

    I actually think that the most important thing to remember when writing is use your imagination.(: When writing a good story assumptions to short and long remember be creative and use your unique side to give it either a twist or use a key point that was your favorite in your lifetime or an adventure trip that was taken sometime. I have noticed when I myself am writing I begin with a specific prompt of choice of something I am interested in. During the middle, I would suggest bringing in the climax with a situation. When finshing in the end I myself would have a be continued or end with a happy ending. Thanks for reading. (:

  57. Chidi

    I’m totally going to do the live chat if i don’t forget it will be at 5:oo p.m to 6:00 p.m for me.

  58. Klaus-Lucian

    Hmmm…I will try to make it…its at 3 pacific time, right, so right after school…but last time I tried to get into a chat but I was unable to get inside.
    This should be FUN!!!!

  59. bethany

    the only problem with me is i get a good idea, and then i get stuck and so i never finish anything

  60. mistiq

    I cannot wait! I have not been to one of these yet! I hope they do a harry potter or Hunger Games one soon. ( the hunger games discussion should be in august, after the final book comes out)

  61. magic-esi

    AWESOME!!!! I am so going to do that! I always wanted a chance to give people real writing advice as opposed to the unreal stuff some authors give out!

  62. summer103

    Hi I am new and I want to have a friend so if anyone could be my friend I would like that very much.
    peace out!

  63. Mistie

    ohh I’m exited I’m in grade 4 and in grade three i was the first grade 3 to become fluent since i was in a split class and know I’m with grade 5′s and I’m the only grade 4 in the highest novel group as we just finished the breadwinner and we are gonna see if we can get the second book but if not I’m gonna search every library i walk into for the other books

  64. princessgirls

    okay i always wanted to be a singger and i wanted to be in gymnastis and i want to be in a army

  65. sweetandfunnylol


  66. Meghan - Luv_Trees

    WOW!!! I cant wait to come to this chat and talk about my ideas and listen to everyone elses!!!
    I am also very happy about the e-mail option!!! I always forget about the chats, and now I can get e-mail reminders!!! WOOHOO!!! :) I always am excited for wonderful changes that the STACKS makes!!! :)

  67. aliciaurbestie

    im not a wrighter, reader, math person, scientist, historian or anything like that I AM A CHEERLEADER, DANCER, SOCCER PLAYER N A SHOPPER!!!! I LOOOOOVVVEEE SSHHOOPPEE!!!!!!

  68. Emii

    Ooh, I can’t wait! I’m writing my first novel right now — it has 56,000 words… I’d love to give and learn some tips! :D

  69. Husky32

    Ooh! A live chat about future writers…Yay! Finally a chat about my most favorite thing in the world: writing! (besides horses, huskies, and wolves, that is). I was just writing a story a minute ago, “Thunder, Awakening Star”…It’s going to be a great book, so I’m looking forward to sharing it in the chat!

  70. grkgrl246

    i’m in third grade and i started writing a story on the computer. my teacher told me that i am in the high writing group.i have always wanted 2 be an author i came 2 every live chat with author of the how i survived middle school series nancy krulik
    in 2nd grade i was in the s group but i guess since i moved up a grade it got harder

  71. obiwancrazy

    YES YES YES YES YES! I will come to this live chat!!! (Or at least, I will try, and then possibly forget, like I do with all the other ones) But seriously being a writer is my dream! :)

  72. Casy

    what is p and r that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooostrange. i have colours at my school.

  73. Daisy09

    to be a good author you have to have a good imagination. you need to see things in a different way than other people. its not hard to be a good author as long as you TRY, and try as hard as you can possibly try.

  74. Nichole

    i usually HATE chatrooms but this is fun.. i am trying new things as my sister tell me to do. i live with her so shes like my mom. i used to not like christmas but now i love it. My sister makes christmas really fun. shes going to have a baby boy in 2 weeks. so now im having to stay home alone alot. its kinda fun. and im startin to like chatrooms. :) my brother in-law is really neorvous so he is with her all the time. so im stuck with my dog..
    bye all! :) ~Nichole

  75. southernbells45

    this is kinda fun the whole stacks thing.. i dont know anyone who has one. but i guess its cool. i am all alone here. so i guess i just need someone to talk to other than the people im around all the time.

  76. Victoria D.

    Hey, i’ve had a great past reading week, first i was in P since 2nd grade I am in 3rd grade now and you have no idea how easy it was for me so I kept asking to get assessed. For almost two weeks i wasn’t and finally she tapped me on the shoulder while I started reading my P book, then I turned, she gave me a signal. As I walked a feeling of nervousness filled my body,I and my teacher knew I was definitely in Q . when I read through the assessment smoothly no problem. Then she asked me,”Do you want to try the R assesment?” I was shocked, I wanted to scream YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but instead I said something like,”If you want to.” Guess what happened, no problem, and know I’m the only one in R meaning I am in the highest level. By the end of 3rd grade I will well at least I hope I am in S the highest my teacher allows in her class. Love, Victoria D.

  77. Taylor431

    AWESOME!! i have honestly wanted to becum an author ALL my life! exceot when i was five.. i wanted to be a cat vet….

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