June 11, 2010

Jaden Smith is the Karate Kid

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Karate_kid_130 Jaden Smith made his movie debut in 2006, acting with his dad, Will Smith. This summer, Jaden gets his first starring role in a re-imagining of a classic ’80s movie, The Karate Kid (rated PG). Here’s the scoop on the new Karate Kid (rated PG), which opens in theaters June 11.

Jaden plays Dre Parker, a kid from Detroit who moves to Beijing with his mom when she gets a new job (can you imagine changing to a new school halfway around the world? Scary!). At his new school, Dre gets bullied for liking a classmate, and he only knows a little karate to defend himself. Then he meets a maintenance man, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), who is a secret master of kung fu. Mr. Han agrees to mentor Dre in kung fu using his unconventional teaching methods.

We caught up with Jaden to find out more about his character, his best subject in school and his book recommendations. (You may have heard of them. . .)

Karate_kid_small Q: Tell us about your character in Karate Kid.

Jaden: My character’s name is Dre Parker. He has to move from his home in Detroit when his mom gets a job in China. Dre wants to be tough all the time. He tries to be the macho, tough-kid type when he goes to China. But instead he gets beats up because he likes this girl. He learns that violence is not the answer.

Q: What do you like about him?

Jaden: I liked his ability to stand up to a bully.

Q: In real life, do you think you would be friends with Dre?

Jaden: Yes, we would be friends because I like his courage. And he’s kind.

Q: Which scene was the most fun to shoot? Which scene was the hardest?

Jaden: The tournament at the end of the movie was the most fun and the hardest to shoot, because I had to constantly fight every day. It was exhausting. But it was also really cool.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Jaden: Math because I am amazing at it.

Q: If you were going to recommend three books to a friend, what books would you recommend?

Jaden: There’s actually four: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. The whole Twilight series [for ages 12 and up] is really good.

Jaden also has this to say to you, Splotters: “Follow your dreams.” Great advice, Jaden! Will you be checking out The Karate Kid? Have you ever watched the original movie? Let us know what you think in the Comments.

— Kelli, Scholastic Staffer

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  1. Diya1998

    i think that Jaden smith is funny. My sister USED to love him and the movie was okay, i guess. I started to cry at the end of the movie. But i liked it anyway.

  2. scott

    i went to police camp and learned marshal arts so i want to verse him some day but just for fun!!:)

  3. jasmine

    wow jadensmith is so cool i cant believe this i finally found a way to write something to him this is my 5th time trying to write something to him.

  4. JENNA

    I RAELLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE jaden smith,he is the best.we both have alot in common.I looooove the color blue,he does too!bbbbbbbffdfffffff. BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER!

  5. rach

    listen jaden i’m not one of those girls who over react when i see you on tv.i am laid back.well i play sports but when theres no games or practice i hang out with friends.your a great dancer and i’m hoping to be as great as you one day soon.so if you saw my last note jaden i was a little crazy at the moment so sorry.but still kinda want to be your friend because your realy sweet and a nice guy.write back please jaden. PLS.

  6. MRS.SMITH / mrs.bieber

    this is your #1 fan. you are really cute and funny. i cant beive the your dad is Will Smith. you were great in the video NeverSayNever. you and justin are both cute. Me and my sister love you , we have your pic on both of are walls WE LOVE YOU JADEN

  7. tia

    your movie was great and i wish i aws in of your movies and you and justin bieber are cute. i hope one day that i can see you in person. what is your favorite color? you are my star and i hpoe to be in a movie one day myself. WE LOVE YOU JADEN

  8. jamya

    me and tia are your biggest fand and we love you in your movie. do you play sport? you are so cute

  9. tia

    you are cute jaden and i love your movie and that is cool that you like to do movies and all
    your biggest fan and we all love wat you are doing

  10. cutiepiecae713

    im not one of those fans that are like screaming ur name wen they see you.im just kwl n very fun to be around…i love the way u dance n every time i see ur face i smile.

  11. Teresa

    i already watched karate kid ,its so good. i loooooove Jaden soooo much. I want to meet him sooooo bad in person. I wish he just lived around the corner from my house. If he did,i think we’re be best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. rach

    Jaden Smith if you see this i just wanted to say i loved the movie and the song you did with Justin Bieber rocked. If you see this Jaden please write back. Thanks;)

  13. rach

    jaden smith if you see this i just want to say i loved the movie and the song you did with justin bieber they were great. i hope one day we meet. pls write back soon if you see this. thx

  14. lena4eva101

    jaden smith is so cute. In the movie he played a great role and played his part. As soon as i saw the preview i wanted to see that movie. and he also gives great advice

  15. Bballguru

    I would like to be Jaden because he stood up to boys that bulling. At the end is where the good part is how that man that was training him healed him because jaden wouldnt give up he wanted revenge.

  16. Dynasty

    Jaden smith is soooo cute!!! i would really like 2 meet him. and his dancing is rhe best!!! and he rapps really good.

  17. funny2me

    i love jaden playing as trey and i love the part in karate kid when his mom said trey pick up your jacket

  18. Debbie

    It was the best kid movie I’ve seen in a long time. Bravo for Jaden and the Smith family.

  19. alicia

    iwish you was my brother your cool and cut isaw your movie it is cool i like the video with justin yol are verecute

  20. riley

    you were and are so cute in karate kid hope to meet you some day i have pictures of you all on my wall hope to meet you

  21. mckayla

    heyyy!!!!!!!!!! jaden my name is mckayla i am a big fan of yours. and i tell everybody we go ouit but i just play around but i like you in you are cuteeee and you are the same age as me….see you later=-)

  22. zforce

    That movie was so emotional that it is going to be hard for me to watch it again.(Jaden Smith did a great job)

  23. Ge'yianna L!!


  24. keaira

    omqqq jaden smith is so cute omqqq dat movie is so good i cant wait until it comes out on dvd lovee yu jaden

  25. Alexis


  26. raya

    Hey Jaden Smith my name is raya i love everything about you you are so cute I wish I could meet you some day well i just wanted to say that i love you so much ok bye write me back if you can on this website

  27. pals101

    jaden is sooo cute!! and karate kid is to die for!!!! and did u know he broke his leg while practicing and he still had to act out the parts poor jaden!!!!

  28. malik

    wats up jaden im doing this for my little sis she is 7 and dude on never say never you and justin song that song right.

  29. bekah159

    ooh!! i love the karate kid movie! but wasnt he doing kunfu? my friend said she was in kunfu and that was kunfu…???

  30. jada

    i love u and my name is jada i am a big fan i no all the words to thae song and u are so cute

  31. krystalkobra

    i didnt even know will smith had kids until i saw the trailer 4 this movie 2 be honest.:(

  32. jhon j

    i like your movie and your sacrifice to become perfect your movie!!!i like you jaden ihope i get to meet you someday!!

  33. muleyi

    Watched original karate kid had some boring scenes
    But I can trust jackie chan to make a better movie then the last karate kid

  34. ISP

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an American Idol style show where truly talanted children could compete and the winners be adopted by celebs? It would surely fix a lot of problems!

  35. Rhiana

    OMG Jaden Smith is so cute I hope Jaden your reading this I hope we can be in a movie together luv ‘da P.S. I’m the famous one

  36. Cassidy<3sJaden

    The Karate Kid Is AMAZINGGG. This One Anyways, I Didnt See The Original. Jaden Is Such A Cutieeee!

  37. Noelle

    I saw Karate Kid. It was good. You felt bad for Jaden’s character in the begging. Trust me. Jaden Smith is cute and by the way he is 11. And the movie is not PG-13. It is PG. I can’t believe he likes the Twilight books. I was not expecting that. I love that song he did with Justin Bieber for the movie too. One of my favorites!

  38. Serenity

    Jaden is really cool and i loved the karate kid and i hope my mom will get it on dvd so i can watch it all the time and he is cute 2

  39. m

    i lov u jaden! ur soooo cute! i loved u n the movie nd u r sooo talented! i hope one day i will meet u! lov ya!

  40. fayt

    hey wats up karate kid is so coool because u can fight n ur a good actor i hope i can meet u i n person 1 day

  41. m

    jaden is soooooo cute! gosh! he ws blessed wit a wonderful face! his family seems very nice..they dnt seem lk the type of snobs u kno..they’re different…they are filled wit alot of lov….lol…. n e wayz….GOOD JOB JADEN…LOV YA!

  42. M


  43. just girls

    jaden smith is cool hes a good singer and dancer .he evenmade a song with my favorite singer justin bieber .its called never say naver look it u peace

  44. Carly

    I have never seen the original Karate Kid but I saw the new one. Best Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  46. jade

    Jaden sounds like a really cool kid!And he is soooo cute,i agree he is more cute than justin bieber!I just can’t wait to see the movie!Best of luck in hollywood!

  47. Lenrocks!


  48. minnie

    OH!! I am dying 2 watch this movie!!!! Jackie Chan is ma favorite and the trailer makes me even more excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. number1girl (username)

    I love Jayden smith!!! : )))) I can wait till i see Karate Kid!! i know it is going to be GREAT!!! = )
    P.S check out my profile!!!!!

  50. girl you don't know

    i really want to see his movie. when was in his faters movie he was really good at acting so i wouldn’t dout that this movie good

  51. Soccerstar41

    i want to see the karate kid so badly!! i loves the karate kid movies so i am excited to see this one!!

  52. tara

    my mom is reading a book called ingo .it is about a mermaid we havet gotten verry far bet its good . have you read it? it teachs a lesson like karate kid.

  53. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    I know this person who’s related to someone who takes a main role in that, ‘cept I forget who it is. I think my teacher told us about it.
    Is he looking at this? Well, even if he isn’t… That’s awesome advice! Thanks! I’m planning to, anyway, as soon as I get rid of ‘Writer’s Block’ and finish my current project.

  54. 7karebear7

    He is so cute!!! I think he is at least 10 or 11!!!! So excited to see the movie! HE IS A CUTIEEEEEEE

  55. Thestral96

    UUUUUUHHHHH LOOKS AWFUL! The original is soooooo much better it should never be remade it sounds completely different so it should not be called Karate Kid, they are just calling it that so that it will sell Kung Fu is not Karate earth to director!!!!!!

  56. purple-owl

    Hey. I just saw the Karate Kid movie. It was amazing! Jaden sounds like a good person. I’m glad he’s not, like, spoiled. And he’s funny!

  57. cool kid

    jaden smith is awesome is movie is gonna be the best movie ever. i even have poster.

  58. kallie

    i havent seen it yet but i am hoping to because i have have gotten a lot of good reviews from family and friends

  59. ninjagirl123

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love jaden smith he is so awsome i wonder where he learned those moves holly flexability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  60. ninjagirl123

    i saw the movie it is awsome. it was so cool all u people should see it. and when u do u will love it it is so a family movie love it jaden smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Sat71

    I really can’t wait to see The Karate Kid!!!!!
    I heard it was going to be great! jaden smith rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. sunkist22

    hey kamryn, i’m an only child too!But I think he’s cute cute,not brother cute!!!!!!!:)

  63. 450ninja

    I saw all of the Karate Kids including this one! And i looooove Twilight. Jaden Smith is totally awesome!

  64. Destinee B

    Hey jaden smith i think that you are so cool and i really love your music.
    Love Alway,
    your number 1 fan

  65. kisskiss123

    omg! i watched this movie yesterday and you have got to be? the movie was like rated G for me i thought it was gonna have more action so yeah the movie is not good.the producer did have a good thought about making this movie.

  66. Leiaorgana56

    The movie looks great! Jaden is really cool. I already do karate so this might be a good movie for me 2 see.

  67. daisys

    I went to go see the movie yesterday, It was really cool, fun, and action-packed!! It would be soooo coll If we had a live chat with Jaden Smith!! The original movie was really funny too!

  68. summerpepperoni

    The karate kid movie is absolutely cool! I’ve watched it. I love the karate movements that Jackie Chan did!!! I hope that I could meet him and seeing him doing that in front of me.

  69. Emma

    It said it would be scary to move to a new school halfway across the world…well, i’ve done it! i moved from Arizona to Norway when I was 5.

  70. Nat

    I wanna watch this movie! I can’t wait till it comes out! And I really like the song that Jaden sang with Justin Bieber!

  71. PeanutMagnolia

    I would Love to meet Jaden Smith in person! It would be really cool because in the previews I have seen I just love his dance moves and I think he himself is just awesome. And all the training he has to do learning all the moves to jump over walls and to learn to fight for himself so he can stand up for himself and stop getting bullied!

  72. PeanutMagnolia

    I think The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is going to be AWESOME because I have seen the previews and yes, I have seen the original Karate Kid movies! My favorite Karate Kid of the series of them… (well i actually have 2). The one with Julie when her grandmother goes away on vacation and leaves her with actor Pat Morada…. (not sure if that’s how you spell it or not but anyway) and the one with actor Pat Morada and the boy who falls for the girl in China and her grandmother falls for Pat Morada!!!

  73. smartgirl384

    He is so cute!!!! I am totally watching the movie. I like the original movie too.

  74. JustinBieberGirl1

    Jaden smith is so cute i quess he might want to be an actor when he grows up just like his dad Will Smith!!!LOL, cant wait to see the movie.

  75. werewolf409

    that is so sad that he likes the twilight series and recommended them i hate those book theyre the worst

  76. 61cocochip

    The movie sounds pretty good this is a must see.My dad says I got to see the original.

  77. nemobabe123

    I was gonna go c karte kid last night but I went to my lil bros karate class instead but I gess it wasnt dat bad (-;

  78. chooichie

    Such a Girl.
    I can’t believe I have turned into such a girl. Especially over a boy that is like thousands of miles away. My friend Cam thinks it’s great, but I think she only thinks that because in her eyes she can justify us coming from the same gene pool this way. At least I haven’t started wearing frilly clothes and pink eyeshadow…that would be taking it just a little too far. Although, he can’t actually see me so maybe that’s why my style remains the same. Ugh, just the thought of changing myself for a boy makes me sick…but I guess maybe that’s why I like Cade. He never asked me to change. I’m pretty sure that my mom put him in my world for a reason. Otherwise why is he still sort of around???

  79. Emma

    Haha, my brother summarized the whole movie for us just by seeing the commercials, ROFTL. It was soooo funny! =P

  80. Wolfsong11

    its not PG 13 its PG says it right at this message thing anyway it seems like a good movie and i want to see it

  81. kamryn

    jaden smith is very cool.i love all your karate and dance moves!!!!!!you are awelsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. kamryn

    jaden smith is very cool.i wish he was my brother so that i could play with him.i do not have any siblings.i hope that soon i would have a brother like jaden smith.it would also be cool 2 meet jaden smith in person.i love jaden’s dance moves.i love the karate kid!!!!!!!!!!

  83. kamryn

    i love that video jaden made with justin beiber!!!it was amazing!i can not wait 2 see the movie!jaden is very cool.

  84. Dakota

    Karate Kid is probably a good movie for a family. I don’t know why it is PG13 though. I would love to see this with my mom, dad and brother I think they will love it! (: DAKOTA COMMENTED

  85. hippydippy1234

    oh my gosh I can’t wait to see the karate kid movie thanks for the advice I will always remember that especially sense I have always wanted to follow my dreams anyway too.

  86. hippydippy1234

    wow! I think the karate kid movie is going to be awesome I have seen all three of them I think I wonder if this one will be even better I really want to see it thanks so much for the advice I will always remember that

  87. 6belieber

    I’ve watched the original and it was good so I hope this one will be as great. Jaden Smith sounds like a really nice kid. :)

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