June 17, 2016

Jack Griffo Thundermans Would You Rather

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Jack Griffo (a.k.a. Max Thunderman) Would You Rather

I met 19-year-old Jack Griffo and we chatted about The Thundermans, superpowers, his best guy friend who plays Link, and his real-life girlfriend who plays Allison on the show. He was super-sweet and fun.

Watch the video!

jack griffo video

It’s your turn to answer The Thundermans questions.  Would you rather . . .

Be best friends with Henry Danger OR Link Evilman?

Be slimed OR be turned into an animal with the animalizer?

Be world famous OR have a secret superpower that no one knows about?

If you could only have 1 of Max’s superpowers, which would you choose and why?

Leave YOUR answers in the Comments and tell us what you think of The Thundermans!



  1. D

    Henry Danger
    Be Slimed
    Have A Secret Superpower That No One Knows About
    Why Not All. At least i won’t be using them for Evil, I would be using them for good!

  2. dogpajamas113

    Your speech is great Jacky but it kept stopping then going and i didn’t watch the hole thing and i agree with Aliyssa. He is cute,

  3. talkingcloud10

    I love thundermans because i am a huge fan of Max, Phoebe, Nora, and Billy. And it looks so cool to be on the set !
    1. Be slimed
    2. Secret Superpower
    3. Telekinesis because it is cool and you can move things without some people knowing!

  4. Laura

    Henry Danger


    Secret Superpower

    Telekinesis, because freeze breath doesn’t work without fire breath.

  5. harry

    I love your episodes in the Thundermans also in Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn go Hollywood.

  6. PinkLlama164

    1)Duuuhhh every girl would pick Link 2) slimed 3)have a secret superpower that now one knows about 4)Telekinesis… Ice breath… telekinesis…Ice breath… TELEKINESIS FER SURE!!! LOVE THUNDERMENS L.O.L F.O.R

  7. babyboo500

    Henery Danger
    TELekinesis because i can play pranks on people. SO FUNNY :)

  8. david

    1).henry danger
    2) slimed
    3) hidden super power
    4)telekinesis because if I was watching a movie and wanted a soda(like danger and thunder that was just on a while ago) I wouldn’t have to get up.

  9. tealbaketball87

    I LOVE the show !!!!!!
    1.henry danger
    3.world famous
    4.i do not know

  10. Jane

    Best friends with Henry Danger, being slimed, and having a secret superpower that no one knows about. I would choose telekinesis! I like the Thundermans.

  11. artisticeyes97

    Henry Danger
    Superpower-Super Athletic
    Freeze Breathe
    I love the Thundermans. I have watched every episode up until now. Can’t wait for Danger and Thunder!

  12. Estee

    i would rather be turned into an animal with the animalizer, have a secret superpower, i would have telekinesis. thunderman

  13. Mindy

    I would be friends with Henry Danger,I would get slimed, I would have a secret super power that nobody knows about and one of Max’s super powers would be for me is ice breath :)

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