September 29, 2009

Interview with a Monster: B.O.B.

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Bob_130A while back we scheduled an interview with B.O.B. from Monsters vs. Aliens, and we asked YOU what questions you would ask. Well, to celebrate today’s DVD release of Monsters vs. Aliens, B.O.B. is here to tell us about his experiences as a movie star monster.

Hi B.O.B. We are so honored that you could come to Ink Splot 26 for this interview. Thanks for agreeing to answer our questions. What was it about the movie Monsters vs. Aliens that made you want to be a part of it?

B.O.B.: Hi there! Thanks for the questions! Usually people scream and run away from me, so this is my first time answering questions. Actually I’m pretty nervous about this. Shoot! Did I say that? Hang in there B.O.B. it’s going to be okay! OK! I’m ready for questions now. Hi there! Okay my first question for you is, what color are your shoes! Wait, I forgot, these questions are for me! AMAZING! So, um, I wanted to be in this movie because I always wondered what Aliens tasted like. And now, I know! Lima beans and toothpaste!

Ink Splot 26 Editor: What did you do to prepare for this role? Did you have to work out or go on a diet?
B.O.B.: I went on my own special diet program I call “Snackin’ to the Oldies” It’s where you eat everything and anything that has past its expiration date.

Dewdrop 208 asks: What was it like working with Dr. Cockroach and the rest of the gang?B.O.B.: EWW! I hate cockroaches!
Dewdrop208 also asks: Was the Dance Pad scene really fun?
B.O.B.: I’m glad you mentioned the Dance Pad. It was more fun than eating a barrel of monkeys. Now THAT is fun!

Ink Splot 26 Editor: Which scene was the most difficult for you? Which was the most fun?
B.O.B.: WOW! GREAT QUESTIONS! The hardest scene was when I forgot how to breathe, because… I couldn’t breathe of course. The most fun scene was when I remembered how to breathe, because I had honestly forgotten and it was not fun.

Elephantlover5 asks: Would you crack jokes all the time or did you have to stay completely on script? Thank you for your time.
B.O.B.: There was a script? I was wondering why they kept feeding me paper. Oops . . .

Bookwink asks: Did you have a stunt double or did you do all your own stunts?
B.O.B.: Not only did I do my own stunts, but I did stunts for the stunt double as well. I really pay for it later though, let me tell you. I’m just covered in blue bruises.


T-T asks: You rock B.O.B! And I love the color of your gelatin. What shade of blue is it?

B.O.B.: I’m told it’s a Marine Blue, but I don’t seem to remember ever joining the Marines…Oh wait! General Monger’s a Marine and he turns blue every time we try to escape!

Ink Splot 26 Editor: How long did it take for you get into costume and make-up before your scenes?
B.O.B.: HOURS! It’s really hard to prepare the make-up and costumes for a 49 ½ foot woman. Wait a second – that was Susan! I didn’t have any make-up – I’m B.O.B! I don’t even have a costume; I was naked during the whole movie! OH NO! I WAS NAKED DURING THE WHOLE MOVIE! OH NO! I’M NAKED RIGHT NOW! SOMEONE GET ME SOME PANTS!
Ink Splot 26 Editor: In the movie, we saw B.O.B. the brainless blob, but tell us about B.O.B. the man. Could you describe a typical day off-camera?
B.O.B.: I’m the man? THANK YOU! My typical day starts with breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by a nap and then lunch, dinner and breakfast, followed by dinner, breakfast and maybe lunch if there’s time before my nap.
Ink Splot 26 Editor: What would your fans be surprised to learn about you? What are some little known facts?
B.O.B.: My favorite flavor of ice cream is rocky road (literally rocks and roads) and I’m afraid of unicorn babies. (I don’t trust those sharp horns, no matter how cute they are!)
Ink Splot 26 Editor: Are you dating? Is there anyone special in your life?
B.O.B.: I met a cute little blue SLUSHIE at the convenience mart but she gave me the cold shoulder.
Ink Splot 26 Editor: Do you think monsters get a bad rap? What would you want to tell the world about so-called “monsters”?
B.O.B.: I would tell the world that they should give monsters a second chance. A second chance to scare them! Ha ha, just kidding! But seriously, we are really good. Good at scaring you! Ha ha, just kidding again! But seriously . . .
Ink Splot 26 Editor: Who is your role model and why?
B.O.B.: Susan is my role model and I haven’t the foggiest idea why.
Ink Splot 26 Editor: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
B.O.B.: WOW! This just happened to me yesterday. Link farted, I laughed at him, then I realized that I farted and Link laughed at me! And Susan was there! AMAZING!
Ink Splot 26 Editor: What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?
B.O.B.: Wait for it…. wait for it…RIGHT NOW!
Ink Splot 26 Editor: One last question B.O.B. What are your plans for the future?
B.O.B.: One day, I hope to star in a movie called Monsters vs. Aliens. WAIT, A SECOND…. That already happened didn’t it? AMAZING! Thank you for all of the questions. I enjoyed asking them and look forward to interviewing you again!
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  1. gmgrand

    my three wishes for the world are: more world hunger
    2. Happy familys
    3. I would like to say world peace but that will never be reality, i would like no more disease

  2. Chrisya

    Hello all!
    I’ve see the books and the movies. I also have the movies at home. My brother likes it very much. (Of course! He’s a boy!) I’m a girl. See u later. I gotta wake up in the early morning tomorrow, so I have to sleep earlier.

  3. desire

    Hello, my name is desire and I just read your interview with BoB. That interview was so interesting I read the hole thing.I love interesting things. So thats all I wanted to do is to tell you what I felt about this interview with BOB.

  4. Florence

    wow that was so funny. I love the question in the answers was very good. I also love the movie in 3-d was the best. Nice job on B-O-B.

  5. syanne97

    B.O.B in the movie Monster v.s. Alien the role that you played was so good.You did an awsome jod.I hope you make a Monsters v.s. Alien 2.

  6. NyEeMa

    this movie sounds very interesting. B.o.b is very funny. during the interview was he kept saying funny things. i think he seems very eager to talk to the interviewer. but i think it was sad when he said people always ran away from him.

  7. Ti'ara

    B.O.B I think the movie was good but it could of been more alien’s & monsters also it could of had more action.

  8. Florence

    It was very funny. The questions was great and I love the answer B.O.B give. The interview was amazing and the movie was great too. Nice job on both.

  9. Kelia

    wow!:) i loved that interview it was so funny!B.O.B is the best monster i ever read about. i can’t wait to c monsters vs alien!

  10. Tiana

    Yo B.O.B your a good monster and i do agree that you are a nice monster. and I bet that some people already are planning on dressing up like you on halloween. I can’t wait till Monsters Vs. Aliens the second comes out!

  11. La'Ren

    Hay B.O.B you are the best monster in the whole wide world.O and I love your color its just so so cool. You know sometimes I wished that I was blue, well I get blue when I’m feeling sad. Man I wished that I could see you. You rock by the way. Keep up the good work!.

  12. Tyzhe

    I was very confused about what he does when he is not on set. I also like little blue slushies to

  13. genesis

    i think the movie was great.The ending was great too.the monster was great. the alien was creepy so was that big gaint monster

  14. marcus

    i love your movie you made the movie funny laugh out loud. Did you like all the other cast because you did look like you were having a lot of fun with them. If you could make a aliens vs monster’s 2 would you do it

  15. dameon

    I thought the hole story was exciting and funny .some parts were just nasty. But I still liked it.

  16. malik

    what is it like working with the tall lady? And what did you feel like when you your working with a cockroach?

  17. mila

    that was the most exciting interview i ever read in my life expecially when you said you eat rocks and roads for breakfast and you met a cute blue slushie and she gave you a cold shoulder i started bagging up on that but i tried so hard not to laugh because im in technology class.

  18. Darius

    B.O.B. I think the movie was great,but I think there should have been more monsters. The movie would have been even more better.

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    okay that was so funny i never eney thin like that that was so outragous like that in my life

  20. Crystal

    Okaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy……..By the way, did the script writer answer the questions, or did one of the staff members?

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