February 10, 2009

AnnaSophia Robb on Obama Inauguration

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Scholastic got a chance to ask some celebrities questions about (now) President Barack Obama and his inauguration:

Tiffany_thornton Robb_ludwig
Tiffany Thornton, from Sonny with a Chance AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig, from Race to Witch Mountain

(We interviewed AnnaSophia, Alexander, and Tiffany separately, so they weren’t actually in the room together, btw.)

Q: Did you watch the inauguration?

Alexander LudwigAlexander: I did. And it was incredible.

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: I did! I was so jealous of my mom, though, because she was there. I wanted to go so badly. I was in the school cafeteria and school library. They pulled down some screens and played it over the projectors. It was cool to be watching with my whole school.

Tiffany ThorntonTiffany: There were parts of it I missed, but I did watch part of it. I think my favorite part of it was when he wrapped it up by saying, “God bless you and God bless America.” I don’t know — it just gave me a real tingle.

Q: Would you ever like to live in the White House?

Tiffany ThorntonTiffany: Oh my gosh, of course! Who wouldn’t want to? That’s, like, the coolest thing ever. I would purposely sleep in every single room one night. Even on the floor, like in the Oval Office, on the rug. I would sleep on it. Just to say I’d done it.

Alexander LudwigAlexander: Sitting at the desk would be — I think going through those secret doors. They must have secret doors at the White House, so I would find all those secret doors and I would find everything behind them!

[Nancy] (Alexander couldn’t actually finish his sentence — that’s how amazing he thought sitting at the desk of the Oval Office would be.)

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: I think knowing what’s going on all the time would be the most exciting thing.

Q: The Obamas are choosing between a Labradoodle and a Portuguese water dog, which would you choose?

Tiffany ThorntonTiffany: The Labradoodle. One of my best friends has a Labradoodle and he’s amazing.

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: I say Labradoodle. That is what my cousins have, and it is a great dog.

[Nancy] Alexander’s answer actually made me LOL. He hadn’t heard about the Labradoodle versus Portuguese water dog “controversy,” so there was some confusion . . .

Alexander LudwigAlexander: There’s been controversy about what the girls should get between a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog? [laughs]

Q: What do you think the girls should get?

Alexander LudwigAlexander: A Labrador and a poodle or a what? What’s the other one?

Q: A Portuguese water dog — the biggest they get is about 25 pounds. Sort of a mid-size.

Alexander LudwigAlexander: I’d probably go with the Labrador and the poodle, whatever the word is.

Q: Labradoodle.

Alexander LudwigAlexander: Labradoodle. Because they’re smarter and they’re bigger. So you don’t have to carry them in your purse.

Q: What is the most important or first thing you think President Obama should do?

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: Get our economy under control, bring unity to the country, and help us be more resourceful.

Tiffany ThorntonTiffany: I can’t even imagine the kind of pressure there is being president of a country as great as the one that we live in. I just hope that he has peace about the decisions that he makes, because people are going to be judging him left and right. I think that that would be very hard to handle and I just pray that he’ll have peace about it, because I know that can be a very hard thing to attain sometimes, especially with a job with that much pressure.

Alexander LudwigAlexander: Reunite not just the country economically, but I think with the world as equal friends. He’s got a huge job, like everyone has said on every news channel, every paper, everything. He’s got one of the biggest jobs of any president and I really think he can do it. And he’s just going to reunite the world and redefine what it is to be an American, because people have just lost perspective. And they need to get back on track and realize what it is to be American and Canadian!

[Nancy] Alexander is actually from our great cousin in the North — Canada — born in Vancouver.

Q: What part of President Obama’s speech impressed you or stood out?

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: That we all need to work together, each of us needs to make an effort.

Alexander LudwigAlexander: Oh, I loved this one quote. Let me see if I can say it right. He was talking about terrorism from other countries and he said, “We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” And I thought that was such a good quote. He had another one that I honestly loved, but I can’t remember. He was just phenomenal; his speech was just incredible.

Q: Did you watch coverage of any of the other inaugural events (concerts, balls, parade, etc.)? What was your favorite thing to watch?

AnnaSophia RobbAnnaSophia: I watched the Neighborhood Ball while I was doing some homework. (I never watch TV and do homework at the same time, by the way). It was cool to see all the performers sing, and Stevie Wonder rocked the house.

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

Photo Credits: AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig, Ron Phillips © 2008 Disney; Tiffany Thornton, Sonny With A Chance/Disney Channel

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