September 20, 2010

Impossible Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt Today's Writing Prompt comes from BaZOOka on the Games Message Board, and it is about my favorite topic besides books: food!


8309512face Hi, my name is BaZ00ka and I would like to do a poll on what you would eat if the was "ONLY" food you could ever have. Just follow this format with the questions:

  1. What food would you eat if it was the only food in the world?
  2. If you could have only one topping on it what would it be?
  3. Is there any reason you chose this food?

Hmm, BaZOOka, you ask some impossible questions. . . If the world only had one kind of food and I had to eat it every day for the rest of my life. . . I'm getting sad just thinking about it! Do I choose pizza or ice cream or tacos or sushi or cookies, or oh my goodness do I have to give up peaches forever? OK, here is my answer:

  1. Pizza
  2. Vegetablespepperonisausagesushichocolatepeaches
  3. Well, I chose this food so I could cheat and invent a new topping that includes all my favorite foods! That counts, right? I'm hungry. Is it lunchtime yet?

Thanks BaZOOka for the awesome topic. Please leave YOUR answers in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. werewolfcat5

    1.The food I would eat will be ice cream!!
    2.If I could have only one topping on it it would be COOKIE DOUGH.
    3.I just chose this food because I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!

  2. nicholas j

    1. taco
    2. sour cream
    3. My favorite is tacos and I eat a lot of food and tacos is a very fulling food

  3. camoshark896

    1.that is so PIZZA!
    2.Ice cream and Marshmellows!
    3.I like it because that is my dream food GO PIZZA GO PIZZA!!!!!!and GO SUGAR!wee

  4. sugar girl

    hey sonja i got a poll for u whats ur 2 fave snacks do u think ur frind would like it and what would be ur toppings on them and why and tell me the worse singer that u would like them to eat this food mine is lady gaga

  5. sugar girl

    oh baZOOKA tell us yours for ur question i got a 4th one to add to yours whats ur second food u would have in the world if it was the last thing with ur 1st choice

  6. sugar girl

    1.chocolate cake 2.frosting vanilla, strawberries,sprnkles,choclate on the cake and on the strawberries sugar 3.because nothing can beat a good dessert when u need it and i want to try it

  7. Chocolate Goosebumps

    1. Homemade chocolate cake, Bundt preferred.
    2. Chocolate frosting.
    3. CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *freaks out*

  8. Giantking

    Hhhmmmm,so many choices yet very few answers…
    1.Hot Dogs
    3.I chose this food and topping because hot dogs are my favorite food and I don’t like relish or mustard. Bleck!!!!!!!

  9. Bailee

    Pizza with pepporoni && cheese and sonme veggies on it. The veggies to stay healthy && the pepporoni and cheese because that’s my favorite food :) I love pizza

  10. ping man

    The food i would choose would be corn beff
    the toping i would have is musters it tsts good with cornbeef.
    the reasoni chose this food is that i love corn beff

  11. judge dragon

    1.What food would you eat if it was the only food in the world? I would eat calamari and clams.
    2.If you could have only one topping on it what would it be? It would be spicy souce
    3.Is there any reason you chose this food? Ya because it has a really good taste.

  12. Chrysanthemum98

    1.Ice Cream (Black Raspberry Chocolate)
    2.any kind of fruit there is!
    3.idk, I ♥ it! I just have to make sure I don’t eat too much of it, or else, SUGARRUSH!!!!!

  13. fiona

    umm all food and save for poor pepole and family yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. golfer15

    1. What food would you eat if it was the only food in the world? I would like Pasta.
    2. If you could have only one topping on it what would it be? I would like Sauce.
    3. Is there any reason you chose this food? I really like this food.

  15. KR: Miranda

    1. Watermelon
    2. Lime w/ fruit spices
    3. Healthy, delicious, addictive, and I doubt I will get tired of it.
    Although… chocolate… I do love chocolate… oh! TERRIBLE CONUNDRUMS!

  16. GNOletsgo1

    1. Fried fish, with the head and eyeballs still intact. Mmm.
    2. Fried lemongrass.
    3. FISH IS DELICIOUS! Eel tastes a lot like fish, you know.

  17. AwesomeMeagan14

    Hey Guys and girls
    I’m knew to this I just finished reading book 1 it was so good I’m doing a book report on it.

  18. rickriordanfan

    1. Ice cream
    2. Candy
    3. because there are many flavors of icecream and candy is my second fave! YAY! Cool survey dude!

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