December 19, 2009

I’m In The Band: Logan Miller & Caitlyn Taylor Love

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Bandpose_130Watch out Miley, Selena, Jonas, and co. Here comes. . . Iron Weasel? Seventeen-year old Logan Miller stars in I’m in the Band as Tripp Campbell, who joins his favorite washed-up “vintage” rock band, Iron Weasel, and tries to help them make a comeback. Problem is they don’t really have a place to live, so they crash at his house and share bunk beds in the guest room.

Band Meet band members Derek Jupiter (hmm. . . is anyone thinking his name is all too similar to a certain NY Yankees baseball player?). Derek is the cocky lead singer. Next member: Burger Pitt (Angelina’s hubby anyone?), the ever cheerful and rambunctious bassist. And finally Ash (like Slash from Guns & Roses I’m assuming) the lovable but simple-minded drummer. Together they are. . . Iron Weasel. Tripp is totally stoked to be part of the band’s comeback, and is living his dream. The band members try their best to steer him through his teenage years, and turn him into a bona fide rock star. Along for the ride is Tripp’s next door neighbor, Izzy.

Logan Q: Tell me about your character, Tripp. Is he anything like you?
A little bit. We’re both musicians and he’s the kind of guy who goes for what he wants. If it means doing crazy things to get a record deal, he will totally do it. He’s a little more risky than me sometimes. I don’t think I would go to some of the crazy extents he’s gone to, but we’re pretty much the same.

Q: Do you know how many other kids were up for the role?
I don’t. With Disney they always do nationwide searches so a lot of people went out for it. Anybody can go out for it. I think that’s what they do a lot, because they’re always looking for the right person. So if they do it nationwide, they’ve got their ground covered.
[Ratha: How funny! I always hear those advertisements on the radio for Disney casting calls. I guess that's really how it does happen for some people. If only I could sing. Or act. Or dance. I guess I'll just stick to my day job.]

Q: Do you have any favorite vintage band?
Oh yeah, I’ve got tons. I’m actually a big sixties music guy. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Pink Floyd and I love them. Their Dark Side of the Moon album is the best.
[Ratha: Ooh — good call.]

Q: What about newer artists — who are you listening to now?
I really like Muse and The Black Keys. I like Ben Folds a lot, MGMT, The Flaming Lips. Those are a few. I really like Jack White, what he does, like White Stripes, Raconteurs and his new band Deadweather. I think everything he does is cool and I really like his style, the kind of bluesy rock style.

Q: Do you remember what your favorite book as a kid was?
I really liked Where the Wild Things Are and I think The Giving Tree was probably another one.
[Ratha: I LOVED The Giving Tree when I was younger. It still makes me tear up when I read it!] 


Q: What is your most memorable first day of school?
I remember a really bad first day of school. There was a big stairwell in my high school and I was walking down, actually I think running down and I totally tripped and fell down like four stairs. It was really bad. It was pretty painful and I flew through the air. I didn’t just skid down the stairs. I tripped and flew through the air and totally fell flat on my face. People were all around me looking at me weird. I got up really quick and walked off like it was no big deal but then after I got in my class I was like, “Ow that hurt really bad.” So that probably was the worst first day. That was freshman year so it was even worse because it was the first grade into high school, being in a new school. It was pretty terrible. I made my mark on those stairs.

Ouch! On that note, let’s move on to our conversation with Caitlyn Taylor Love, who plays Izzy.

Caitlin Q: Tell me about your character Izzy in I’m In The Band.
Izzy is a really fun character. She’s really funny and she’s like an edgy rocker chick that loves music and she has a really awesome personality. She’s just a really cool girl. She’s really easy to get along with.

Q: Are you anything like her?
It’s weird, because I get asked this a lot and she is seriously exactly like me. It’s so funny. We’re really into the same kind of things and the same kind of music and have the same personalities. It makes it a lot easier [to play her].

Q: What’s the most fun thing about being in the cast?
Probably being with all the guys. They’re so chill. I’m the only regular girl on the show, so it’s fun because I love hanging with the guys, and they make it really easy. It’s a show that’s full of eighties rock, and I love that, so it’s really cool.
[Ratha: The 80's are totally making a comeback! Boots over leggings, Chuck Taylors, Strawberry Shortcake. . . All we need now is big hair and parachute pants!]

Q: The show will appeal to both boys and girls?
Oh yeah, totally. I know Disney XD is going more towards a male audience, but girls could totally watch it too. Logan’s so cute!
[Ratha: I chuckled at a lot of the lines in the trailers, and I'm a girl, so I'll vouch for that!]

Q: Tell me about Logan. What do you like best about him?
Logan’s awesome. He’s really into music too, so I guess that’s what makes me get along with him the most, and we kind of have the same personality. He helps me out with a lot of things. Like if I’m ever “Oh my gosh, I’m grounded.” Or if I’m ever sad about something he always helps me. He’s like my big brother.

Q: What’s the funniest thing that happened on set?
I remember we were filming an episode where my arm got cut off. And one time I was totally in character and the fake arm didn’t even fall off. It was just there still and then they were like, “Uh, the arm’s still on.” And I was like, “Oh I feel really stupid.”

Q: Your arm gets cut off?
My fake arm gets cut off just for an episode. It’s not a permanent thing, like I just have one arm. We were filming a horror movie episode and I was trying to do anything to get the director to notice me and put me in the movie. So I cut my fake arm off.

Q: What book do you think Izzy would recommend to her friends?
Cover--stargirl Caitlyn:
There’s this book that I recently read in school and it’s called Stargirl. Have you heard of it? It’s so interesting how weird she is. You should totally read it. It’s really good. It’s about this girl who comes into school and she’s so different that it weirds everyone out and I think it’s so awesome. Not being afraid to be different.
[Ratha: That book is totally on my TBR — To Be Read — pile! My friend recommended it recently, and I just requested it from my library!]
Once again Izzy’s exactly like me. She’s different too and she’s not afraid to be different and she’s not influenced when people are like, “Wow you’re really weird. Why don’t you dress like this and look like us and talk like us and act like us? She’s totally different and that’s just how Stargirl was. She wasn’t afraid to be different and she wasn’t afraid to dress differently or act differently or hang out with different people. I think other girls who are going through that would really enjoy it and not be afraid to be different. I’m a very weird person in real life too and I love it.

Q: What do you mean weird?
Not weird as in “weird.” I like being different and I like dressing differently and I like hanging out with people who you think “cool people” wouldn’t hang out with. Meeting different people and just not fitting in with the “normal” crowd. I’m not really into cliques and I don’t like it when people classify me as preppy or punk and rock. I’m just me. I don’t know really how to explain it.

Q: If you could be a member of any band what band would it be?
Really good question. If it was now I would probably say Paramore or Flyleaf, because they’re really cool. But if it was [in the past] I would say Queen or the Beatles and be the only girl in the band, because that’d be amazing.

Wow that WOULD be amazing! She could be the Queen. . . of Queen. So, what do you think of the sneak peek of I’m In The Band? Let me know how you think it stacks up to our other Disney faves. You never know, it could be a fun breakout hit! Leave your POV in the Comments, and until next time. . . ROCK ON!!!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

Interviews by Marie Morreale
Photos of Logan Miller, Caitlin Taylor Love, and Iron Weasel with star chair © copyright Disney XD/Bob D’Amico, Photo of Iron Weasel carrying Logan Miller © copyright Disney XD/Randy Holmes

  1. cristina

    i love ya derick jupiter your’re funny and sing good idont like rock but man you are good. im trying to become an atress so that you and i good be in a movie. you wold be my annoying brother and i would be your annoying sister.

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  5. ashlie valentine

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