April 13, 2011

I SPY Times Square Celebration!

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ISPY20Event_13 What better way to celebrate a birthday than at the crossroads of the world – Times Square, New York City! If you’ve never been to Times Square in person, it is quite the spectacle. Times Square is always all abuzz with hundreds of thousands of people walking through daily and these massive brightly illuminated jumbotrons flanking the avenues.

Today, I SPY hosted a SPECTACULAR party with a giant 12-foot tall birthday cake in the heart of Times Square! Jean Marzollo, the author of I SPY, was on-hand to celebrate and kick-off the festivities. The cake came with a challenge for twenty students from Manhattan Country School to race against the clock to find 20 objects hidden around the cake—all within 10 minutes. For every object found, their school would receive 25 books! While it was bit rainy in New York today, it did not dampen the students’ spirits! The students were super excited about the challenge and were chanting, “I SPY, I SPY, I SPY!” as they eagerly waited to take on the challenge.

Each object came with an I SPY rhyming clue such as:

I spy an object you must knock down to win.
This one is yellow. It’s a bowling pin!

Equipped with their I SPY magnifying glasses, the students had to quickly search the cake to find the object in order to receive the next I SPY clue. These students were very experienced at solving I SPY puzzles! Sometimes they didn’t even have to wait for the host to complete reading the clue before figuring out the object they needed to find on the cake! With 9 seconds to spare, the class found all 20 objects and was awarded 500 books for their school. Each student also was surprised to receive their very own copy of the new I SPY Spectacular book, which Jean Marzollo personally signed after the event. While the giant cake wasn’t one for feasting (imagine digging into a giant cake!), everyone got to celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to I SPY and eat a yummy cake that looked just like the big one!

20 Years, My Oh My,
Happy Birthday to I SPY!

—Amabel, Scholastic Media Staffer


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