August 13, 2010

Hutch Dano and G Hannelius in Den Brother

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Stacks_denbrother_130x130 If you watch the Disney Channel, chances are you’ve heard of the new movie Den Brother premiering Friday, August 13th. It stars Hutch Dano (from Zeke & Luther) and G Hannelius (from Leo Little’s Big Show). In Den Brother, Alex, played by Hutch, is a high school hockey star, begging his dad for a car. His dad refuses to get him one until his “attitude” improves. But after getting into trouble, and being suspended from his hockey team, that doesn’t look likely. Alex tries to do chores, and babysit his little sister, Emily, (played by G) to get back into good graces. He ends up, unexpectedly, becoming the new leader of Emily’s Bumble Bee troop, and masquerading as a Den Mother. Only problem? He isn’t a mother, and he isn’t female. Enter . . . Den Brother!

Check out our interviews with Hutch and G to get hooked up with the full story!

Q: Den Brother sounds hysterical. What was the funniest moment on set?
Hutch: I’d say when I got all in drag (dressed as a woman) to play Mrs. Zamboni, the fake den mother I create. I walked in there and all five girls had never seen me with the makeup on, and they all just burst out laughing.

Q: Describe Alex.
Hutch: There’s two Alexes. There’s Alex at the beginning of the movie, and Alex at the end. He starts off being egotistical. He thinks he’s the coolest thing around. By the end of the movie, after he has signed on to be the den brother even though he doesn’t want to because he loves his little sister so he’s going to do anything for her, he becomes a nicer guy.
Ratha: I love their brother-sister relationship – it’s super cute.

Q: What book would Alex recommend to someone?
Hutch: He’d recommend The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to somebody. Immediately. Just because he likes to swindle people and he likes to get other people to do stuff for him.

Q: If you could be any character from any novel, who would you be and why?
Hutch: I’m a big fan of Mark Twain. Like Alex from Den Brother, I would love to play Tom Sawyer. I know he’s been played before, but man, that character is just perfectly charming. He’s up to no good all the time but everyone loves him. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters.

Q: Do you have a favorite school subject?
Hutch: I’ve always loved history. It’s the closest thing to a script in school. It was always the thing that caught my interest, because it was like reading a story.

Q: What are five books that influenced your life?
Hutch: Well, I’m gonna say they’re all part of the same series. Don’t kill me here, but I love the Harry Potter books. ALL of them. I’d say the first five, just because as a kid reading those – I loved them. I grew up with those things!
Ratha: Don’t worry, I think a lot of people feel the same way!

Q: What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in your life?
Hutch: Well, I really liked this girl, and I took her on a first date. She wanted popcorn so I went and I got this big bunch of popcorn that we didn’t need, but you want to look cool so you go buy the biggest one. Coming back, there was this guy with his feet out on the chair. We were right in the middle and the movie was about to start. So I’m rushing and I get there, and the guy doesn’t move his feet.
Ratha: What a rude dude!
Hutch: Yeah, and I’m trying to hand the popcorn to her. And I go so fast that I trip on his feet, while the popcorn goes up in the air. It falls all over her and the floor. And at that point, the guy picks me up. And everyone’s going, “Sit down!” And I look over and the look on her face is just, “Epic fail. It’s just over.”
Ratha: Tough break. But if she didn’t like you because of a little spilled popcorn, then she wasn’t worth it. I’m sure there are a lot of gals who would appreciate the effort, and get a good laugh. Right ladies?


Q: (to G) Do you go by G, or Genevieve?
G: I usually go by G. My friends and family call me G. My full name is Genevieve Hannelius. It happened when I was a little baby and people would just send cards and presents to Baby G, and I guess it just evolved to G.

Q: You’re doing Den Brother, and you have the series Leo’s Little Big Show, recurring roles on Sonny With a Chance and Good Luck Charlie, and you’ve done Hannah Montana. So out of all of those, which one of your characters is most like you in real life?
G: I think Amy is most like me on Leo’s Little Big Show. She’s really got a spunky personality and she’s really out there and she is who she is.

Q: Which one do you have the most fun playing?
G: I would have to say Dakota on Sonny With a Chance or Joe in Good Luck Charlie. One is like a big bully, and the other is a bratty spoiled little brat girl. It’s just fun to be able to play that, because it’s really different from who I am.

Q: Describe your character, Emily, in Den Brother.
G: She’s really girly. She dreams of being a princess. She loves pink. She’s really outgoing and she just loves her friends that she’s made in the Bumble Bee troop.

Q: What’s the best memory you have of the film shoot?
G: Getting Alex ready to go on his date (with the girl he’s crushing on in the movie – Matisse). We were all racing around getting different t-shirts and shoes, and I actually got to put styling gel in his hair. It was very fun!

Q: Who was your first celebrity crush?
G: It is and always has been Zac Efron.
Ratha: Dreamy. I think that is a very popular sentiment!

Q: What’s been your most embarrassing moment in life so far?
G: When I went to shoot in Disney World for Leo’s Little Big Show, Leo wanted me to go on Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It goes from 0 to 60 in three seconds. I was so nervous, so I’m getting on it and I just start to cry. It just came out. So that was pretty embarrassing.

Q: What’s the hardest thing about your job?
G: Sometimes it’s memorizing lines. You have to work on it really, really hard. It’s definitely practice, practice, practice. And juggling schoolwork and acting.

Q: What’s your favorite book and why?
G: Right now I’m working on a book called Eggs by Jerry Spinelli. It’s a really inspirational book. It’s about friendship and loss and recovery and it’s kind of inspiring me. He’s really good.
Ratha: I just read a review of Eggs that said, “Did someone just spill a whole cup of awesome all over this book?” Now if THAT doesn’t make me want to read it, I don’t know what will!
G: Stargirl by him is also a really inspirational book. [His books] are really good. They’re kind of mysterious, so you have to get to the end to understand what’s going on.
Ratha: I agree! I loved Stargirl too. It comes up a lot on THE STACKS. Looks like you guys know a good book when you see one!

Q: Is there a character from a book or maybe a historical figure that you would like to play in a movie?
G: There’s two. One from a book that I’ve read called Dear Dumb Diary. [Jamie Kelly!] I think that would be such a fun character to play. Then in Little Women, I think Amy would be very fun to play. She’s the youngest sister, has some tough experiences, and it’s a really interesting story. Ratha: A Dear Dumb Diary movie! That’s what I’m going to ask for for Christmas.

Q: What book would you recommend to a friend?
G: The book Eleven by Lauren Myracle. Especially for kids my age, because I’m eleven. [It's about] difficulty at school and friendships, crushes.

So there you have it, inside info on Den Brother and the stars in it. I have a good feeling this is going to be another hit Disney movie. What do you guys think? Drop a Comment below! Until next time!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

Interviews by Marie Morreale
Photos courtesy of Disney Channel

  1. B

    i think the movie ROCKS!!!! but the only thing bad about the movie is that new things come in and they (the people who are watching) they forget all about it until they see it again

  2. Gracie

    oh um G. i have a sister and 1 brother i not that popular but im fun to be around with. so um i want to say you are so cool. plus can you get me on tv i just want to try or i will get on tv by myself. P.s. u r kind of cute. bye G.

  3. Gracie

    um hi i know you are 11 but i wish we were friends by the way im in third grade so im just a few year younger i would say 3 years. oh and im really a a+ student no joke oh and im nice.8 times 14= 112. a+ student. bye G.

  4. lilacRoses

    hey G. i think your the best actress i’ve ever seen. All the books you read like stargirl little women , eleven(except i read te=welve and thirteen)i’ve read all those books and LOVED them! You should resd the sequel to stargirl called Love , stargirl and Flushed! i luved them! If ur like me you’ll luv them too!(im a pure earth lover type person)

  5. cutie-4-eva

    i cant wait to see this move!!!!!And the girls are so cute.But the boy is really good looking! :)

  6. krystalkobra

    I saw it and it was so of the best movies on disney channel.possibly the best.

  7. dimond_babii

    i honestly think that den brother is one of the omst funniest movies ive seen on disney channel and the movie inspired me to become a scout/troop

  8. DisneyChannelFan101

    Den Brother Is Awsome.Folks who Did Not Watch It Should.Its Coming Tonight At 9 PM.G.Hannelius Is Great.Hutch Dano Is Good Too.Its Better Than High School Musical!Best Movie Ever!

  9. doubledutchgurl

    That was awsome.Never heared anything like it before.I do enjoy Disney Channel and now that I haered this,Ill watch Disney channel even more.Thanks for making this blog,people can really hear things that they might want to know from it.

  10. cali s.d.

    i think den beother is 1 of the kid of movies were u can get aome advice and also a good laugh

  11. kotah112

    i seen the movie den bro and it was funny and when his sister and friends made him look old that was the best part.!!

  12. Sugar79

    I saw the part of Den Brother when he was changing, so i kinda missed out on some of the movie. You are soooooooooooo lucky to be able to meet Huch and G.!!!

  13. pokemon 100

    i saw the movie with my big brother and he said that he going to change the way he talks to me and acts with me

  14. pokemon 100

    i saw the movie with my big brother and he said that he going to change he talks, plays, and acts around me and others

  15. pokemon 100

    The most embarrassing thing that has happen to in life so is my big brother push me down in front of 10 boys I really liked.

  16. socool888

    i saw den brother last night and i love it.the older brother alex had to chang his ways and de more nicer to his friends and family.insted of being full of him self he had to change

  17. CuddlyPanda_

    First to comment oh yeah! I liked elven also. All of Lauren Myracle’s books are awesome. I think that Scholastic should value Lauren Myracle more. I am totally gonna watch Den Brother

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