November 1, 2012

Hunger Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_thanksgivingHunger Writing Prompt

Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away. It’s a time to think about how lucky we are if we have good food to eat every day. Not everyone has that, so remember to be grateful and share what you have!

Today’s Write On Writing Prompt is about food, and it comes to us from AutoreDiEssere who asks:

What is the color of hunger?

For me hunger has different colors. . .

  • Pink = Mildly hungry. You could eat a piece of fruit and be fine.
  • Green = Randomly snacking on everything you see because you haven’t eaten lunch since 11:15am due to an early lunch period.
  • Orange = Eating like a cave animal out the refrigerator as soon as you get home because you forgot your lunch and all you had were Jolly Ranchers since breakfast.
  • Black = Seriously, severely hungry.

What color do you think hunger would be (if it could be a color)? Let AutoreDiEssere know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Lindsay O.

    Here is the color of hunger: white. If a flamingo never ate but still lived it would be white forever because it wouldn’t eat the shrimp to turn it pink. Flamingoes eat enough shrimp to turn pink.

  2. witchunicorn5

    Black=Crazy hungry!
    Pink=just hungry.
    Grey=i will die in hunger right now!!!!
    Blue:I have rats in my stomach.

  3. chickenblue52

    Pink:eating light
    Black:eating too heavy
    Red:cold red get out of my way im dieng of hunger.

  4. Allison

    white:not hungry
    sky blue:needs a little snack
    dark blue:very hungry
    gray:extremely hungry
    black:starving to death

  5. Danceblizzard13

    if hunger was color i would have it be :
    green:i’m good and full
    organ: i wish i had a snake right now
    yellow : i’m hungry i have not ate since brestfest
    Red: i have not ate at all today

  6. dragonflywizard3

    Huger colors:
    Purple:not the lest bit hungry
    Blue: enough to last until dinner
    Green:starting to get pretty hungry
    Yellow:Wants 3-4 sandwiches
    Orange:when dinner you stuff your face full of food
    Red:eating everything in sight!!

  7. werewolfcat5

    Hunger colors:
    Yellow: Painfully hungry.
    Orange: Need food now!
    Brown: I can’t wait,I need to eat or else I’ll die of hunger!

  8. Isla Silvercresent

    green: sick of food
    pink: fruity tartness needed
    red: GIMME FOOD NOW!
    purple: dehydrated
    blue: need something to munch on even though i’m not hungry
    orange: full

  9. chattychihuahua5

    Red:Absolutly FULL,NO MORE!!!
    Pink:Full,just right
    Purple:Almost full,need a little snack
    Yellow:I’m about to die I’m so hungry
    Today… I am PURPLE!!!

  10. Raquel

    yellow: mildly hungry
    green: very hungry
    white: No food since yesterday or before that, starved.
    Right now I am blue:)

  11. Pegasusmagic13

    Black: Stuffed
    Blue: Full
    Yellow: Mildly hungry
    Green: Very Hungry
    White: No food since yesterday or before that, starved.
    Right now I am Yellow :)

  12. Fairyemerald31

    Red: Full
    Pink: Almost full; like you’re done with dinner but needs desert to be full
    Yellow: Kind of hungry like you’re having lunch at 3:00 and breakfast was at 6:30
    Brown: Hungry, but not starving
    Grey: Starving

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