February 11, 2010

Hunger Games Book 3 Title and Cover!

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Hg3_130 Finally some more Hunger Games news! We now have the title and cover for the third and final book of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy (for ages 12 and up)! Mockingjay! Isn’t that a great title? And this cover! Isn’t it beautiful? *Gush* Thrill* Squeal!*  Write a comment to let us know what you think, and predict what you think will happen in Book 3.

  1. Kayla

    I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This post posted at this website is truly nice.

  2. Nhi

    tons of great food ideas for a Hunger Games (Grade 9 and up) gathering. You can find recieps for Katniss’ favorite lamb stew, Peeta’s nut and raisin bread, and the Mellark’s goat cheese and apple tarts. If you go decide

  3. O

    This one is slightly more crvtaiee In the Hunger Games book (Grade 9 an up), whilst in the arena Katnis and Peeta eat bread spread with goats cheese topped with apple slices as an offering from the crowds. The goats cheese was significant to Katniss as it reminded her of Prim’s goat. However this is a cake!! Slices of cake topped with goats cheese frosting and apple slices! How cool.. well I thought so.

  4. Ashley

    I love this series!!! It is so vivid in detail and i am sad that this is the last book! why cant it keep going?!?! Anyone know where i can find her except for her offical website?

  5. rhue

    i love the hunger games i cant what till i read it
    super exsited though sad becalse no more hunger games

  6. A

    Love the first two books, they were brilliantly written can’t wait for the third book but dont think the title or cover is really continual with the first two books ie. THE HUNGER GAMES……Final Flight, Flight of the Mockingjay……

  7. josh

    i agree on the tunnels and think they were right on how they escaped dis. 12 when they got bombed.

  8. Sophia

    i think tht in the 3rd book peeta or gale or katniss are going to die and that inside of district 13 gale and katniss’s fathers will still be alive

  9. s. collins and r. riordan rock

    i think the cover beatiful but the title is not that spectacular. the other names were extremely unique but mocking jay, sort of predictable. regardless i am sooooooooooo dying for this book to come out

  10. hello

    i think the mines have tunels to district 13. i think her dad escaped and the ecsplosion was a cover up.district 13 specializes in weapons, that explains how they got the explosives.i also think thats how gale escaped sine he works in the mines.

  11. hello

    in catching fire katniss sais i wish peeta was here, i have to stop saying that i chose gale.

  12. hello

    in catching fire katniss even sais I wish peeta was here,i have to stop saying that ichose gale.

  13. Kate

    Love the cover, it is so pretty! The name is great too because it is Katniss’s nickname, she is the mockingjay.
    I REALLY hope Katniss ends up with Gale but I have a VERY bad feeling that she will chose Peeta ): Gale will either die or end up with Madge, I will be SO sad if that happens. If that does, I want Gale to atleast kill Snow. I kinda picture Peeta becoming the new president. Any one else? All because he is so good with words. I don’t think Peeta is Katniss’s type though, Gale is more like her and they know more about each other. Katniss doesn’t really know anything about Peeta except his favorite color, orange, and that he bakes and paints. She knows everything about Gale and vice versa. I love Gale so much and I really think she should chose him. Peeta should have someone who is good though, just not Katniss.

  14. Veronica

    GALE SHOULD SOOOOOOO BE WITH KATNISS!!! HE WAS THERE FIRST! and plus, when i said i didn’t like gale or peeta, i really just meant i didn’t like Peeta.

  15. Veronica

    I think the rebels just HAVE TO win. I actually don’t really like Gale or Peeta because both of them kind of act like they own Katniss. Even though I don’t like either, I’m kind of rooting for Gale. Someone will probably die though :( that stinks. I hope president snow has a long, painful death. HE STINKS.

  16. James

    I hope Peeta is okay and alive. I would really want Katniss and Peeta to be together for life, and for Gale to remain best friends with Katniss.
    Is it only District 12 that seems to have been blown to the grounds?
    Will District 13 become district 12?
    And what of President Snow?!?!?!

  17. Emy

    I think that Gale and Katniss wil end up together because she has really loved him all her life. I really don’t like people saying him and Madge wil end up together *eww*. Even when gale kissed katniss (book 2 pg 24?) there was somthing there all the kisses with peeta couldn’t even compare to!

  18. meg

    I love the title and cover its awesome. what i think will happen is they save peeta. katniss and peeta will get together1 yay! and gale will find someone else and snow will end up in the arena with a few other power hungry people and learn not to mess with people ( like katniss). :) i cant wait for it to come out

  19. katniss&peeta

    woow i love the cover and the title
    heres what i think will happen
    -gale katniss and haymitch will go rescue petta and the others
    -kaniss will relize she loves peeta and gale will die a heroic death(not sure which comes first)
    -district 13 will overthrow the capitol with peeta and katniss leading them
    -every distict works together to rebuild there land
    btw.peeta loves katniss wayy more than gale does so she should coose him


    Hey! My friend made me read these books and they were so good i couldnt stop i read both in the past four days and am dying to read the third! I have a question though, how does beetee die? and how does katniss know to shot the wire threw the force field! Please answer ASAP! THNX

  21. Taylor

    I really like the new cover i hope that it resembles some peace but i also want some action!!!!! I LOVE this series it is better than the twilight saga! :) I dont want Peeta to die hes my favorite character, but i realy hope that Gale and Katniss get together!!!

  22. Tina N

    Yay! I can’t wait for the third one to come!
    I think Gale, Katniss, and Finnick will have to go save Peeta, Annie, and Johanna.
    Annie and Johanna and Peeta might live, or Johanna might die heroically. Peeta most likely will live, or else Suzanne Collins will lose a lot of fans and money. Gale might die saving Peeta. If all ends well, Panem will be free and Gale shall go with Katniss and Peeta will be her best friend, while Finnick goes with Annie, and Johanna goes with someone i don’t know. Cinna SHALL LIVE!!
    Gale cannot love Madge. He can’t fall out of love so quickly. It’s like Romeo all over again.
    Can’t wait!!!

  23. mockingjay


  24. schtefi

    i think that Katniss wont be able to decide between Gale or Peeta (or rather that she wont be able to sever ties with Gale to end up with Peeta because she has such a long history with Gale) so one of our two favourtie boys is going to have to die. :( I think it will have to be Gale because the whole opperation has relied on Peeta’s way with words (although he doesnt know it)and also the capitol has Peeta so it will make for a more interesting book. So anyway i think Gale will die and after the war (or conflict of some nature)Katniss will get over his death and fall in love with Peeta and it will be a happy ending and :D big smiles all round. I also think that Prim may die as an interesting twist. I have a feeling that the capitol will find katniss’ mother and Prim and will either hurt them or kill them :(
    thats what i think :P

  25. Jinkay

    The cover of the book doesnt really look like it belongs in the hunger games series….looks more of a religious story if u ask me, but since i luv the characters soo much im going to have to read this

  26. Thalia_And_Katniss_Rock

    Here’s my theories:
    -President Snow dies :) Or maybe banished from Panem forever,or thrown into a Hunger Games arena to stay there forever.
    -Cinna and/or Gale dies heroically.
    -Katniss and Peeta get married!
    -Something bad will happen to Prim.
    -Katniss SAVES THE DAY!And becomes the new leader of Panem.
    -Peeta,Johanna,and Enobaria are saved by Katniss.
    -They will go to District 13 and live there.
    -Capitol is overthrown and the heroes start making Panem into a new nation more like ours(without all the junk we have,of course)
    -There will be NO MORE HUNGER GAMES!!!
    I will definitely be reading all night.I CAN’T WAIT!!

  27. Nolee

    The cover is awesome and explains EVERYTHING!!!
    -President Snow dies ;)
    -Gale or Peeta dies heroically (maybe) :( :( :(
    -Katniss goes with the other
    -They MIGHT have a fight over her :/
    -DEFINATE: I will be reading ALL night-definitely
    -The Capitol gets overthrown
    -There will be PEACE again :) :) :)
    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait ’till it comes out to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALSO what “sneak peek website?”
    AND I LOVE the author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Guywhoreadsthisbook

    I love this book series much! I Hate to read but this book kept me up all night and I’m dad that I still have to wait fir book three and it too short I want it to keep going
    I play video games and a future programmer I’d lice to talk to the author about making a game out of this I think it would be great.
    PS am I the only guy who has read this book?! Haha

  29. sarah

    it’s so cool.I can’t wait to read it.I think district 13 will be there and have weapons but they wont want to help, and katniss persuades them to help.

  30. Pam

    I love this series!
    I don’t really care of Katniss ends up with Peeta or Gale…after rereading the series I like both of them.
    I can’t wait!

  31. Jade

    I know, I agree with Autumn! I love them both, but im leaning toward Petta. I dont want any of them to die, but I have a feeling someone is going to have to!!! DX Oh well, I CANT WAIT!

  32. K

    I absolutely love the hunger games Its the best series ive ever read I honestly dont even know what I want it to end as.I love the cover but when they said that it was going to be called the victors (wonder who came up with that) I thought the end was going to be sad and having the cliffhanger she uses in the 1st and 2nd book and something with Katniss and Gale’s or Katniss and Peeta’s child was going to be entered in the hunger games but this new cover gives a whole new feel It shows that there is hope and the end wont be all sad and hunger gamesish (if you kno what I mean) but I do hope she has the good kind of cliffhanger or eles it wont really be completed in my mind. I cant wait until the third book comes out !! 191 days !!!! Im so excited !!!! haha(:.Im so torn between Peeta and Gale its crazy.In the first book I wanted Gale with her I guess it was just Since she missed him and stuff and that the “love” she had for peeta was an “act” for her, but then In the 2nd book I was all for peeta except for in the beginning (with the whole kiss thing) and then in the end I was so torn I cant wait to see how it all ends!! I just hope she explains things well and doesnt leave us all confused, even though Im sure she wont. 191 !!!! (: (:

  33. Anna


  34. M (LOL)

    OMG. I have been following the hunger games trilogy ever since it first came out. I love the cover it’s soo coolio. :D

  35. autumn:)

    i absolutely love this series! i can’t decide if i want katniss to be with Peeta or Gale though i love them both! I think i’m leaning more towards Peeta but i don’t want Gale to get hurt. so many conflicts!

  36. ponygir10

    this looks so cool and if you ask me it should come out sooner but the cover looks sweet the part that has came out on a sneak peek website that I look at is sweet to its the first chapter not one word is missing

  37. PaperFlowers

    I LOVE this cover. It’s so cool how the mockingjay is flying out of the broken circle. (Plus now I know what a mockingjay actually looks like.)
    For what I think will happen:
    -The Hunger Games will end for good.
    -People will die. Many people. Hopefully including President Snow. :)
    -Katniss will end up with either Peeta or Gale, and the other one will die heroically.
    -Cinna will return and SAVE THE DAY! (random hyperness there)
    -I will be up all night reading. That is a guarenteed fact. I can’t wait!!!! =D

  38. Rachel

    I disagree on the whole who gets whom thing. Gale and Petta both love Katniss, but Katniss only loves Gale NOT PETTA. So Gale gets Katniss and does not die heroically (but is still heroic) and while Petta may die(hopefully not) or end up with Mage or some body.
    By the way I love the cover!!! And the title!!!

  39. TheDL

    This made my day! And ruined it. I now can’t stop thinking about Hunger Games and am once again dying for it to come out!!! But we still have to wait soooooooo long! I can’t wait to see what happpens to Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Cinna(if he dies I will be so mad!) And how the rebellion will play out.

  40. Katherine

    I love the color of the cover!
    -I hope that Katniss and Gale will get together.
    - District 13 will help defeat the Capital.
    - the Hunger Games will end. those poor kids:(
    -Peeta will fall in love with someone else
    -Haymitch will most likley die along with Cinna :(
    All that I can say is that I can’t wait for the book to come out, and The Hunger Games is the best book series EVER!!!

  41. catching_fire

    AAAAAHHHHH! *obsessed fangirl scream*
    Yay! I can’t believe it! August seems so far away…
    Anyway, I think Katniss is going to fall in love with GALE!!!!
    And it’s like a silver-blue. Everybody on THG board thought that that was going to be the cover! Well,some thought yellow.
    Really, this news made an obsessed child’s day. GO THG!!!!
    Mockingay: 8-24-10

  42. jittery7

    Daaaaaaaang! I wasn’t expecting that! The other two book covers have been black and gloomy and drama filled and then we have a mockingjay and pale blue. Interesting…..
    But that doesn’t mean there won’t be drama in this one. In fact, it’s probably the most dramatic of them all! Oh, and one last thing. I hope President Snow gets what he deserves. :)

  43. dramateller

    OMG!!!! I am so psyched for this. I love how there’s a lighter color instead of all the dramatic colors from the first two books. I love the Mockingjay too.
    WHat I hope will happen:
    -Capitol is overthrown and a free world is made.
    -Gale and Katniss finally get together and Peeta is her best friend.
    -Katniss gets injured and Peeta saves her, proving to Gale and the world that he truly loves her.
    -There’s an awesome batlle scene
    -Gale and Katniss kiss at the end as a Mokingjay sings Rue’s song.
    Let’s go HUNGER GAMES!

  44. superliver3

    AWESOME!!!! this is a GREAT series!!! by an INCREDIBLE author!! I think that katniss, peeta, and Gale will venture to district 13, find them, rally them against the capitol,(although they might disagree because they still fear them) but have a giant hunger games involving two sides, The Capitol and the districts! If you have only read this series by Suzanne Collins, read her other one! (The Underland Chronicles) It is just as good (if not better!)

  45. bippy2u

    OMG!!The cover is awesome!Love the Title!!:D(Giddy with joy)
    Here is what I think will happen:
    Gale, Katniss, and Finnick go on a rescue mission to save Peeta and Johanna. They lose Finnick and Johanna along the way.Then Gale and Peeta start to quarrel over Katniss.Gale wants to make a fight and draws his bow.Peeta says Gale can have Katniss but Gale still shoots Peeta in the leg.Katniss is infuriated at Gale so Gale somberly carries Peeta to the hovercraft.Right as they enter the ship Gale kills himself.
    I know gruesome, but it’s a feeling I have that it’s gonna happen.

  46. s

    love the cover! love the color! Peeta OR Gale is going to die. Freedom will come to the entire country once and for all. And while I can’t figure out how it’s going to happen- and it’s a long shot- but i REALLY think Katniss is going to end up back in the arena for a third round!

  47. Crystal

    I think that the cover is beautiful (kudos to the artist! You did a great job!) but I still don’t like the series.


    Interesting cover. My theory on Book 3:
    1. Katniss and Gale get together
    2. Snow uses Peeta as a “puppett”
    3. Peeta lives but hates Katniss
    4. Snow is killed by Gale
    4. Peeta becomes new President
    5. District 13 wins, Capital overthrown

  49. peetalovescatnip

    ohmigod, finally some hunger games news!
    The cover looks beautiful:]
    I’ve always liked the cover picture but it looks even better with blue!
    Simply can’t wait till they come out!
    D-193 until August 24th.

  50. Sam

    I don’t think Katniss will end up with anyone at all. Honestly, Peeta isn’t exactly her type, and I think Gale and Madge will end up together. Katniss being single at the end I think solidifies her independent personality.

  51. Sam

    It doesn’t exactly flow with the other covers, the other ones being intense looking and black and red and this one being blue and peaceful and ethreal, so I’m assuming the end of the storyline will reflect that peace and calm after all the violence of the first two. Happy ending, mayhaps?
    It’s funny how long everyone was speculating THE VICTORS as the title I started calling it that like I was assuming that would be it. No longer, though.
    It really is a good cover, and the picture of the mockingjay really is beautiful.
    Only 193 more days!

  52. Maia

    Awesome cover! I love it all!
    What I think (or hope) will happen?
    - Katniss kicks major butt… of course.
    - District 13 helps the others overthrow the Capitol.
    - Haymitch might die :(
    (Cinna and Gale might have targets on their backs as well. SADNESS!)
    - Katniss gets with Peeta for good.
    - Gale finds love elsewhere. Madge? :)
    Hopefully, Gale gets together with someone else, because I’m fairly sure that Katniss and Peeta will end up together. That means he will either have to find someone else or die a heroic death :( (((

  53. Thalia_and_Katniss_Rock

    Oh my gods.This cover is PERFECT!!I think the mockingjay symbolizes Katniss,and the blue of the cover and the white of the bird symbolizes hope.I like how the mockingjay bursts free of the barrier that held back the birds on the covers of the first 2 books.Because of this,I think the rebels will win,but not without someone important(like Gale or Peeta) dying.I also think there will be a particularly messy end for President Snow.I really don’t like him.AT ALL.

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