October 13, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon DVD

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Hiccup How to Train Your Dragon comes out on DVD on Friday, October 15, and to celebrate, we have an exclusive interview with the dragon trainer himself, Hiccup. A few weeks ago, you asked your questions, and now Hiccup is here to give the answers.

S’morcupcakesplz: What do you like about Astrid?
Hiccup: Like about Astrid? Well, um. . . hmm.

She’s like a rock: strong, dependable and easily bruises the skin. She’s also become a pretty good dragon trainer these days. I think yesterday was the first time her Nadder only shot tail spikes at one of the twins.

Astrid Jennifer: What was life like when you were a child? 
Hiccup: Imagine a fish swimming upstream in a river full of hairy boulders wearing helmets and occasionally bashing into each other. Now imagine the river is made of fire, and the fish is a guppy. It was great, thanks for asking.

Erik R: Can you describe the feeling when you first meet Toothless?
Hiccup: Even though I was scared, there was something about Toothless that was special from the beginning. It may have been his decision not to eat me.

Eric: What was the funnest part of keeping a “secret” pet dragon?
Hiccup: It was pretty nerve-racking actually, especially when Phelma the Fierce chased me down for “borrowing” her fish.

Stonefairy: How did you feel when you first started taking dragon-fighting lessons as compared to later, when you knew all about dragons from training Toothless?
Hiccup: I never really felt comfortable learning to fight dragons. Being friends with them is much better.

DRA002 Michael: How old is Toothless?
Hiccup: I think he might be close to my age, but sometimes he acts like a big fire-breathing flying baby so, I suppose he could be younger.

Beth: What can you say to help us do what is right even when we are discouraged and everything goes wrong for us too?
Hiccup: I think you can weather the toughest storms life throws your way by staying true to yourself, facing your challenges head on and always making sure you support your friends (even when they burp and accidentally burn off your eyebrows).

Sami: You’re amazing! How did you get started in inventing your “contraptions/inventions?”
Hiccup: Hi Sami. Wow, thanks. I first started inventing contraptions when my dad sent me to work with Gobber in the blacksmith shop. . . when I was 2.

Marie: What is your best invention?
Hiccup: I think my best invention so far would have to be Toothless’ new tail attachment. Now my worst invention was probably Gobbber’s soup-a-pault. That was. . . messy (and I think Gobber’s helmet still smells a little bit like Yak stew).

Casey: When you were battling the “Green Death,” did you have that plan (weaken the wings then take it out from the inside with a nicely aimed fire-blast) in mind all along? Or did it just come to you? Either way, it was genius!  
Hiccup: I had a hunch, but to be honest I wasn’t sure it would work. Having a Night Fury by my side certainly improved my chances.

Peribub: What’s the hardest part of dragon training?
Hiccup: Well let’s see, between the early morning face-lick wake ups, the high-speed ocean dunks, the regurgitated meal sharing and the need to re-grow your eyebrows every month, you’d have to be crazy to like training Dragons. . . like us. The only real hard part is that all training tricks don’t work on all dragons. Fishlegs keeps learning that lesson. (I think he’s up to 23 times now.)

Gerbildog: Will you breed dragons?
Hiccup: That’s, um. . . up to the dragons I think.

Ryan: Would terrible terrors make good pets?
Hiccup: Terrors make great pets as long as you don’t steal their food, scratch them in the wrong spot, stare at them longer than three seconds, prevent them from sleeping in your hair, or stop them from climbing all over your body anytime they please.

April: Which dragon aside from Toothless and Red Death do you find the most intimidating?
Hiccup: There is a dragon out there called the Whispering Death. I’ve never seen one, but according to the old book of dragons it seems pretty amazing. They burrow underground with a head full of giant teeth. Fishlegs thought he heard one once, but I think it was just a Gronkle sneeze.

Httyd lover: If you ever have another species of dragon, what dragon would you like to have?
Hiccup: That’s a good question. I think that the Night Fury is my favorite, but Nadders, Gronckles and Nightmares are great too – and did you know Zippleback heads like to eat at the same time? Every day it seems like we are learning more about these guys. . .

Corrin: Did Vikings fight other things besides dragons? Like snow giants?
Hiccup: Did Vikings fight other things besides dragons? Yep. Primarily bad breath and stinking feet, but not everyone agrees with me on that issue. As far as snow giants, I’m not sure but I’m keeping a look out!

Morgan: Did you ever find a troll? Gobber said they’re real, so you, if anybody, would have encountered one!
Hiccup: Not yet, but there’s a big world out there to explore so who knows, maybe one day we’ll find one.

Trini: What’s your favorite part of flying?
Hiccup: While I love flying up in clouds and down near the ocean, the best part is being with Toothless (and I do mean NEAR the ocean, not IN it, Toothless).

Michelle: Do you ever get motion sickness from flying all the time?
Hiccup: I haven’t gotten sick yet, but I think Gobber was feeling a little queasy after his first dragon flight. . .

Jamie: Are there many bugs in the sky? If so, have you considered goggles?
Hiccup: Toothless usually eats the bugs that smack into us while flying, but unfortunately. . . I do too.

Stephanie: Is Toothless the only Night Fury?
Hiccup: So far, Toothless is the only Night Fury I know of.

Brendan: How many fish does it take to feed a hungry Night Fury?
Hiccup: About twelve, but if we’ve been out flying Toothless can eat as many as twenty fish AND nearly everything in our house. My dad just loves that.

Dewdrop208: What adventure are you and Toothless going to attempt next?
Hiccup: We’ve been having a great time exploring the Berk peaks with our dragons. We’re hoping to check out some of the other islands next.

Hiccup: Thanks for the great questions everyone. Toothless wanted to pass along this message to you all too: “Roarrraahhhrgg.”

Sonja, Stacks Staffer: Thanks for joining us, Hiccup! I can’t wait to see what happens to you and Toothless in the HTTYD sequel in 2014. There are a bunch of books in the How to Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell, so maybe we will get lots of sequels!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photos courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

  1. LOZZA

    LOL(XD) nice one i needed this info for a project im doing and HTTYD 2 *screams* im so crazy bout HTTYD ive allready booked tickets for me and my bfs4eva and i really think toothless is cute he is our bff club symbol anyway im gonna tell everyone on this webpage about what day it hits therters in 20134 once i get a email from imax.(sorry my spelling stinks!!)

  2. Sami

    Yay my question got in! Thank you for making the best movie of all time- great characters, great score, and brilliant depth. I’ll love this movie forever. :)

  3. Anastasia

    People think movies have to be about teen drama to be good. Otherwise HTTYD is breathtaking and amazing. :)
    I’m an adult and I see can see that CLEARLY.

  4. Lisa M

    Great!There is a dragon out there called the Whispering Death. I’ve never seen one, but according to the old book of dragons it seems pretty amazing. They burrow underground with a head full of giant teeth.Thanks for great job.

  5. Hailey

    i really liked this movie, it was a cute movie the black dragon (toothless) was definitely my favorite he was so cute! Also, i liked how the boy had a different belief than his father and ancestors, and now his dad can use the dragons while they do stuff around the village i really liked this movie :) !

  6. Eric

    Wow. I thought they said I’d get an email notification about Hiccup answering my question; when I didn’t, I thought my question didn’t get answered, but it did. I can’t believe I waited this long to find out! YAY!! (horribly long overdue)

  7. Jessica

    I love this movie because it is full of action and the characters have very different personalitys from each other!
    My favourite character of course, is Hiccup because he learned that the vikings didn’t have to kill the dragons and you could just have them as pets[which would be unusual!]

  8. kayla w

    my favroite book is drama queen and ive,got a secret and confession of a bitter santa and super sweet 13 and the boy next door and the sister switch and snowfall surprise and rumor has it and the sweetheart deal and the accidental cheerleader and the baby sitting wars and star crossed and fabulous and famous and fooled and friends and how to be a girly girl in just 10 days and miss Popularity miss Popularity goes camping and making waves and juicy gossip and life, Starring me and callie 4 president and totally crushed and wish u were here, lisa and see u Soon, samantha and miss u , mina and winner takes it all and haunted castle on hallows eve and a good night 4 ghosts and flush and hoot and scat and the simpsons halloween and revenge of the camp weiners andthe dead end and this totally _____ and mrs.fortune and can u see me andhello kitty friends

  9. crazypaintball654

    I loved it wen Hiccup and his dragon along with his pals fought the giant evil dragon of doom!mha ha ha ha ah!kitty want to be pals>?

  10. sugarbunnies

    the guy that does the voice for… what was his name… you know the guy that trained that dragon? he comes out in a movie called the sorcerer’s apprentice!

  11. firestar28

    The books (Yes, there is a whole how 2 ur train dragon series) are really cool! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  12. late night reader

    I thought that “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” looked stupid, but it turned out to be good. Maybe it is the same with “How to Train Your Dragon” I try not to judge a movie until I see it.

  13. avery33

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    tell mattie i will go with him 2 c it!!! I LOVE MATTIE he is soo adorable!! tht movie looks stupid though

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    this movie looks dumb but mattie will probably want 2 c it and then i will go and c a diff movie!! YAY

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  19. stonefairy

    Hooray, my question got in! Yes, very true, Hiccup, being friends with them is a lot better, and much more fun. Thanks for the interview!

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