September 19, 2011

How to Talk Like a Pirate

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Pirates130x130 International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Perhaps you've seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (rated PG-13). Maybe you've swashbuckled with your brother or sister. Possibly you've even worn the skull and crossbones on your t-shirts or back-to-school accessories. What more is there for a buccaneer to do? Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day of course!

Yes, on September 19 each year, you, along with everyone around the world, can annoy entertain your friends by talking like a pirate all day. Are you ready to sail the seven seas? Or should you prepare to walk the plank? See if you can translate these popular pirate sayings.

What does it mean when a pirate says:

  1. Shiver me timbers!
  2. X marks the spot
  3. Ahoy, matey!
  4. All hands on deck.
  5. Prepare to walk the plank.
  6. Aye Aye!
  7. Yo, ho, blow the man down!
  8. Heave ho!
  9. Where’s the poop deck?
  10. Lily-livered landlubber!

Grab some Pirate Booty (er, the puffed corn treat that is!) and settle down to decipher the above. Remember, your answers don’t have to be exact. Just enough to get the gist of pirate lingo, so you’re prepared to talk like a pirate all day!

Leave your answers in the Comments, and check back next week for answers. Aarrr.

– Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. kate

    Shiver me timbers!
    surpising comment- omg.
    X marks the spot
    the x on the map mark the place of destination
    Ahoy, matey!
    hello, freind- yes, mate
    All hands on deck.
    everyone help out with this
    Prepare to walk the plank.
    get ready to walk into the ocean.
    Aye Aye!
    yes- confirmation
    Yo, ho, blow the man down!
    Heave ho!
    Where’s the poop deck?
    Lily-livered landlubber!

  2. bluebagel22

    Ahoy! Do you mateys need a friend?
    If ya do then be friends with a mighty land lover like me!
    “FIRE ON THE POOP DECK” Uhh Good bye

  3. Shannon

    1- Didn’t see that one coming
    2- The treasure is under that big, red X
    3- Hello, fellow friend
    4- All people report to their stations!
    5- That one is self-explainitory – walk the plank
    6- Wassup?
    7- Off with his head???
    8- Push!
    9- uh. . . poop deck… fire on the poop deck???
    10- Oh! Im surprised, so i’ll talk jibberish! landlubber lillian! land ahoy!

  4. pegasusdog12

    i luv pirates of the caribbean!!!!! i have the movies 1 to 3!!!!! i have watched the 4 one and awesome!!!!!!

  5. stonefairy

    Pretty much:
    1. I’m scared! (maybe?)
    2. Right here (for on a map)
    3. Hello, friend!
    4. Everyone gather up and help!
    5. Prepare for your death.
    6. Yes yes!
    7. (don’t know, but I think it was part of a song)
    8. Pull hard! (or push–for anything heavy)
    9. Where’s the main deck of the ship?
    10. Scaredy land-lover!

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