September 27, 2011

How to Talk Like a Pirate Answers

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Pirates130x130 Ahoy, mateys! Last week in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I posted a Talk Like a Pirate Trivia Quiz. So how did all you landlubbers fare translating the pirate phrases below? Check out the answers!

  1. Shiver me timbers!
    ANSWER: Wow!/ Holy cow!/ OMG! An expression of shock or surprise.
  2. X marks the spot
    ANSWER: refers to the exact location of something
  3. Ahoy, matey!
    ANSWER: Hello, my friend.
  4. All hands on deck.
    ANSWER: We need EVERYONE to help deal with an emergency. Now!
  5. Prepare to walk the plank.
    ANSWER: You’ve done a very bad thing, so prepare for punishment and almost certain doom. (In olden pirate days, victims were forced to walk, often blindfolded, off a wooden plank and into the sea. Glad they don’t do this anymore!)
  6. Aye Aye!
    ANSWER: Yes, yes! Usually a reply to an order from the captain.
  7. Yo, ho, blow the man down!
    ANSWER: Usually a command to kill someone. Not something you want to hear on a pirate ship!
  8. Heave ho!
    ANSWER: Give it some muscle, and push it!
  9. Where’s the poop deck?
    ANSWER: No, it’s not "Where’s the bathroom?" Get your mind out of the gutter! The poop deck refers to the part of the ship farthest to the back, usually above the captain's quarters.
  10. Lily-livered landlubber!
    ANSWER: It’s an insulting name given to non-seafaring people who can't handle the life of a pirate.

Didn’t get enough? Then I’ll leave you with a few pirate jokes:

Why don’t pirates make good life-guards? Because they don’t know C-P-ARRRRR!
And: What was the pirate movie rated? Rated Arrrrrr!

Oh boy. Hope all the pirate puns didn’t drive you overboard. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

Until next time!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Onyxfairy5

    i love pirates of the Caribbean (their the only pirates i know of!) Captain Sparrow (i could almost hear him saying,”..savvy?”

  2. sandgreen

    watt up every boby\you haveing a good time im yea that good of you haveing a good time????????? lol

  3. TigerChasing7

    i really dont talk like a pirate because it is a very dirty job to be a pirate. i really wish i could go and find a real pirate or a real pirate ship. i really think that would be AWESOME. thanks for coming on. let all your night pirate dreams come alife.

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