December 15, 2008

How I Survived Middle School — Soundtrack!

Middle School Survival SoundtrackAh, middle school! That time in our lives where we all need good friends, helpful rules, and some rocking tunes! Whether dealing with fashion disasters, horrific hair days, fights with friends, horrendous homework assignments, or that pain-in-the-butt popular clique, we all need some personal anthems to help us get through those rough and unbearable times.

So if the How I Survived Middle School series had a soundtrack, here are just a few songs I think would be on it.

Boyslikegirls Miley Cyrus_ 33438108“We’re Young And Beautiful”- Carrie Underwood
“Fly on the Wall” – Miley Cyrus
“Got Me Going Crazy” – Jonas Brothers
“Geek in the Pink” – Jason Mraz
“Just A Girl” – No Doubt
“Break The Ice” – Britney Spears
NodoubtMetro-station“Shake It” – Metro Station
“I Can Do Better” – Avril Lavigne
“On Top of the World” – Boys Like Girls
“Secrets” – Jordan Pruitt
“Pocketful Of Sunshine” – Natasha Bedingfield
“The Time Of My Life” – David Cook

What songs would you add to your own soundtrack?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Marisa

    I like Miley Cyrus in party in the usa, otherwise, I’m not really a fan. On the create a crush thing, it’s useless. I like the thing in the big ball that says “Try again” on how I survived Middle School blog.

  2. cashcupcake2

    MILEY CYRUS UR AWESOME. my frnds think ur not a good sinqer, buhh in my opinion UR A GOOD SINGER. ACTUALLY UR A BETTER SINGER IN THE WHOLE WORLD LIKE SELENA GOMEZ!!!=)i <3 u Miley Cyrus!!!=)

  3. cashcupcake2

    OMG T.I is my fav singer. Even tho da sonq “Whatever You Like” is sooo old I stil love it<3. it never gets old in my opinion!!!!(: LOVE U T.I

  4. rose

    i think a good song would be miss popularity by jordan pruitt and goodbyes by savannah outen

  5. Ummmm Jazmine!

    These don’t really have songs i like but i like the Shake it and Pocketful of sunshine that is it from the list…

  6. Sabrina

    I think you should have T.I.’s Whatever you like. and also when you are
    having crush problems so David A’s Crush Crush. and also when you are
    having problems in the family such as someone’s death is coming during
    the holidays you should pick Christmas shoes by New song

  7. hey hey

    i would so heart that we should be able 2 listen 2 music on this
    website btw have any of u seen the music vid for fly on the wall???

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