December 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea

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I love buying gifts for my friends and family, but it gets expensive. Luckily, homemade presents are better than anything you can buy. But OMG, the holiday deadline is coming really soon and I’m so busy! How am I going to make all those gifts in time?

Here is a cool idea: gift “coupons” with things you can make for the giftee all year long. It’s genius if you think about it. You get to make amazing personal gifts from the heart, but you don’t have to deliver the actual gifts until after the holiday when you have more time. The recipients can use the coupons like money to redeem all the amazing gifts you have planned for them.

Here are some ideas of what I will be putting on “Sonja Smackaroonies” for my friends and family.

  • Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Cat-sitting
  • Movie night (candy and popcorn included)
  • Unlimited free hugs (no restrictions or expiration date)
  • Homemade, 3-course dinner

What about you? What are you giving to friends and family this holiday? Let us know your ideas in the Comments!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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    that is so cute james i wish i had a pup and i was not sacred of dogs and dogs creppe me out so bad so i do not like dogs so much i am not a big fan of dogs.. :)

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