November 15, 2010

Holiday Crafts Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_genericToday's Writing Prompt comes from my good friend, Moderator_Elise, who is the mod for the Save the Planet Message Board.

Elise Elise says:
Hi Everyone, I am cleaning out closets this weekend, and I started to think about how to recycle old clothes. What do you do with old clothes that are still good and usable? What about clothes that are worn out and can't be donated? Do you have any creative ideas for using those clothes so that they don't go in the trash?

I recently took some crummy old jeans, and I cut them up into 5" squares. I sewed them into beanbags for games at my daughter's school picnic. Any other cool ideas out there?
-Elise :-)

This post and the awesome replies on the Save the Planet Message Board got me thinking. . . the holidays are coming up. What crafty holiday gifts can we make for people with things that we would normally just throw away? Not just clothes but everything – magazines, ribbon, wrapping paper, jewelry, barrettes, gum wrappers. . . Clean out your room and see if there is stuff you don't use or like anymore that can be transformed into something new and amazing with your creative genius!

Tell us your ideas in the Comments.

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  1. werewolfcat5

    You can remake old clothes into new clothes for your doll,or even yourself.Just cut out the old clothes you don’t need and sew them back together into a pair of pants,or shoes even!

  2. Cutiecupcake123

    you could cut the clothes with really cool designs on them and make patches to go on your jeans and the rest you could donate to people who don’t have alot of clothes

  3. cooldude98

    i think that recycling clothes is such a great idea!!
    if clothes are still in good condition, just too small, you can sell them online.
    Or, just pack it all in a big bag and take it to charity like Salvation Army…you never know how many kids you are going to bring joy into the life of! :o )

  4. Beatleluv

    Well,I think it’s a great ideo!!! It’s really good to give back to others. You could cut out the clothes and make a blanket, or you could make a big poncho for the winter. Hope some of my ideas help!

  5. Roselind

    Something sweet is you could make something and donate it plus I try to save my allowance, and give it to somebody who needs it like Haiti.:)

  6. A

    I give my cloths to my sister because she could fit them. I really want to know what I will get for chrismas????

  7. jazmyne t

    i would give it to somebody that has no clothes or the person needs sombody to buy them some new clothes.because god will give you extra time for being so nice

  8. rusty

    when my dad makes me clean my room he always makes us give our clothes that are to small to our younger cousins and stuff

  9. Lollipop

    I think that that is a very
    great idea to help other people in hope and needs groups, those are the people that are pretty much have no cloths and are very hopeless and need that sort of charity and help!!!!Ive have done that a fue times and it went to goodwills donations to be sent to the need, they said i had helped and changed about 85-130 people and felt good to help!!!!

  10. crasycar

    If you have a pair of ripped up jeans cut them to make shorts. If you have any kind of old pants you can make a purse. Or a quilt out of any thing you have laying around.

  11. heaven

    I would cut mines and make clothes for My dolls,my dog and make more clothes for me like a scatf. hat or accecories

  12. orange554

    you could take some old gloves cut the finger tips off and make a little hat for a newborn baby or for a doll

  13. pinkninja22

    You could take your favorite old t-shirt or jeans and make them into a carpet for your bedroom. that would be an fun profect to do on a rainy day. :)

  14. Amber L.

    My mom is packing me and my little sisters cloths that are to small for us because we are donateing them we are actualy giving it to our cousins so they have some cloths because they barley have cloths because the cloths there cost to much in the “Philipeans” and we are also donateing some of our toys because we don’t play with them much and some are actualy baby toys that is why we don’t play with them, but we have never seen our cousins because my mom has lots of brothers and sisters and they had kids and they are all over the world but I have seen only one cousin of my her name is Rose she is nice.
    So I am willing to donate my toys,cloths, and stuffed animals so they will have fun just like everyone who has lots of toys
    P.S If we have some more we might send you some toys!
    Amber L.

  15. Hermione123

    I used to collect wrappers from lollipops and other candies to make mini bags for my pens and pencils. To make one, collect candy wrappers(the number of wrappers depends on how big you want the bag to be) and tape them together. Everyone in your class will love your new fashionable, homemade, Earth-saving pencil bag!

  16. TheAvidreader

    Hm, I think a good gift will be taking cloth scraps/jeans and sewing them in to bags. I think I’ll try that, but without a sewing machine. The sewing machine will take electricity!!

  17. GNOletsgo1

    The simplest method would be to give it to a thrift store like the Salvation Army. But that is totally no fun. I used an old sock and some jean scraps with other supplies to make a stuffed animals! You could also turn old t-shirts into pillows.

  18. Corn dog flower

    Well I have a few ideas and I was doing the same thing this weekend as well. I was cleaning my closet when I found many many books, that are for kids younger than my age and I was thinking of donating them to charity, but I have to find one first.

  19. Nancy

    Use some of your old clothes to make a quilt. Ask your family member to sew and cut the pieces out. Want something more easy? Find a local shelter and give your clothes to them. That’s the holiday spirit!

  20. Kiana

    You could cut two identical shapes,such as a teddy bear, and sew them together leaving one small hole. Use the rest of the jeans to stuff it. then, sew the hole. Now, you have a denim teddy bear.

  21. Lindsey

    The clothes that I have I give away in garage sales that I don’t need… otherwise I give them to my grandma and she uses them to make pillow cases and blankets for the clothes I don’t need anymore or that don’t fit. If I found some stuff in mu room i would most likely recyle at my school, like magazines gum wrappers, ribbons, etc.

  22. Smiley

    What i do with my old clothes i’ll give them to like goodwill or i will give them to my cousin or i’ll give them to charity.

  23. Big Gorilla

    I would make T shirts into backpacks by cutting off the main part of the shirt and sewing the part without the trim thingy together when the shirt is inside-out. Then cut a slit in the trim thingy and put a string/rope through it then put grommets in the bottom near where you sewed it and string the string/rope through them and tie them. Now you are done, I think I left some things out but you can comment again if you have questions.

  24. stonefairy

    You could cut them up and make new clothes out of them, like take an old dress and make a cool new shirt with it. :-)

  25. lalo10212000

    What i think i should do if i have worn out old jeans that i bought for my birthday. These jeans were my favorite pair. A few weeks ago I changed them up by getting scissors and cutting off the legs and make them shorts. I took the legs of the jeans ans made them into gloves.

  26. Payal

    That’s a great idea! Usually the clothes that don’t fit me my mom gives to my sister. But if they’re too worn out and dirty, she uses them as cleaning rags. With leftover ribbon, people can decorate the corners of their room, and with wrapping paper, we can make book covers.

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