December 5, 2008

Holiday Book Recs, Day 5: Reads for Drake, Josh, and Megan

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On Friday nights, I like to park myself in front of The N and gasp in disbelief at the latest exploits on Degrassi: The Next Generation — like, Hello! My high school was definitely not that exciting. Just ask my textbooks; they would know because I was spending my time with them instead of playing in a rock band under a secret identity or appearing in a big-time movie filmed on campus or dating the adorable Craig (sigh).

Uh, anyway . . . you can imagine how delighted I was when I saw Morgan’s Holiday Book Recs entry from yesterday, matching book gift ideas to Degrassi characters. It inspired me to come up with my own book recommendations based on a TV show: Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon — you may have heard of it?

So if you’re looking for a good read for your friend this holiday season, consider the age-old question: is your pal a Drake or a Josh?

NotesfromthemidnightdriverIf you know a Drake:
Drake is into playing his guitar, hanging with the ladies, and just generally having a good time. Responsibility? Schoolwork? Chores? No, thank you! Kind of reminds me of Alex, the main character in Notes From the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick. Alex just wants to spend time with his guitar and his best friend, Laurie, but when he gets in trouble for drunk driving, he’s sentenced to spend 100 hours caring for a cranky old man — and it looks like Alex may have met his match!

Secretletters If you know a Josh:
If you thought I was a nerd in high school, then you haven’t met Josh! The poor guy is super smart and has his heart in the right place, but he’s totally uptight. I think he could really benefit from meeting someone like Victoria in Secret Letters from 0 to 10 by Susie Morgenstern. Victoria barrels into the humdrum life of straight-laced Ernest, and suddenly his flat existence turns 3D.

Of course, I can’t leave out Megan:
Is your friend some sort of evil genius? It may not be wise, but here are some book recommendations for any Megans you may know (and cower from):

Thewaythingswork The New Way Things Work
by David Macaulay
Frannykstein The Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist series
by Jim Benton
(starting with Book 1: Lunch Walks Among Us)
Theboysstartthewar The Boy/Girl Battle books
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
(starting with Book 1: The Boys Start the War)

And for Walter and Audrey, the unfortunate parents of Drake, Josh, and Megan, I think the best gift would probably be a year’s supply of Tylenol.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

P.S. – If you’re a Drake & Josh fan, then I’m sure you already know that their new Christmas movie is premiering on Nick tonight. Let me know if you watch it and come up with more book gift ideas for any of the Parker-Nichols!

  1. Chidi

    I love the boys vs girls books i read half of the series becuse i couldn’t find the books anymore. I hope the girls win. my fave character is beth cuse she likes reading and shes in gr.5 to.

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