September 18, 2012

Hermione Granger Trivia Quiz

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Hermione130Hermione Granger Trivia Quiz

Hello, Harry Potter lovers! In July, we gave you a Harry Potter Trivia Quiz in honor of good old Harry for his birthday on July 31, and now that Hermione’s birthday is coming up on September 19, we thought, “Why not have one for Hermione’s birthday?” So here it is! If you need a hint, we have included the books where you can find the answers. Put on your thinking caps (or Sorting Hat if you are lucky enough to have one) and enjoy!

  1. How much does the Daily Prophet cost? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) 1 bronze Knut
    b) 5 bronze Knuts
    c) 2 bronze Knuts
    d) 1 Sickle
  2. Here’s a tricky one. What’s the breakdown for Wizarding money? (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)
  3. Which bricks are tapped to get into Diagon Alley from behind the Leaky Cauldron? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) 3 up and 2 across
    b) 4 across and 1 up
    c) 1 across and 4 up
    d) 5 up and 2 across
  4. How many staircases are there at Hogwarts? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) 73
    b) 142
    c) 24
    d) 89
  5. Which is NOT one of Professor Dumbledore’s first words at Harry’s first Hogwarts welcoming ceremony? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) Nitwit
    b) Blubber
    c) Oddment
    d) Doodlebug
  6. Since when has Ollivanders Wand Shop been in business? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) 1901 AD
    a) 1576 AD
    b) 417 AD
    c) 382 BC
  7. Which is NOT an ingredient in the Polyjuice Potion? (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
    a) Cat hair
    b) Pulverized blades of knotgrass
    c) 1 ounce of crude Antimony
    d) 12 lacewing flies that have been stewed for 21 days
  8. What is the first thing that Hermione makes float during Professor Flitwick’s Charms class? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)
    a) A gerbil
    b) A feather
    c) A ball
    d) A piece of paper
  9. What is Hermione’s patronus? (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
    a) a dog
    b) an otter
    c) a cat
    d) an owl
  10. What do Hermione’s parents do for a living? (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)

Leave your answers and your happy birthday wishes to Hermione in the Comments, and check your answers.

— Elysse, STACKS Writer
Illustration by Mary GrandPre

  1. Bonnie

    TEAM HERMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Happy birthday Hermione hope you have a great one.
    And why doesn’t anyone ever reply to me?

  2. Ally

    1 gallon is 17 sickles, 1 sickle is 29 nuts
    They’re dentists
    Happy birthday Hermione!

  3. elfraven46


    2. 17 sickles a galleon, 29 knuts a sickle



    5. D




    9. B

    10. They are dentists

  4. First Name Only or STACKS username

    2 17 sickles-galleon
    10 Dentists
    I <3 Hermione!

  5. Kaylee

    1. 5 knuts
    2. erm…. Ask a wizard o.o
    3. 3 up, 2 across
    4. i wanna say 24…
    5. Doodlebug
    6. 382 BC
    7. Cat hair (unless you WANT to be a cat for an hour or so…)
    8. A feather
    9. an otter
    10. they are dentists and muggles

  6. Gopherchess4

    I CALL TEAM HERMIONE if you want to join fill this out
    Do u like Hermione:

  7. ROSE

    -She makes a feather float
    -her parents are dentists and mortal, hermione is taunted by draco and his gang and is called a mud blood.
    My FAV part are:
    -Draco gets punched by a girl!
    -Draco gets bit by buckbeak
    -series black riding behind hermione
    -Series appearing down the stairs as a wolf and then shifts back to normal when harry enters the room he had.
    -the owl biting harry after he reads ‘ps:the owl bites’
    -fred and george scarying they’re mother as she calls.
    -Fred and geroge setting off fireworks in the class room.
    and well, almost every part of every movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TEAM HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!
    <3333 GIRL POWER 4EVER!!!!!

  8. Foreverelephant♥

    1. b) 5 Bronze Knuts.
    2. Galleon = 17 Sickles… I don’t remember how many knuts to a sickle.
    3. a) 3 up, two across.
    4. a) 73, I think…
    5. d) Doodlebug.
    6. 382 BC
    7. a) Cat hair.
    8. b) A feather.
    9. An otter!
    10. They’re dentists.

  9. MagicDragon12

    1. 1 Knut
    2. Galleon, Sickle, Knut
    3. 3 up, 2 across
    4. 142
    5. Doodlebug
    6. 382 BC
    7. Cat hair
    8. Feather
    9. Otter
    10. Dentists

  10. greenbutterfly192

    2 galleons,sickles,knuts
    3 3 up 2 across
    4 24
    5 Doodlebug?
    6 382 BC
    7 cat hair-Hermione turned into a cat accidently!
    8 feather
    9 otter
    10 dentists

  11. Jennifer

    1. A
    2. There are 3 different coins: a Knut, Sickle and Galleon
    3. ??
    4. B
    5. ??
    6. C
    7. A
    8. B
    9. B
    10. They’re dentists.
    These were kind of hard! Nice! I like a challenge.

  12. Isla Silvercresent

    omg i LOVE Hermione, she was my FAVE character! o and i loved Luna Lovegood too, so self confident and care free of others’ opinions. And you cant forget the Weasley twins

  13. Michyla

    1. B
    2. Galleon,Sickle,Knut
    3. A
    4. B
    5. D
    6. C
    7. A
    8. B
    9. B
    !0 they’re dentists!
    I love Hermione Granger! She’s awesome!:)

  14. ned

    1.two bronze knuts
    2.galleons sickles knuts
    3.3 up 2 across
    4.have no clue
    6.382bc (i think) hair

  15. Ghostly

    1. B) 5 Bronze knuts
    2. Galleon, Sickle, Knut
    3. A) 3 up, 2 across
    4. B) 142
    5. D) Doodlebug
    6. C) 382 BC
    7. A) Cat Hair
    8. B) A feather
    9. B) An otter
    10. They are Dentists

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