October 23, 2015

Henry Danger Would You Rather

HENRY DANGERHenry Danger Would You Rather . . . Dangerously Super!

We know you guys are “dangerously” deep into Nickelodeon’s hit show Henry Danger. It stars Jace Norman, as Henry, a 13-year-old boy who gets a part-time job as a superhero sidekick. His boss is the small town superhero named Captain Man. He pretends to work in a shop called “Junk ‘n’ Stuff” with a secret underground lair where Captain Man trains him. There, he becomes . . . Kid Danger. Only his best friend Charlotte knows his secret, while his other best friend Jasper is in the dark.

Kid Danger and Captain Man keep the city of Swellview safe and . . . swell. Campy adventures with zany villains round out the show. If you are obsessed with Henry Danger, check out our Henry Danger Would You Rather below!

Would you rather . . .

1. Be a superhero sidekick OR a villain henchman?

2. Be indestructible like Captain Man OR be able to come back to life?

3. Have a secret job in a candy factory OR a cloning lab?

4. Fly OR be invisible?

5. Have your baby brother turned into a monster (Episode 1) OR have an alien baby egg hatch in your house (Episode 7)?

6. Be captured by the mad scientist Dr. Minyak OR have to babysit “The Toddler” (dwarf baby criminal).

7. Have a crazy machine turn you into a manly beast (Episode 10) OR a living Barbie doll?

So today’s assignment, should you choose to accept, is to let us know your answers in the Comments below! And let us know what YOU think of Henry Danger!

Over and out.

-Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Kirby

    1. I wanna be villain hench(wo)man, specifically working for a mafia boss.
    2. Be able to come back to life, it’s pretty neat.
    3. Candy factory!
    4. Become invisible, flying is a bit too scary.
    5. The baby egg, because aliens.
    6. Be captured by the mad scientist.
    7. Manly beast.
    I don’t really mind Henry Danger that much, but his sister annoys me.

  2. Black Cat

    1. Be a Superhero sidekick
    2. Be indestructible like Captain Man
    3. Have a secret job at a candy factory, which would be Dylan’s Candy Bar.
    4. Be able to fly
    5. Have my brother be turned into a monster
    6. Be captured by mad scientist Dr. Minyak
    7. A living Barbie doll.

  3. cheeryunicorn123

    1. definitely superhero sidekick. Henry’s awesome!
    2. Come back to life. Why not? I could live and die forever!!
    3.candy factory! I mean, candy is amazing and yummy!
    4. fly. I wouldn’t want to get hit by a bus like Invisible Brad. NO WAY.
    5. baby brother turned into a monster. I could just use a sword to battle it.
    6. Captured by Dr. Minyak. I could fight his minions who try to kill Henry and Ray.
    7. manly beast. I mean, a living barbie doll? Just WAY TOO SCARY. Plus I hate barbie.

  4. Astrid

    Superhero sidekick
    Be indestructible
    Candy factory
    brother turned into a monster
    have to babysit the toddler
    living Barbie doll

  5. Wolf

    Super hero sidekick,be able to come back to life, a cloning lab,be invisible,have my baby brother turned into a monster,

  6. chloe queen bee chloe g

    be a superhero sidekick
    be able to come back to life
    have a secret job in a candy factory
    alien baby egg
    captured by the mad scientest
    liing barbie doll

  7. Anonymous

    1.super hero sidekick
    2.able to come back to life
    3.secret job in candy store
    4.be invisible
    5.have a baby brother turn into a monster
    6.babysit a babycriminal
    7.live like barbie doll
    cool quiz

  8. Kaitlyn

    Hi Henry. I am a big fan of your show Henry Danger. It is my favorite show I watch all the episodes that are on or I watch them on demand. You and Charlotte are my favorite characters.

  9. Anonymous

    for number 1 I pick sidekick number 2 indestructible for number 3 candy factory for number 4 fly for number 5 monster for number 6 mad scientist for number 7 living barbie doll I think Henry danger is funny

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