January 21, 2010

Helping Haiti

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Haiti By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. After the 7.0 quake last Tuesday, the airwaves have been flooded with scenes of flattened buildings, homeless families, and crying children. But there have also been scenes of hope. And even through numerous aftershocks — including a 6.1 quake yesterday morning — we’ve witnessed seemingly impossible rescues and joyful reunions.

These are the stories that relief workers focus on to keep them going strong, both in Haiti and in the U.S. And theirs are the stories that Scholastic Kid Reporters around the country bring to you this week.

Across the nation, Kid Reporters have been talking with folks doing their part for the relief effort.

For the full articles, information on how you can help, and continuing coverage of the crisis in Haiti, visit the Scholastic Kids Press Corps special report.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

Photo at top left: Adriana Zehbrauskas/Polaris for Save the Children

  1. Challenger175

    I am against the Haiti effort because the government is spending billions of dollars on that country and that money can be helping out the economy and restoring millions of jobs and everyone here would have parents working and no unemployed family members.

  2. Vanillacream12

    I feel soo bad because i have a friend who knows someone in Haiti. I sometimes feel like crying

  3. KAYLA


  4. Mikester349167

    I feel realy bad about the earthquake in Haiti.I hope they be safe and god needs to watch over them.

  5. 45cookiedough98

    I am sooooo sorry for all the people in Haiti that are suffering to get help and safety. I am sorry for the people in other countries that might have family members or friends that are still in Haiti right now. And Lastly, Im sorry for all the children that have ost the lives of their perents. HELP HAITI HEAL!

  6. ella

    i hope the people in hati get evvery and everyone they need i will do everything for those people in HATI!!!!


    MY CHURCH IS SENDING YALL SOME MONEY.GOD BLESS YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Daisy


  9. dogs4moi

    That earthquake in haiti must have been really bad. I hope it all gets better and that everyone is safe.

  10. 12345cookiedough12345

    im so sorry i really want to help some people who work in the orgalization please post me a message thanks and rember me i am so special i was once in a earthquake and so i want to help my hatian people thank you

  11. shekinah

    i think that hati didnt desere what happen we should really really help them it is very sad we had a fundraiser to help them we raise about 3,000,000 or more.plz help hati because if this was to happen to you you would love for people to help you alot so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help hati.

  12. Brianna

    They really should help Haiti. But whats is really upsetting is the slow response for the help. Like they were thinking about helping them or not. I watched something related on CNN and there were people stealing food, and people getting robbed for their last belongings. I hope they get help. That is why I am hoping many donate anything they could. I hope Haiti is getting better.

  13. PinkGirly97

    That is so sad! My mom knows someone who is going to help them and I hope that their all safe and get their homes back. That was a horrible earthquake.

  14. B10

    I feel really bad but I am glad a lot of people are joining in to help them.
    It is sad to see alot of people in bad situations at an everyday life and did you hear about the after shock it was the biggest after shock any one ever had.

  15. Prophecy

    I really hope Haiti gets everything they need, and God will hear your prayers and bless you. I am praying for you guys down there!

  16. felicity

    I feel very bad for haiti because many people died , missing ,and more were very hurt i feel that some one should stand up to them to help them and make them belive that we feel there pain in what had happen to them in that big hurricane they have been in, alot of people lost there home and i feel bad for them that’s what i feel about them so i wan’t you to donate some moeny to them as soon as posable so please help haiti thank you for reading

  17. karina

    I think we should all help haiti for a better life and to help ingerd little kids and familys. theis people need your help lets help haiti to make a better you a better haiti and a better world. thank you.

  18. jenny

    everything that happen in haiti is a disaster thats we are suppose to help them we are suppose to be grateful for what we have

  19. summergirrl

    i feel terrible but , im happy to say that my school has reased over a thousand dollars at a bake sale and i know that its not enough but i hope god is with evry single person in a Haiti !! lots of love is coming your way

  20. kkjieun

    FINALLY! I’m SO glad Haiti is getting help. Our school is volunteering to help too. We’re selling wristbands and the money we get are going straight to the Red Cross. We’re also having a event called “Soup-r-Bowl” we put soup cans on tables of teams we think are gonna win. :) hope this helps!

  21. Caity

    We are learning about Haiti in school and I think what is going on there is perfectly devastating:(

  22. vanatia

    I fill really sorry Haiti about what is happening to you I hope you get alot of stuff of what ever you need and once again I am so so sorry:)

  23. Cynthia

    please we need all your help just donate $1 or more please join the red cross by helping others who needs food, water , and shelter thankyou for all your help.

  24. C S

    i feel so so sorry for them please donate to the red cross please help them and thankyou for all your help

  25. tia

    to haiti I’m so so sorry that yall got hurt in that bad oh earthquake but hi any way my name tia I go to elementary school and just wanted to tell yall that once again i am so so so sorry that all yall got hurt in that bad bad oh bad earthquake. love yall children in haiti be so very careful of not to get hurt anymore ok yall and the adults too! please read carefully and slowly.

  26. Ana

    I think it is great that you are helping Haiti imagine if that happened to us I would want people helping great job keep it up Haiti appreciates it

  27. Bailee

    I feel so sorry about Haiti.I
    hope they find all of the people-dead or alive-but hopefully alive.Once again I feel sorry for Haiti.

  28. hohoho456

    I hope everything is ok.I fell very sorry for eveybody in haiti my grandfather died a mounth ago I know how it feels to lose someone close to you.All of you in haiti don’t feel bad,scard,lonely,shy it’s going to be ok

  29. Dakota

    My school is helping to raise $ for Haiti. We made bracelets with a little glow in the dark bead. We are selling them and whatever $ we get will go to Haiti. I feel so bad for them. Really sad.

  30. Nicole<3

    i’m sorrry ! .
    i hope everything gets better. & you raise enough money$ to get things back togetherrr. ! <3

  31. Delicia and Courtney

    I hope you get help and get the things you need and.I hope you feel better from Texas.

  32. melanie

    i hope people donate money for the people of Hati.If we all try to donate money so they can support and help HATI so they know that we care to. We can try to donate cloths food and other stuff

  33. Lysette

    I feel so sad for the people of hati i know america will not let haiti down and i know that everybody will try to help with the people of haiti i know everybody that i alive will make and those people who pasted will protect you i am praying for amd so is everyone else is you can doit and i know everybody LOVES you love lysette

  34. karyn

    I feel so sad for the people there trying their best to help each other. I hope they can find a way to get things back to normal.

  35. andrew

    i hope that all the people in haiti get what the need to help them survive whith all the food that the people from every where will give them

  36. 364292

    awesome totally awesome thank you for all the people who came on this blog and commented!! way to go!

  37. charmist

    I give my hopes and love 2 haiti because their government is already poor and now floods and stuff. Love and hope is pretty much all haiti has left and 2 sit here and think about all the stuff i have and all i dont deserve. If anything the children in haiti deserve everything i have because right now thinking about how little they have and how much they need just puts a little knot in my heart.

  38. Lauren

    i luv Haiti and all the people in it they are all so helpful,caring, and luving. everyone there deserve all the help they can. they cant control wat happened, its a natural disaster, no body can help those. but, we all can help out the people in our earth! everybody has SOOO many fund raisers and donations i just cant believe everyone is so nice back to nice people!! it just makes me want to cry thinking about all those little kidds who are crying of hunger and need of very basic everyday things that we get. nobody ever thinks that there are people out there with cardboard homes that are poor and I’m very that everyone will finally be treated with fairness, god bless you Haiti and all of the people in Haiti! i luv you and wish you the best of all my luck!!! and thank you America for helping with this cause!!

  39. His Bookiie

    I aqree Crystal , im glad that they’re qettinq help to. When ii first heard about the terrible earthquake it broke my heart to know that some of the people there were dead or still trapped underneath stuff. :( If ii could ii would adopt some of the kids , but as ii can say im not old enouqh yet. Hope that HATI will reqain itself. Love you all the people in HATI. God bless you. :)

  40. kaylee

    hatia needs all the help they can get! together we can make a difference. lets become a brave nation and help hati and everyone else. today and forever we stand!

  41. anna

    i love the way that people are helping haiti i feel really sorry for the people who have lost loved ones and i really think that it would be nice if we could go back about a week and make sure that there is only sun shine so we dont have to worry about the sadness in peoples hearts

  42. Megan g

    help is neded! Give a donation be inspierd by there survivel! get involved whith this comunity there the one’s that need ARE help.I’l post coments as much as i can to change and i’l give donnashons but we need to wherk together there are famillys that have grand parents that dont have homes, medicale treatment, food, wather,ect… But WE DO so stop bying things for you or think you have the ardest life BECAUSE YOU DONT !!!!! Help Help Help ! ( Not being roude bu they do – litell whorided thats all)

  43. OSYRIS


  44. bakers02

    I feel so bad for everyone in Haiti. We are trying to have a fundraiser so we can raise money for Haiti. It must be horrible to see the whole country being destroyed in a couple of seconds.
    We should all donate money for Haiti.

  45. alexis

    i hope hatie dose not get another earthqucke again and i hope you find a new home sorry for your lost hatie

  46. shandra

    i am so sorry for haiti i was watchin that show with songs for haiti with rianna in it we love you haiti

  47. Luna

    This is so sad. I feel bad for the people in Haiti. They were a very poor place before the earthquake, and after the earthquake it make the situation worse. But there is always Hope!!! :D

  48. Cil

    I am so sorry for all those kids (and adults, not dissing the adults) who got hurt. Really hope this helps!

  49. twilightgirl234

    i feel so bad for haiti! i made a shirt for haiti and my whole forth grade class signed it! Haiti rocks! Love for Haiti, i know they need it.

  50. Mistwolf13

    i feel for u haiti!! we all hope for you to get better asap. i’m so glad so many people are doing things to help!!

  51. green queen 09

    Yes, it was terrible! My school is collecting money to help Haiti. Also, we were doing a raffle and the kids dumped all the money for THAT to the Haiti box. That was reall nice.

  52. Family107

    Really Melissa I didn’t know that. Anyways I think that was a huge earthquake and I love the way people are helping them.

  53. ♥Meg♥

    The princapal gave me and my friends permission to bake cookies and sell them at school, so that all the money goes to Haiti, I’m pretty exicited to do it after reading that!

  54. Shoppingpanda

    I’m so happy they are helping Heidi!It’s so sad what happened but everybody is helping and that’s GOOD!

  55. Hadies Needs help!

    Hadies is going threw a bad situation right now and we should help so do everything you can to help them

  56. Lil mama

    I hope the people in haiti
    are safe and maybe is in a shelter to keep them warm and safe for the rest of there lives and is out of haiti.

  57. kerriann

    I feel sorry for every one who had to go through that but but I feel super sorry for the people who had to lose someone special in their lives so I hope the best to you and every one there

  58. jocelyn

    I feel really bad for evryone who got swallowed up in the earthquake so with all my hopes and wishes jocelyn

  59. kayla

    i feel really sorry for them.i think they deserved the best.i feel bad really bad.hope the best
    love you all love kayla.

  60. rertt

    Our school here had a hat day today on 1/22/10. We had to bring a dollar to wear a hat. You could bring more though.

  61. sparkly55123

    We are praying for them, too. They will get help. I know it! they’re so faithful at such a hard time. I agree w/ Hermione, i know there’s hope for haiti!

  62. joy

    my aunt is a nurse and she is in haiti helping them and let me tell you they need your help bad so please and little thing will help right now

  63. dominick rocks

    i hope the people in hait get the hlep they need because the earthquake in hati destroyed everything they had so help the people in hati!!!

  64. Cassio

    I really think we should help Hati because what if we were in the same situation wouldn’t we want the same help?!

  65. Shorty

    The People of Haiti need our help, my school is having hat day today. If u bring a Dollar OR MORE u can wear a hat. The money we raise from this Goes to help Haiti. I also Agree that Scholastic should have a fund raiser that schools can participate in. Then the Money Can Go to the people in Haiti!!!!!!! Please they need help!!! Even If they Survived the quake they are struggling for food, water, and medical attention. I say Every book we read donates a bottle of water, a can of food, medicine, or a simple dollar.

  66. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    It’s great to see so many supportive comments — and to hear all the different ways you guys are helping the relief effort! If anyone wants more info on how to help, the Scholastic Kids Press Corps has advice from the experts. And keep checking their special report for more news as it comes in.

  67. LaLa

    Every book bought could donate like, a fourth of the profit. Then Haiti will get help and THE PEOPLE WILL BE SAVED!!!!!

  68. megan

    hi i feel so bad for your haiti so for are so we are sending things like food and soap because we feel so bad for haiti so i hope this helps

  69. Bn

    I feel so very sorry for all of those people that died and got hurt in that disaster!We all hope you all get way better!HOPE YOU GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Wee987

    :) Haiti needs our prayers, and people like you. Thanks for doing it. I visited Haiti 3 years ago -far away from Por-Au-Prince- and they were begging for money. my mom payed $9 for a lemonade!

  71. treehugger17

    The Haiti earthquakes were devastating and really sad, but it’s good to know they’re getting help. That picture of the little boy really gives me some hope for them. He’s so cute! :) I’m praying for everyone in Haiti!

  72. aly

    I’m glad they’re getting help too.
    our school is having a baked goods and crafts sale next friday. I hope we get a lot of money!!!

  73. LilBenn

    im glad theyre getting help though so now maybe they wont be such a poor country after its all over

  74. LilBenn

    thats so sad i cant beleive that happened i heard that theyre still finding people buried alive its just so sad its not fair that it happened to a country that was already poor enough

  75. alkirah

    i wrote letters in school 2 youll if youll get it we did it in art my name is alkirah please look for it{your friend}<,alkirah

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