May 27, 2010

Harry Potter Word Scramble Answers

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Hp7Hi! I hope you had fun with last week's Harry Potter Word Scramble. s.snape2000 was the first to get all the words unscrambled, but if spelling counts, then I have to give the prize to HarryPotterMaster. Either way, props to both of you because I know there were some tough ones in here! Great job!

  1. Efhfluuffp
  2. Rrxocuh
  3. Bslua oubleedrdm
    Albus Dumbledore
  4. xbenubsatoa
  5. Eelwlydgi
  6. Ursube hdarig
    Rubeus Hagrid
  7. Abstl-eeddn tsrewk
    Blast-ended skrewt
  8. Ysawele's Ziarwd Eeehzsw
    Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
  9. Vaaad vkearad
    Avada Kedavra
  10. Tom marvolo riddle
    I am Lord Voldemort

And thanks to GNOletsgo1 for this new Percy Jackson word scramble. Any guesses? I have to admit I'm stumped!

  1. Gnoiad Lelay
  2. Vsreesu Espna
  3. Mnagisua

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. little hermione

    Help! Need to have these words unscrambled!

  2. mayan28

    sorry , what is the point of these harry poter books , i mean they kinda stink! read candy apple books !

  3. Natalie

    1. Gnoiad Lelay
    2. Vsreesu Espna
    3. Mnagisua
    #1 is Diagon Alley
    #2 is Servus Snape
    #3 is Maginusa
    @Sonja, STACKS Staffer
    This is not Percy Jackson its HP

  4. greekgirl26

    I LIVE IN THE WORLD OF PERCY JACKSON!!! just look at my username! i know everything about him and ancient greece and even I cant figure them out!
    try to unscramble these:
    ask on my profile if you can’t figure them out!

  5. Wazonky

    To Koala:
    Thanks for those hints!
    3.lastrigonian giants
    I’m only on the third book.
    Thanks again!!

  6. SuperSapphireSpy

    ok, for koala’s puzzles #3 is lastirgonian giants, and im too lazy to figure out the other 2, so, ya. bi!

  7. bmw3bug

    hey sonja! i hav some of the three things and u guess what about them is in commen. (no clue what there called) expet with these u just guess what book their from.
    1. lester, nataliya, theo
    2. silena, tyson, rachel
    3. nina (elodie), oscar, jen
    4. adain, miguel, frank
    5. puddleglum, jadis, shasta
    6. alyssa, charlie, ‘mac’
    7. katherine, king edward V, richard III
    8. gadzooks, snigger, gwilanna
    9. betheny, elizabeth, joss

  8. I <3 Harry Potter

    Ryrha Ttpore
    Onre Walys
    Hrenoieim Rangre
    Rdaoc Lamyof
    Regyor Oyleg
    Vciten Racbre
    Orscresere Tones
    Those are from HP.

  9. Koala

    1. The lord of the east (it really helps if you have read the fifth book)
    2. Think “Rainbow” (it helps if you have read the 2nd book)
    3. A character(s) who appear early in the 2nd book.

  10. NUNU21213

    whats up i am chilling on your profile send me a message i want to talk about the new movie shrek thats whats up if they send me any messages about that i will put something about shrek on their page and iam going to post as many as POSSIBLE

  11. cracker70

    I ♥ Percy Jackson and Harry Potter,seen all the movies too!!!!!!!
    Has any one read Wings by Aprilynne Pike it is amazing!!!!

  12. bibliomania123

    the last one of Koala’s is lystragonian giants but i don’ have time for the others.

  13. puppies125

    Ok…for all those Percy Jackson fans out there… here’s a Percy Jackson word scramble!!!!
    1. Hliat aercg
    2. Llhhdunoe
    3. rlecoa
    Post the answers if u know!!!

  14. Emma

    OK…for GNOletsgo1′s Percy Jackson word scramble:
    1. oh no! I dunno
    2. Annabeth Chase
    3. Mrs. O’Leary

  15. Koala

    2.Hnnateba Shace=annabeth chase
    3.Srm. Ylrea’O=mrs.o’leary
    Those are easy. Try these Percy jackson ones:
    1. iorenhnyp
    2. iimpacophp
    3. nagniotryaisl gniats

  16. Ginny Weasley

    Ha ha i wish i could have tried but i would have failed… :’-{ GO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!! COMES OUT SOON!!!

  17. 103mintchocolatechip

    Heyyyy….. Those aren’t Percy Jackson!
    #2 is Severus Snape! I can’t figure the others. I’ll be back if I do!!!!!!!

  18. GNOletsgo1

    Um, sorry you misunderstood Sonja, but those are Harry Potter ones!!!! If you want Percy Jackson ones here you go:
    2.Hnnateba Shace
    3.Srm. Ylrea’O

  19. PaperFlowers

    Those aren’t Percy Jackson scrambles, they’re Harry Potter!
    1.) Diagon Alley
    2.) Severus Snape
    3.) Animagus

  20. friendlypeachytwister

    I love the Percy Jackson series but I can’t bring myself to figure out the words for Percy Jackson word scramble!!

  21. gylfie97

    1.diagon alley
    2.severus snape
    3. dunno
    wait a second… those aren’t even percy jackon! Oh well, i love them both. camp half blood prince! yay!

  22. Samantha

    Those aren’t Percy Jackson Words, theyre Harry Potter words! #2 is Severus Snape.

  23. W

    I have a question, are the letters from each two word-words also scrambled with the other word?

  24. W

    I have to agree with puppies125! I love the Percy Jackson series, but I’m not getting it! The Harry Potter unscramble was fun!

  25. Angelica

    This was super fun. My sister and I had all the words unscrambled on the day the word scramble was posted, but for some reason we weren’t able to post them. It was still fun. Thanks!

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