December 16, 2013

Harry Potter in Real Life!

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harry potter irl 1“Do you know where Platform 9 3/4 is?”

Here at the STACKS we love all things Harry Potter-related. (Check out our Harry Potter Book Club, and get a load of these awesome stamps.) So when we heard about “Harry Potter in Real Life,” we flipped.

Improv Everywhere—a super-cool group that gets ordinary people to pull massive, hilarious pranks—dressed up an 11-year-old actor as Harry Potter on his way to Hogwarts and let him loose in New York City’s Penn Station. He wandered around, suitcases, ticket, and caged Hedwig in tow, asking passengers and transit workers for directions to Platform 9¾. Some people were confused, but mostly people laughed and smiled and tried to help the Boy Who Lived as best they could. Strangers tried to help Harry to check his luggage, get Hedwig something to eat, and somehow find his way to Hogwarts.

harry potter irl 2After unsuccessfully trying to run through platform 9, learning he was unable to pay for things using wizard currency, and taking (many!) photos with fans, Harry gave up on his quest and went home. While it’s sad that our hero never did locate the Hogwarts Express, he nonetheless provided a very memorable afternoon for the people at Penn Station!

What do you think of this prank? What would YOU have said if Harry Potter approached you in a train station and asked you for directions? We’d love to know—share in the Comments below! Wanna talk more Harry Potter? Hop on over to our Harry Potter Message Boards to chat with other fans!

– En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

Photo credit: Arin Sang-urai

  1. antenneafunny4

    I didn’t know he looked like that when he was young .He looks different!!!!!!

  2. greendinosaur596


  3. Ariella

    I saw this ONLINE and don’t get me started with the fact that the video was SO FUNNY! Love the vid and cool blog.

  4. KJ

    Oh! I saw this online! It was HILARIOUS!
    I thought it was kinda funny how the people reacted.
    How could that kid NOT have BURST OUT LAUGHING all the time?
    I would have totallly cracked!

  5. Grace

    Ha ha. This is hilarious. If I were there, I would try to help Harry. I would tell him to run through the barrier separating the platform 9 and platform 10, like Mrs. Wesley did in “Harry Potter and the sorceress Stone

  6. bookwormauthor20

    I would say to go through the wall in the center of the train station. It’s an awesome plan!

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