March 15, 2016

Harry Potter Book Club Meeting 2

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StacksBookClubSTACKS Book Club: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Welcome back to the magical STACKS Book Club! What an amazing ending to J. K. Rowling’s, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! This book is filled with so many villains, so many friends, and so much magic, I hardly know where to begin.¬†We’re always welcoming new members, so whether you joined Meeting 1 or this is your first time, please join the conversation!HP1_KK

  • What type of mischief would you get into if you had an invisibility cloak?
  • Would you be afraid of entering the forbidden forest?
  • Hagrid’s giant, three-headed dog is named Fluffy. If you had a three-headed dog, what would you name it?
  • What would your reaction be if you discovered your friend was raising a baby dragon?
  • What obstacle would you be best at completing: catching a winged key, winning a game of chess, or solving a riddle and drinking the correct potion?
  • What would you be thinking if you were face to face with Voldemort?

Post your answers in the Comments below and ask your own questions to the STACKS Book Club! To meet and chat with other Harry Potter fans, join the Harry Potter Message Boards.

–Brian, STACKS Staffer

  1. AmusedMoonrise31

    1. Probably a lot since I wouldn’t have much insight on how to use an invisibility cloak.
    2. Most definitely.
    3. I don’t know.
    4. I would be freaked out.
    5. Winning a game of chess.
    6. Run. That’s the first thing I would think if I were to go face to face with the killer of Harry’s parents. Although half of me would really want to pull a wand out of nowhere and shrink him with it. :3

  2. fangwave

    1 I’d sneak up behind my enemies (a vampire has several) and whisper, ” say goodbye!”
    2 nope. id just take my wand a and kick some werewolf butt
    3 Dastarix
    4 wish them luck and visit often
    5 solving the riddle
    6 ugly alert! ugly alert! ugly alert!

  3. mari

    1. I would get into all sorts of mischief like Fred and George.
    2. No I would not
    3. I would name it Silver
    4. I’ll help you raise it if you want
    5. Catching a winged key
    6. If I was facing Voldemort I would think ” You Don’t Have A Nose, You Don’t Have A Nose”!

  4. Poison Ivy

    1 I’d hide from my friends on the night of a full moon and then howl loudly when they least expect it.
    2 a little if i was alone, but with a friend not at all
    3 TRIxy
    4 i’d tell him/her to name it Martin Ulysses Stephen Harold Ulric (Mushu)
    5 solving the riddle ( i love logic)
    6 PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( don’t ask me why.)

  5. Katie

    1.If I had to go into the Forbidden Forest I would be really scared.
    2.If I had a 3-headed dog I would name it Cerbie.

  6. david

    Answers: 1. I would pretend to be a ghost and scare bullies 2. a little 3. I would name it Zeus 4. i would freak out 5. catching a winged key; OBIOUSLY! 6. i would run as fast as i could and call dumbledore at 555- wizard

  7. brainybrain319

    i know i would look at snapes desk too to see what test snape is giving out

  8. brainybrain319

    i finished all Harry Potter books if you have questions i can answer the questions.

  9. Simran

    1. I would go into Snape’s office and look at the next test he will be giving out.
    2.I would not because I would have the protection from the unicorns.
    3.I would name it Henry.
    4.I would go to Dumbledore’s office.
    5.Winning a game of chess.
    6.I am going to DIE.

  10. A

    I’d sneak into the broom closet, grab my broom and go flying after dark
    I would ask if I could hold it
    either winning at chess or figuring out the riddle
    I’d be thinking of how I would beat him

  11. eaglewings360

    1. I would sneak into the kitchens.
    2. I would not be afriad if I went with fang.
    3. I would name Fluffy ‘Earnesto’
    4. I would do enchantments like ‘muggletum repelio, salvia hexia, etc’, to prevent muggles, and sight, and hearing.
    5.Catching the key.
    6. I would want to try and insult him because anything I would do would be the last thing I do, I wouldn’t defend myself becuase that’s how you die to save everyone.

  12. eaglewings360

    1. Go to the kitchens.
    2. No!
    3. Merlin
    4. ‘I’ll put enchantments on it for protection!’
    5. Catching a winged key.
    6, ‘Die to save everyone, because you’d die either way.”

  13. wizardcat438

    If I saw Voldemort I would be terrified when he tries to stun me and my wand then acts on it’s own and saves me like Harry’s did in The Deathly Hallows the chapter of the Seven Potters.

  14. Grace

    1. I would go to the kitchens for food, and maybe even just sneak around the castle and try to find secret passages.
    2. YES!! If someone (Filch) told me that there was worse things in the forest than werewolves, I have right to be frightened!
    3. I would name it Bob. Simplicity is key. The name also might mislead people to think that Bob is not a man eating dog.
    4. I would ask them to see the dragon, and would not turn them in. Dragons aren’t THAT bad!
    5.Solving the riddle by far. Not to brag, but I highly value my brains.
    6.Probably “I can beat him! Just because he is the most evil, most powerful, most twisted, err never mind. I’m done.”

  15. Iris The Potato

    YOU KNOW I WOULD BE THINKIN IF I SAW VOLDEMORT? I’d get all up in his face and say “Hey bruh! Are you jealous of my nose? Huh? I bet you wish ya had a real nose! HAHAHAHAHAHA” Then I would proceed to laugh like a crazed waffle and run away while stroking my pet unicorn. Ive got a nose

  16. mermaidathena542

    1. Uh, I’ll sneak into the kitchen and get extra food!
    2. NOPE!
    3. Floofy
    4. I’d say: “Why, just why? Why?” When they try to answer I’ll say “No… just no…no…” Then when they try and answer AGAIN I’d say: “No, no it’s too late now. You’ve already proved your incompetence!”
    5. Solving a riddle.
    6.I’d be like: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And then I’d say in between my screams I’ll shoot a spell!

  17. don

    What would you be thinking if you were face to face with Voldemort?
    I would just chill y’know?

  18. Catgymnastics173

    Ah :o How could I have missed the first?!

    1. Hehheh…. I would sneak out of class, and also get my crush to like me somehow c:
    2. Well, I gotta be honest… Sorta. But if I had my music playlist with me, it’s allll gooood.
    3. I would name it Cyclop’s Cousin. c: Or just plain Cerberus…
    4. I would go crazy and freak out and be like “CAN I SEE IT?! CAN I SEE IT?!?! I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES OMG BABY DRAGON SQUEEEEE”
    5. Probably either winning a game of chess, although I’ve never really played, or solving a riddle cause I’m Slytherclaw c:
    6. I would turn on my most epic music and start shooting spells and playing basketball and using the power of Twenty One Pilots and I be all like “Ya goin down little moldy!” >:D

  19. HOLA

    I would explore every secret part of the castle if I had an invisibility cloak
    I would not be afraid of entering the Forbidden Forest because of the Centaurs and Unicorns
    I would name my three-headed dog STUPER (it sounds cool)
    I would be horrified to find out my friend was raising a baby DRAGON!!!!!!!!
    I would be best at catching the winged-key
    I would be thinking of all the best spells to use on him, and how to save the stone.

  20. love101

    1.I would go on the third floor and play wizards chess
    2.No I got sorted into gryffindor
    3.I would name him/her comment
    4.I would think it was cool in some ways
    5.This is obvious playing wizards chess
    6. I Be wanting for Hermione or Harry to do something

  21. chloe

    if i was in an invisibility cloak then i would sneak up on my friends and family and scare themi would be afraid of going into the forbidden forestif i had a free light headed dog i will call you it’s lovelyif i discovered my friend had a baby dragon i would tell everyoneif i was face to face if folder not i would think that i would want to run away

  22. AuthorAthena50

    1. I’d listen to other students in other Houses say the password, so if I had the time, I would sneak in.
    2. OF COURSE NOT! I’m a Gryffindor!
    3. I’d name my three-headed dog Threeio. It sounds (to me) catchy.
    4. I’d tell him/her to bring me to the dragon right now. You wouldn’t know when if it could be the size of Hagrid’s hut, would you?
    5. Catching a winged key. Because I’m good with a broom for a reason.
    6. I’d be thinking “What spell would Hermione or Harry cast first?”. At least I’ve got an answer: Expelliarmus!

  23. awesomepanda72

    1. Listen to teachers and other student’s conversations. And I would probably sneak around the castle at night.
    2. Yes!!!!! Who wouldn’t be scared to go into the forbidden forest? It’s forbidden for a reason!
    3. Creampuff, I don’t know why but it sounds adorable!
    4. I would say that they’d better take that thing somewhere else but near me!
    5. solving the riddle
    6. I would be thinking ” oh my gosh I am going to die! “

  24. mariam

    1-follow persons and know their secrets
    2-maybe not,if i am with a friend
    4-i would steal it from him,i LOVE dragons
    5-i am really not sure
    6-oh man,i got bored of him

  25. ghostblue21

    1. I would trick my younger sisters into thinking there was a ghost in the house!!
    2. Uh, yeah! It’s called the Forbidden Forest for a REASON!
    3. I would name the head on the right Bob, the head in the middle Joe, and the head on the left Leroy.
    4. I would probably freak out. I mean, come on! It’s a dragon! How long can a person possibly think they’ll be able to keep it hidden?
    5. Probably winning a game of chess, depending on the person I was facing.
    6. I would be thinking, “Well, I had a pretty good run.”

  26. catgymnastics173

    I LOVE Harry Potter, so here are my answers!
    1. If I had an Invisibility Cloak, I would sneak around and buy presents for my friends and for myself! I would also skip class.
    2. I wouldn’t feel nervous if I entered the Forbidden Forest! I’ll just have some friends and a preparation and I can go!
    3. I’d call a three-headed dog Fang- like Hagrid’s boarhound!
    4. If I found out about my friend raising a dragon, I’d jump up and down and get all exited and yell, “Can I help care for it?! THIS IS SO COOL!”
    5. I’d be best at solving a riddle and drinking the correct potion. I like to be practical and smart, but also adventurous.
    6. I’d have a silent laugh inside, and think, ‘You?! You have no powers! I’ll just call Harry, and everything will be fine.’
    I hope you like Harry Potter too! I’m in Gryffindor. -catgymnastics173

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